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Where the Love of God meets the Power of God. Powerfully Loved Ministries is bringing a unity to the people, blessings, and intimacy of God through teachings and straight-talks. Power is best on display on the foundation of Love...

Where the Love of God meets the Power of God. Powerfully Loved Ministries is bringing a unity to the people, blessings, and intimacy of God through teachings and straight-talks. Power is best on display on the foundation of Love...


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Where the Love of God meets the Power of God. Powerfully Loved Ministries is bringing a unity to the people, blessings, and intimacy of God through teachings and straight-talks. Power is best on display on the foundation of Love...






Angels & Demons | Part 8 | Who Is Satan? Part 1

In this podcast we will look into the main passages of Scripture that are used to teach about the devil and demystify some myths that have surrounded the enemy. Powerfullyloved@gmail.com


Angels & Demons | Part 9 | Who Is Satan? Part 2

In this podcast, Caleb talks about the fall of Satan and how it affected the earth, time, and the authority of man. Knowing the fall of Satan gives us a deeper sense of responsibility to take part in the authority Christ has given us in Him. Email us for any questions: powerfullyloved@gmail.com


Angels & Demons | Part 7 | Why Do We Need To Know

In this podcast we discuss why it’s important to know about the devil and demons and how to confront them to see people set free. Email is your questions @ powerfullyloved@gmail.com


Angels & Demons | Part 6 | Working With Angels

In this final teaching on the angelic Caleb talks about how we are able to partner with angels as individuals, as a church, and even as a nation to see God’s will be done. Message us at powerfullyloved@gmail.com with any questions you may have.


True Salvation

Make your call and election sure - 2 Peter 1:10. Your salvation experience is not something to idly live by but something that must be recognized and assured of. Eternity is at stake and we must examine our faith to make sure we are born again. Are you sure of your salvation? Are you sure you're born again? Listen in as Caleb preaches on the true nature of being born again.


Angels & Demons | Part 5 | What Do Angels Do

Our interaction with angels is solely based on the Word of God. There are limitations to there help and our interaction with them. Yet at the same time, there is very little that the Word holds back on in regards to angelic activity in the lives of the believers.


Angels & Demons | Part 4 | Angel Facts And Appearances

Miscellaneous facts about angels and their appearances


Angels & Demons | Part 3 | Types Of Angels

Although the list changes from person to person, the types of angels are always clearly represented in Scripture. In this teaching, we will discuss the types, their form, their positions, and their functions as specific beings. Recognizing the types of angels helps us understand their interactions with us and their purpose in our prayers. This also helps demystify some wrong teachings and overzealous practices that have plagued the church.


Angels & Demons | Part 2 | Angelic Foundations

In our day and age, it is imperative that we have a true theological understanding of our heavenly helpers of the Gospel. Angels are to be expected in the life of the believer but never treated as more important than Jesus. Ultimately we must come to realize that all angelic activity revolves around our worship of Christ Jesus. In this teaching, we will help correct some wrong mindset, motives, and purposes that the New Age Movement and other occult practices have taught on the angelic and...


Angels & Demons | Part 1 | Foundations

The teachings of angels, demons, heaven, and hell have seemed to diminish in the church, leaving behind a great void of mystery that has hurt the spirituality of the children of God. We don't know what to do about demonic attacks because no one is teaching it and we don't know the reality of heaven and hell because no one is teaching it. Join us in this series "Angels, Demons, & Liberating Our Cities" to learn the nature, function, and purpose of angels and demons. Learn the reality of...


Judging | True And False Prophets

There are many false prophets popping up all over the Body of Christ today. We must recognize the true nature of Christ's prophets and the false nature of Satan's prophets. The goal of judging these areas is not for the destruction of an individual but for the saving of an individual and a deliverance to those who have been led astray. Listen in on what a true prophet is and what to look for to confirm their office.


Judging | True And False Apostles

Apostles are those who come with a direct assignment from Jesus to bring the culture of heaven to a specific area or arena of earth. There are many claiming the apostleship but never being sent by THE Apostle Jesus Christ with an assignment.


Judging | Judging In The Church

There is a true order that God has designed for the church to operate in. When there is a sin that is affecting the body of Christ as a whole then specific measures must be taken in order to save the people and the church herself. Unfortunately, we in the church have disregarded this truth and tried to handle sin in the church our own "special" way which has led to deep compromise and made the church look like the world in their decision-making process. Let's return to the Scriptures course...


Judging | Judging At Home

The second place that we are responsible for judging to keep people protected is our own houses. If you're a parent you're responsible for your kids. If you're a child living in your parent's house you're responsible to listen to their judgement calls in order to be kept safe. The way we operate in judging at home directly shows up in our churches, especially church leaders. Judging is the decision-making process of the church and if her leaders are not capable of making the righteous judge...


Judging | Judgment Starts With Myself

Judging is the Biblical process whereby we split right from wrong and good from the bad. If we shy away from judging then there can be no moral standard for the church and therefore the world. All judging though must begin with the inward self-examination. Without self-examination, we cannot judge righteously (John 7:24) as the Lord commanded. Self-examination keeps our minds transformed to see the true nature of sin and the true nature of righteousness not only in our personal lives but...


Judging | The Judgment Seat Of Christ

Scriptures tell us both to judge and to not judge. While both remain true we must understand the basic event of all of humanity that awaits us: our own personal judging from Jesus Christ. It is this awaited judgment that brings our personal judgments to the throne of wisdom and not condemnation. I cannot judge another if I myself am not aware of the future judgment of myself. Listen in as we talk about the balancing event that causes us to be slow in our judgments here on earth.


Judging | Judging And Ruling

Where you and I have been given authority to 'rule' we have also been given the 'responsibility' to judge. The Lord has given us the responsibility to declare His Word and the commands it speaks of. When the Word is declared the grey areas are washed away and the fence line that so many stands on is toppled over. Judging is how we as the Church let the Body know and the world know what produces life and what produces death. If the Church does not function in her God-given responsibility of...


Judging | Delegation Of Judging

Our opinions and judgments on other people and their actions are more times than not a rebellious judgment. The Word is clear that we are to judge but the context of each area of judging shows us we are only allowed to make judgment calls in the areas we have been given the ability to rule. In our households, at our jobs, in the church, and in our cities, we all have a level of authority we have been given and it is in those areas that we can make "righteous" judgment calls. We dare not step...


Judging | The Resolution Of The Paradox

Judging is simply our decision-making process. It is not inherently negative or evil. The world typically does not embrace judging because that is how right is divided from wrong and good is divided from the bad. In this second part of the judging teaching, we cover the primary biblical principle that helps bring understanding to the verses that say "to judge" and those that say "not to judge".


Judging | To Judge Or Not To Judge

Those who judge nothing in their lives will be constantly attacked because of a lack of decision making, but those who judge everything will be constantly deceived because of an overzealous attitude. Judging is a clear biblical practice that must be done in order to determine right from wrong and bad from the good. Without judging we cannot make decisions accurately and we won't be allowing the Holy Spirit to lead us into holiness. Judging is not for the sake of condemnation but for the sake...