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Pray through the Bible verse by verse with Mary DeMuth. When life overwhelms you, unburden yourself through prayer and experience God’s nearness. God is listening.

Pray through the Bible verse by verse with Mary DeMuth. When life overwhelms you, unburden yourself through prayer and experience God’s nearness. God is listening.


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Pray through the Bible verse by verse with Mary DeMuth. When life overwhelms you, unburden yourself through prayer and experience God’s nearness. God is listening.






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Isaiah 60

Today’s Scripture: “Arise! Shine! For your light arrives!The splendor[a] of the Lord shines on you!2 For, look, darkness covers the earthand deep darkness covers[b] the nations,but the Lord shines on you;his splendor[c] appears over you.3 Nations come to your light,kings to your bright light.4 Look all around you![d]They all gather and come to you—your sons come from far […] The post Isaiah 60 appeared first on Mary DeMuth.


Isaiah 59

Today’s Scripture: Look, the Lord’s hand is not too weak[a] to deliver you;his ear is not too deaf to hear you.[b]2 But your sinful acts have alienated you from your God;your sins have caused him to reject you and not listen to your prayers.[c]3 For your hands are stained with bloodand your fingers with sin;your lips speak […] The post Isaiah 59 appeared first on Mary DeMuth.


Isaiah 58

Today’s Scripture: “Shout loudly! Don’t be quiet!Yell as loudly as a trumpet!Confront my people with their rebellious deeds;[a]confront Jacob’s family with their sin.[b]2 They seek me day after day;they want to know my requirements,[c]like a nation that does what is rightand does not reject the law of their God.They ask me for just decrees;they want to […] The post Isaiah 58 appeared first on Mary DeMuth.


Isaiah 57

Today’s Scripture: The godly[a] perish,but no one cares.[b]Honest people disappear,[c]when no one[d] minds[e]that the godly[f] disappear[g] because of[h] evil.[i]2 Those who live uprightly enter a place of peace;they rest on their beds.[j]3 “But approach, you sons of omen readers, you offspring of adulteresses and prostitutes![k]4 At whom are you laughing?At whom are you opening your mouthand sticking out […] The post Isaiah 57 appeared first on Mary DeMuth.


Isaiah 56

Today’s Scripture: This is what the Lord says,“Promote[a] justice! Do what is right!For I am ready to deliver you;I am ready to vindicate you openly.[b]2 The people who do this will be blessed,[c]the people who commit themselves to obedience,[d]who observe the Sabbath and do not defile it,who refrain from doing anything that is wrong.[e]3 No foreigner who […] The post Isaiah 56 appeared first on Mary DeMuth.


Isaiah 55

Today’s Scripture: “Hey,[a] all who are thirsty, come to the water!You who have no money, come!Buy and eat!Come! Buy wine and milkwithout money and without cost.[b]2 Why pay money for something that will not nourish you?[c]Why spend[d] your hard-earned money[e] on something that will not satisfy?Listen carefully[f] to me and eat what is nourishing![g]Enjoy fine food.[h]3 Pay […] The post Isaiah 55 appeared first on Mary DeMuth.


Isaiah 54

Today’s Scripture: “Shout for joy, O barren one who has not given birth!Give a joyful shout and cry out, you who have not been in labor!For the children of the desolate one are more numerousthan the children of the married woman,” says the Lord.2 Make your tent larger,stretch your tent curtains farther out![a]Spare no effort,lengthen your […] The post Isaiah 54 appeared first on Mary DeMuth.


Isaiah 53

Today’s Scripture: Who would have believed[a] what we[b] just heard?[c]When[d] was the Lord’s power[e] revealed through him?2 He sprouted up like a twig before God,[f]like a root out of parched soil;[g]he had no stately form or majesty that might catch our attention,[h]no special appearance that we should want to follow him.[i]3 He was despised and rejected by […] The post Isaiah 53 appeared first on Mary DeMuth.


Isaiah 52

Today’s Scripture: Wake up! Wake up!Clothe yourself with strength, O Zion!Put on your beautiful clothes,O Jerusalem, holy city.For uncircumcised and unclean paganswill no longer invade you.2 Shake off the dirt![a]Get up, captive[b] Jerusalem.Take off the iron chains around your neck,O captive daughter Zion. 3 For this is what the Lord says: “You were sold for nothing,and you […] The post Isaiah 52 appeared first on Mary DeMuth.


Isaiah 51

Today’s Scripture: “Listen to me, you who pursue godliness,[a]who seek the Lord.Look at the rock from which you were chiseled,at the quarry[b] from which you were dug.[c]2 Look at Abraham, your father,and Sarah, who gave you birth.[d]When I summoned him, he was a lone individual,[e]but I blessed him[f] and gave him numerous descendants.[g]3 Certainly the Lord will […] The post Isaiah 51 appeared first on Mary DeMuth.


Isaiah 50

Today’s Scripture: This is what the Lord says:“Where is your mother’s divorce certificateby which I divorced her?Or to which of my creditors did I sell you?[a]Look, you were sold because of your sins;[b]because of your rebellious acts I divorced your mother.[c]2 Why does no one challenge me when I come?Why does no one respond when I […] The post Isaiah 50 appeared first on Mary DeMuth.


Isaiah 49

Today’s Scripture: Listen to me, you coastlands![a]Pay attention, you people who live far away!The Lord summoned me from birth;[b]he commissioned me when my mother brought me into the world.[c]2 He made my mouth like a sharp sword,he hid me in the hollow of his hand;he made me like a sharpened[d] arrow,he hid me in his quiver.[e]3 He […] The post Isaiah 49 appeared first on Mary DeMuth.


Isaiah 48

Today’s Scripture: Listen to this, O family of Jacob,[a]you who are called by the name ‘Israel,’and are descended from Judah,[b]who take oaths in the name of the Lord,and invoke[c] the God of Israel—but not in an honest and just manner.[d]2 Indeed, they live in the holy city;[e]they trust in[f] the God of Israel,whose name is the […] The post Isaiah 48 appeared first on Mary DeMuth.


Isaiah 47

Today’s Scripture: “Fall down! Sit in the dirt,O virgin[a] daughter Babylon!Sit on the ground, not on a throne,O daughter of the Babylonians!Indeed,[b] you will no longer be called delicate and pampered.2 Pick up millstones and grind flour.Remove your veil,strip off your skirt,expose your legs,cross the streams.3 Let your naked body be exposed.Your shame will be on display![c]I […] The post Isaiah 47 appeared first on Mary DeMuth.


Isaiah 46

Today’s Scripture: Bel[a] kneels down,Nebo[b] bends low.Their images weigh down animals and beasts.[c]Your heavy images are burdensome to tired animals.[d]2 Together they bend low and kneel down;they are unable to rescue the images;[e]they themselves[f] head off into captivity.[g]3 “Listen to me, O family of Jacob,[h]all you who are left from the family of Israel,[i]you who have been […] The post Isaiah 46 appeared first on Mary DeMuth.


Isaiah 45

Today’s Scripture: “This is what the Lord says to his chosen one,[a] to Cyrus, whose right hand I hold[b]in order to subdue nations before him,and disarm kings,[c]to open doors before him,so gates remain unclosed: 2 ‘I will go before youand level mountains.[d]Bronze doors I will shatterand iron bars[e] I will hack through.3 I will give you hidden […] The post Isaiah 45 appeared first on Mary DeMuth.


Isaiah 44

Today’s Scripture: “Now, listen, Jacob my servant,Israel whom I have chosen!”2 This is what the Lord, the one who made you, says—the one who formed you in the womb and helps you:“Don’t be afraid, my servant Jacob,Jeshurun,[a] whom I have chosen.3 For I will pour water on the parched ground[b]and cause streams to flow[c] on the dry […] The post Isaiah 44 appeared first on Mary DeMuth.


Isaiah 43

Today’s Scripture: Now, this is what the Lord says,the one who created you, O Jacob,and formed you, O Israel:“Don’t be afraid, for I will protect[a] you.I call you by name, you are mine.2 When you pass through the waters, I am with you;when you pass[b] through the streams, they will not overwhelm you.When you walk through […] The post Isaiah 43 appeared first on Mary DeMuth.


Isaiah 42

Today’s Scripture: [a] “Here is my servant whom I support,my chosen one in whom I take pleasure.I have placed my Spirit on him;he will make just decrees[b] for the nations.[c]2 He will not cry out or shout;he will not publicize himself in the streets.[d]3 A crushed reed he will not break,a dim wick he will not extinguish;[e]he […] The post Isaiah 42 appeared first on Mary DeMuth.


Isaiah 41

Today’s Scripture: “Listen to me in silence, you coastlands![a]Let the nations find renewed strength!Let them approach and then speak;let us come together for debate.[b]2 Who stirs up this one from the east?[c]Who[d] officially commissions him for service?[e]He hands nations over to him,[f]and enables him to subdue[g] kings.He makes them like dust with his sword,like windblown straw […] The post Isaiah 41 appeared first on Mary DeMuth.