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A Touching Faith

December 1, 2019 Morning Service. In our journey to come to know the Lord Jesus, there are a number of things that we can do and not do that indicate the level of our sincerity and commitment. And how God responds to those things and why tell us much about Him. In this week's sermon, Pastor John Friederich looks at the actions of a desperate women who had a determined faith and uses it to challenge some in their faith and to invite others. (Mark 5:25-34)


Reason To Give Thanks

November 24, 2019 Morning Service. During this time of the year, many people take a moment around our family gatherings to reflect on all that we are thankful for. But most times when we do so we find ourselves focused just on the material blessings we enjoy in this world. In this week's sermon, Pastor John Friederich takes a joy filled Psalm of thanksgiving to show us that our basket of blessing overflows when we look only to God Himself. Let's join in as Pastor Friederich preaches a sermon...


Seeking The Source

November 17, 2019 Morning Service. There are many Christians who find themselves in a tidal relationship with the Lord. They find that their relationship is strong in the high tides of good fortune but not so much in the low tides of difficulty, struggle or trials. In this weeks sermon, Pastor John Friederich uses the Psalmist's contemplation of good fortune and bad to show us how our perspective of God and His blessings can impact this. (Psalms 73)


We Should Be

November 10, 2019 Morning Service. There are certain characteristics that we need to posses that help us in being faithful servants who are effective in our work to expand the Kingdom of God. And who better to demonstrate what those are than the Master Himself. In this weeks sermon, Pastor John Friederich takes a look at Jesus' return to Galilee and an interaction with a nobleman from Capernaum to show us just what those are. (John 4:43-53)


It's Not About You

October 27, 2019 Morning Service. We live in a world where our choices are dominated by how WE benefit from things. And it's unfortunate that believers and Christ's churches are not immune to this line of thinking either. But isn't much of what God does for US so why shouldn't we think this way? In this week's sermon, Pastor John Friederich helps us to understand that when it comes to the Bible, we really aren't the focus of it. (Colossians 3:1-4)


The Coming Storm

October 20, 2019 Morning Service. If you keep up with events that are occurring across our nation, it is clear that the religious freedoms that we have enjoyed for over 200 years are now being threatened. And while the possibility of persecution should be no surprise, how should we respond? In this weeks sermon, Pastor John Friederich takes the apostles' reaction to the persecution they faced as a model for our actions as well. (Acts 4:23-31)


A Heart Of Rebellion

October 13, 2019 Morning Service. When Cain brought his sacrifice to God, he was pleased to offer to God the fruits of the work of his hands and surely because of this, he thought God would accept it. But what Cain had chosen to ignore were the clear requirements for an atoning sacrifice. Pastor Friederich was guest preaching at another church today so we are bringing you a Sunday night sermon preached at Providence Baptist Church from earlier this year entitled A Heart Of Rebellion from...


The Snake Charmer

September 29, 2019 Morning Service. John the Baptist set the stage for Jesus to begin His ministry and was already baptizing people before Jesus arrived. But not everybody was welcome to be baptized by John despite him calling for all to repent and be baptized. In this week's sermon, Pastor John Friederich takes John's reaction to certain individuals and challenges believers to consider the real motivation behind our public profession. (Luke 3:3-14)


The Contradiction Of The Cross

September 22, 2019 Morning Service. There are many people who say that the Bible is full of contradictions. But what some call contradiction is really a paradox. And of all the paradoxes in the Bible there is none that is as incredible as the work of the cross. Today, Pastor John Friederich takes a look at how God%u2019s unconditional love and His righteous judgment were simultaneously demonstrated by this act. (Isaiah 53:4-6)


An Eye Opening Experience

September 8, 2019 Morning Service. As Saul traveled down the road to Damascus with evil intentions for the followers of Jesus, he had no idea how much his life would change that day. He would have an encounter that would radically change everything about his life and the direction he was headed. Today, Pastor John Friederich takes a look at the incredible story of Saul's conversion and the powerful lessons it holds for us. (Acts 9:1-16)


Preparing For His Way

September 1, 2019 Morning Service. One of the most important things that a believer can do to walk in obedience to God is to follow His will for their life. But it can sometimes seem that this is a difficult thing to do when we wrestle with our own personal desires for our lives and the expectations we have. Today, Pastor John Friederich shows us how we can position ourselves to best be able to discern God's will for our lives. (Proverbs 3:5-6)


Get To Know The Cross

August 25, 2019 Morning Service. Throughout all of human history, never has there been an event more pivotal than what happened on a place called Golgotha nearly 2000 years ago. But do we really understand the Person and the implications of that incredible day in time? In this week's sermon, Pastor John Friederich challenges us to fully embrace some key takeaways from what is ultimately a central focus of the Bible. (John 12:20-32)


True Peace

August 18, 2019 Morning Service. Peace. It's something everybody wants, yet so many seem to be unable to find it in the world we live in today. With so many things vying for our attention and responsibilities demanding our time, short of completely disconnecting from society, it may seem impossible to find. In this week's sermon, Pastor John Friederich speaks about this difficulty we all face but most importantly, where true peace CAN be found. (Romans 5:1-2)


Let's Talk About God

August 11, 2019 Morning Service. The Bible is a wonderful expression of God's character and throughout both Testaments, we see his character expressed through His dealings with His people and those who opposed Him. But how do the many different characteristics align with the need for salvation? In this week's sermon, Pastor John Friederich shares Isaiah's powerful encounter with the throne room of God to answer this question. . (Isaiah 6:1-7)


Peter's Rebuke

August 4, 2019 Morning Service. Throughout Jesus' early ministry, He often made reference to His forthcoming suffering and death. Despite this, we see that the apostles didn't fully grasp what He was saying. But Jesus' words now showed the time for certain understanding had come. In this week’s sermon, Pastor John Friederich takes a look at this passage and what it tells us about God’s will and Christ’s role in it. (Mark 8:31-36)


Tower Of Trouble

July 28, 2019 Morning Service. After the great flood of the Bible, God commanded the people in Noah’s family to go forth and replenish the earth. But it didn't take long after the echoes of God's worldwide judgment had subsided before the people became rebellious and prideful. In this week's sermon, Pastor John Friederich takes a look at the events surrounding the Tower of Babel, and what lessons this passage hold for us. (Genesis 11:1-9)


Weathering The Storm

July 21, 2019 Morning Service. There are many people who think that the Christian life is supposed to be one that is trouble free. But the reality is far from it and we know that suffering and difficulties are sure to come our way. Today Pastor John Friederich begins in Genesis 37 and uses Joseph as a starting point to show us how to not only endure the times of our difficulties, but to embrace the purposes of God in it. (Genesis 37:18-20)


The Two Whosoevers

July 14, 2019 Morning Service. John 3:16 is arguably the most well known of all the verses of the Bible. It tells us that whosoever believes in Jesus will find eternal life. But did you realize that the book of Revelation speaks of another whosoever that will face a very different fate? Today Pastor John Friederich takes us through the similarities and contrasts of the two whosoevers and speaks to what eternity holds for each. (Revelation 20:12%u201315, John 3:14%u201317)


Revolutionary Thinking

July 7, 2019 Morning Service. More and more it seems today that those who are running for political office are distancing themselves from Biblical values. And often times that results in those whose beliefs don't match ours being placed in authority over us. Do we need to recognize their authority then? Today Pastor John Friederich starts with the words of Jesus to show us how as believers, we should respond. (Matthew 22:16-22)


Let Freedom Ring

June 30, 2019 Morning Service. This week as we celebrate the independence of our country with barbecues and fireworks, we look back at what has made our nation what it is today and one of those things is freedom. But while we understand freedom from tyrannical rule, there is another type of freedom that we can enjoy too. Today Pastor John Friederich looks at some freedoms that result from faith in Jesus Christ and they are reason to celebrate as well. (Galatians 5:1-6)