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Messages from our weekly Sunday morning worship services at Ponte Vedra United Methodist Church, in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida.

Messages from our weekly Sunday morning worship services at Ponte Vedra United Methodist Church, in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida.
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Messages from our weekly Sunday morning worship services at Ponte Vedra United Methodist Church, in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida.








The Advent Mission: 1. Getting Ready & Staying Ready - D. Moenning

We read so profoundly and powerfully of our sure hope in being claimed in love by God as we look to the New Testament of the BIble. In the gospels and letters we learn of the incredible achievement of Jesus' sacrificial death on the Roman cross of execution. We learn by faith to see in this historical event and cosmic accomplishment to enable all of us in our brokenness to have a way back to restoration and renewal of spirit and relationship with God in Christ Jesus. This brings along with...


Before All Things (Christ the King Sunday)

The common church in the U.S. shows little evidence of spiritual transformation and Christ's Kingdom impact on the local community. The two common elements emphasized by such powerless, ineffective churches? Emphasis on correct doctrinal understanding and conformity to moral and ethical behavior. When primary, neither has shown evidence of effecting personal and congregational transformation. Persons within a congregation do not routinely show character differences compared to those outside...


Faithful Harvest (Harvest Sunday)

Ritual serves as a reminder; a way to ensure God's covenant people will not forget their identity in dependent, loving relationship with God. Support the show


Alive to God (current state of denomination)

On this occasion the Sadducees are the ones who challenge Jesus with questions intended to discredit or humiliate him in public. What can we draw from the historical dynamics of this scene of mixed motives and misplaced zeal? We can consider our present Impasse over the question of relating to human sexuality, either as fully inclusive, or as the historic creedal Church, putting authority of scriptural truth above ever changing cultural norms. Despite good intentions, the movement to...


Flourishing Faith (All Saints Sunday)

Can you imagine what might it be like to know that whenever your name comes up, others know or remember you for your kindness, patience, and attentiveness to others? For this All Saints Sunday, where we have recognized eleven sisters and brothers from our church family who have died over the past year, we find our encouragement and hope in the One who has overcome both the brokenness of this realm of existence and its ultimate result, death. How can we hope to overcome our trials and...


A Manager's Mindset (Stewardship)

A nameless youngster provides two fish and five bread rolls which Jesus multiplies into a feast for thousands - with lots of leftovers! Is anything too difficult for Christ Jesus? Not a thing. Because of this reality we are set free to manage resources entrusted to us by Him. We let go of self-directed ownership as our mindset, and experience a renewed mind of trust and gratitude, hold on lightly to the things God places in our care. Pastor Dave shares three marks of healthy stewarding of...


A Covenant Season: 6. A Renewed Hope

Our final message from reflecting on the prophet Jeremiah’s extremely challenging season of calling God’s people to turn away from all other authorities for guidance, including so many competing sources which pressure us with false promises- lies. Jeremiah’s message sounds ridiculous to the average citizen as well as the King. Why? Because to act on his message as authentically from the Lord would mean surrendering without a fight to a foreign army intent on conquest! Jeremiah’s message: the...


A Covenant Season: 5. There is a Balm

Jeremiah is drafted by God to serve a ministry career that no one in their right mind would want. A pastor's nightmare: Jeremiah spends decades preaching and pleading for repentance among people he loves, while all of them reject his message, and ultimately tire of him and finally arrest and try to murder him. Who wants that assignment? Right. Yet as a pastor I am committed by love to share hopeful yet hard truth with my congregation. Like a parent who loves their child unconditionally, one...


Special Guest from Cuba: Your Part in Jesus' Miracles

Pastor Isel Acanda shared a special message with us during his travel from Cuba to the Florida Conference of Methodism's Cuba Task Force weekend. Isel is the new Presiding Elder (District Superintendent) of our partner district of Mayabeque, consisting of church west of Havana, Cuba. The district includes our sister Methodist church in La Sierra. Pastor Isel challenged our congregation to consider how Jesus called those present to do their part when he performed powerful miracles, like the...


Guest: D.S. Jay Therrell - Vision for Mission

"Our church is God’s answer to the prayers of our local community.” Our North East District Superintendent, Jay Therrell, provides needed spiritual support and oversight for 9 counties of 63 United Methodist churches and their pastors. In his role, Jay is our "Chief Mission Strategist." His message is from Matthew 28, the setting of Jesus' Great Commission to his chosen ambassadors to the world. He said "Go!" He did not suggest or request, but commanded the emerging body of disciples to...


A Covenant Season: 3. Hope for Harvest

Pastor Donna shares a description of ancient "Blood covenants" - where two parties conduct a publicly witnessed ritual, binding them to an agreement in which each agrees that breaking the contract can mean death. This was truly a "solemn oath." In the case of ancient Judah, God makes such a promise with the nation of Israel which is broken by the people's rebellion and unfaithfulness generation after generation. God calls the people foolish for rejecting His gracious life-giving...


A Covenant Season: 2. The Creator's View

God does not merely show Jeremiah a vision or give him a vivid dream. God directs him to actually go see the local potter in the workshop and observe how he works his craft. While there, the prophet observes the complete creative power the artist has over the unfinished project. The potter suddenly stops his project. It was not turning out as he intended. He does not merely stop bothering with it and then set it aside. He decides to start over from the beginning and do something completely...


A Covenant Season: 1. Personal Experience

We begin a new series for September drawn from the Old Testament book of Jeremiah: “A Covenant Season.” The prophet Jeremiah lives in ancient Judah (the southern Kingdom) and speaks for God during a lull in history between the devastation of the northern Kingdom by the Assyrian Empire, and the beginnings of the threat to the southern Kingdom by the Babylonian empire. God's assessment of Judah's failure to keep covenant relationship is likened to the vast difference between living water,...


Action Required: 5. Repent

Hearing the word "Repentance"- what comes to mind? An angry, judgmental person holding a megaphone screaming "Turn or Burn" while wearing a sandwich board with"Repent" in big red bold letters? Unfortunately some have had something like that experience. Or, maybe you think of "Repentance" as outdated and narrow-minded and out of place in today's multicultural, pluralistic culture. May you hear "repentance" as Jesus taught and demonstrated in Scripture accounts. His message resonated when...


Action Required: 4. Look Beyond Yourself

Jesus uses a questioner's request to form a teachable moment with one of his stories ("parables") to show how He desires to order the lives of followers, aligning with His Kingdom values. Second only among his most taught subjects is material wealth. Why? Perhaps because it is the single greatest danger to living in faithful relationship with Him. When pursuit of success and material resources dominates one's attention and efforts, the loss is spiritually devastating. So Jesus cautions by...


Action Required: 3. Persistence in Prayer

"Shameless Persistence" is Jesus' description of desperate neighbor knocking at a friend's door late at night. He persists to prevent shame on himself and his household from not fulfilling the required hospitality of food for a visiting guest. Jesus teaches his disciples from this motivation to continually approach the Heavenly Father in prayer. They had asked him to teach them to pray (like him). He elaborates with a second example of flawed fathers loving their children well enough to meet...


Action Required: 2. Stop and Listen

Our real problem is not the practical one weighing on us - it just seems like it because of our overwhelming attention given it day to day. Our deeper issue is our vision of God's character of love toward us, and the scope of eternal life we have already begun living. My persistence in returning my focus again and again to the Heavenly Father in prayer and reading receptively and learning from the scriptures is the difference maker. It separates me through having Kingdom life with...


Action Required: 1. Love

A new series begins: disciples of Jesus find behaviors flow from the inner transformation of character in process as we faithfully follow Christ. We begin with the action of love toward others. What kind of love? to what degree? Jesus turns a public challenge into a teaching moment with those around him. He reveals another dimension of His Kingdom order of life that so contrasts with the norms of society - even contented religious society. In making up a teaching story Jesus immediately...


Intervention: 6. The Cost of Humility

Pastor David Moenning shares his own experiences of recent humbling from a few difficult days. He goes on to share the historical example found in 2 Kings 5, where the proud accomplished Aramean military commander, Naaman, learns the impact of humility as well as its cost. Why is it we are more willing it seems to take on a hard challenge, rather than do the simple but humble action? The power of pride, the root of all sin and brokenness, can only be tamed by simple obedience of a worthy...


Intervention: 5. God Enlightens His Own

No one wants to be "rebuked." There is no way to soften the message: you are wrong. Seriously off base. But, we find whenever Jesus corrects to strongly he is responding from both passion for his loving mission, and love for his apprentices - in this case, two of his three inner circle, brothers James and John. So what did they do to receive such a strong reaction from Jesus? They simply suggested Jesus approve of their exercising divinely gifted power to call down fire to instantly...