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Women of color and moms of purpose pour into the hearts of listeners with laughter and candor - encouraging all to join the conversation.

Women of color and moms of purpose pour into the hearts of listeners with laughter and candor - encouraging all to join the conversation.
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Women of color and moms of purpose pour into the hearts of listeners with laughter and candor - encouraging all to join the conversation.






Poured Episode 10: The Holidaze Part 2

We're talking holiday traditions, Christmas music, spiritual disciplines, family drama, and Idris Elba? This episode rounds out our first season with lots of laughs about our adventures during the most wonderful time of the year. We're not solving world problems, but we're having fun encouraging moms who'll feel like they're listening to their best girlfriends...or their favorite aunties. Grab a cup of hot cocoa and join us. Then, groove to our Holidaze playlist on Spotify.


Poured Episode 9: Good Shows. Good Movies. Good Music. Part 2

We're still talking about the shows, movies, and music that fill our downtime. From controversial 'slavery movies' like Harriet to the emotionally jarring scenes in American Son, we're weighing in on what we're streaming.


Poured Episode 8: Good Shows. Good Movies. Good Books. Good Music. Part 1

We busy moms don't have much time to binge watch, so when we do, it's got to be well worth our time. Join us for a conversation on all the leisure time shows that we love. From This is Us to Black-ish, we're talking can't-miss episodes and a few must-discuss controversies. Tune in for the conversation, but tune out the spoilers.


Poured Episode 7: The Holidaze Part 1

From family drama to family reunions, listen in on our conversation about all the things that make October through January the backdrop for some of life's most memorable chapters. We're laughing our way through the highs and lows of the holiday season. This episode is bound to bring you cheer as we talk about the most wonderful time of the year...for some.


Poured Episode 6: Self Care Part 2

Such a popular topic required another episode. We've dedicated another hour to an open and honest conversation about self care and what it means to our health, our family, and our other relationships.


Poured Episode 5: Self Care Part 1

Since when did making a priority of personal care become selfish? How many women have internalized an idea that they are not worthy of care that nourishes the soul and revives the spirit? Is it time we don't have or time we don't make to care for ourselves? We discuss everything from "me time" to self care practices in this episode. Prepare to laugh out loud, talk back, and even roll your eyes a time or two as we dive in. Then, join in as we take our conversation to social media.


Poured Episode 4: Is Your House in Order?

100% of us will die, yet 70% of African Americans do not have a Will in place to secure the people we love and the assets we've earned. Join our conversation to learn 3 of the most important tools to have in place before the funeral. Let our conversation encourage you to have an essential conversation with those you love.


Behind the Podcast: Meet the Moms of Poured

We are wives and moms with one goal: to encourage. It's a pleasure to finally introduce ourselves to our growing audience. Thank you for tuning in.


Poured Episode 3: From the Headlines

"Woman Dances in Lion Exhibit" "Convicted Cop Gets a Bible" "R.Kelly Can't Have It All' Just some of the headlines you'll hear about on this week's episode. We're taking the good, bad, and ugly from today's headlines and giving you our perspective. Join us for a little laugh and a few deep sighs as we talk about what's on everyone's news feed this week.


Poured Episode 2: Mental Health and Wellness

It's not an easy topic and there is so much ground to cover, but it's a conversation that needs to be had. For some, the Strong Black Woman label has come at a cost. The ladies of Poured are opening up about the stigma, barriers to care, and expectations that are associated with our mental health. We pray that it encourages our listeners: those walking in health, those walking alongside someone who needs help, and those taking the first steps to get help.


Poured: Back to School

We're pouring out our hearts so that you may be encouraged in this busy season of life. Get back into the routine with moms who want to cheer you on in the many roles that make up your Faith Walk. What we love and what we loathe about the back-to-school season is the crazy conversation you'll want to hear to get you inspired to tackle another school year. Tune in, join the conversation, and get ready to be encouraged.