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Inner Work 071: Major Energies As We Move Into 2020

For the last episode of 2019, I decided to do something a little different. This is a collective reading of the energies we're leaving behind in 2019 and the energies we're moving into in 2020. I invite you to notice any messages or intuitive hits specifically for you as you receive this reading. In the episode, I mention my upcoming course, The Powerfully Sensitive Program. I designed this program to help highly sensitive women & empaths shift from overwhelm to empowerment. We begin on...


Inner Work 070: Avoiding Burnout as a Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur with Dr. Alyssa Adams

Dr. Alyssa Adams is a clinical psychologist and business coach. She helps therapists, counselors, and healers scale up their businesses in an authentic way without burning out. In this interview, we talk about the challenges of being an entrepreneur and how we can avoid burnout as highly sensitive business owners in the service professions. To connect with Alyssa, you can visit her website here. She also moderates a free Facebook Group, Scale Your Inner Wisdom. To connect with me...


Inner Work 069: Manifesting Through the Akashic Records with Serena Curran

Serena Curran is an Akashic Records reader who empowers service-based entrepreneurs to quickly produce greater income, impact, and growth in their businesses. Through harnessing their Manifesting Archetypes, clients report experiencing immediate results such as promptly doubling income, receiving synchronistic opportunities, changing strategy and/or business model resulting in earning more money with less effort. In this interview, we talk about Serena's unique process of manifestation and...


Inner Work: Special Announcement

Hello, my friends & lovely listeners! I'm checking in for a quick announcement and to invite you to a special healing event. To learn more about An Evening of Tarot & Akashic Records and reserve your spot, go here: https://purefieldhealing.com/online-healing-event-nov-2019/ I'd love to see you there! If you have questions or need help registering, please reach out directly: josephine@purefieldhealing.com To visit me online, go to Purefield. Thank you so much for listening, and please...


Inner Work 068: Growing Up Highly Sensitive with Melissa Schwartz

In this episode, I had the pleasure of interviewing Melissa Schwartz. Melissa was born an intense, sensitive, empathic power seeker. She is an internationally acclaimed author, coach, and public speaker in the field of child development, and she specializes in helping highly sensitive children (and their parents). In this conversation, we talk about what it means to grow up highly sensitive and how we can care for ourselves as highly sensitive adults. To connect with Melissa, you can visit...


Inner Work 067: High Sensitivity and Relationships with Josephine & Garrett

In this very special episode, I welcome back to the podcast my husband Garrett! We talk about the trait of high sensitivity, Garrett figures out if he's highly sensitive through Elaine Aron's self-test, and we also discuss how relationships can work when one partner is highly sensitive and the other is not. To connect with me, you can visit Purefield. I work one-on-one with highly sensitive & empathic women all over the world. You can book a free discovery call to see if we'd be a good...


Inner Work 066: Healing Through Breathwork with Eryn Johnson

Eryn Johnson is a breathwork facilitator, Tarot reader, Reiki master, and powerful storyteller. (You might know her from her mystical podcast, Living Open.) In this interview, we talk about breathwork as a healing modality and offer a few tips to get started with this practice. We also chat honestly about feeling shame about ourselves growing up and how we can begin to unlearn all the conditioning we've internalized from our families, cultures, and society. To learn more about Eryn's work,...


Inner Work 065: Surrendering Control & Hypervigilance

Are you a bit of a control freak? Do you often feel "on edge" or as though you have to scan the horizon for possible danger? Yup, me too! In this episode, I discuss how can we move beyond the egoic need to control our environment, our own behavior, and others' reactions to us. I also talk about hypervigilance and the possible causes of this painful habit of watching out for danger and feeling unsafe in the world. The episode ends with a blessing to cultivate safety and belonging in your body...


Inner Work 064: Being in the Mystery Between Manifestations

There's always a gap between your desire and the manifested outcome of that desire -- we may call this the "mystery" between manifestations. As humans, we often find it challenging to reside in this mystery, which is why we give up on our deepest desires before they've had a chance to manifest. In this episode, we dive right into the mystery and I offer some strategies to become more comfortable with it. Ultimately, being comfortable with the mystery will allow you to call in what you want...


Inner Work 063: The Creative Process & Finding Your Authentic Voice with Marielle Smith

Marielle Smith is a writer and intuitive coach who works mostly with overwhelmed writers and other creatives who've lost touch with their intuition. In this conversation, we talk about the creative process, the role that intuition plays in that process, and how we can reclaim our authentic voices -- not only in writing but also in our lives. To connect with Marielle, you can visit her website or go...


Inner Work 062: Dealing with Low Frequency Emotions

As humans, it's almost impossible for us not to feel emotions like anger, fear, resentment, frustration, and disappointment in certain situations. These are low frequency emotions because they emit and attract lower vibrations than emotions like love, excitement, and joy. In this episode, I talk about how you can deal with low frequency emotions when you feel them, particularly in relationships. I also discuss the concept of the emotional pain-body, how this pain-body becomes activated, and...


Inner Work 061: Coming Home to the Akashic Records with Sine Mairi

In this episode of Inner Work, I had the pleasure to interview one of my Akashic Records students (and now colleague) Sine Mairi. Sine is the owner of Sgathan is Solus, which in Gaelic means "mirror and light." She is a hereditary healer, certified Akashic Records reader, and uses tasseomancy and Tarot to complement her work with the Records. In our interview, we delve into Sine's origin story, healing path, and how she uses the Akashic Records in both her personal and professional...


Inner Work 060: Dealing with Negative Criticism (w/ Personal Anecdote!)

Inspired by recent events in my own life, this episode addresses the topic of how to deal with negative feedback or criticism. It doesn't matter whether the criticism comes from a family member, friend, co-worker, boss, or client -- we'll explore a number of strategies to help you respond (or not respond!) to negative feedback in the best possible way, without losing your integrity or peace of mind. Thank you so much for listening and for doing your inner work! Purefield Radio/Inner Work...


Inner Work 059: Slowing Down to Find the Deeper Meaning

In our modern world, it's becoming increasingly difficult to take time to rest, slow down, do one thing at a time, and connect to something bigger and more expansive than ourselves. In this episode, I explore how you can reclaim your ability to slow down to find the deeper meaning in your life. We'll talk about the importance of finding and following your own natural rhythm, rather than being carried by the frantic pace of dominant culture. I discuss Abby Seixas' work and book, Finding the...


Inner Work 058: A Guided Meditation to Connect With Your Inner Wild Woman

In Clarissa Pinkola Estes' classic book, Women Who Run With the Wolves, "wild woman" is an inner source of power and strength for all women. She is wise, courageous, nurturing, and connected to the cycles of nature and the moon. Wild woman can help us set healthy boundaries, say "no" and say "yes" from an authentic place, protect our space and energy, and align with our deepest longings and desires. In this guided meditation, you will journey to meet and connect with your inner wild woman...


Inner Work 057: Spiritual Bypassing

Robert Augustus Masters defines the term "spiritual bypassing" as a collection of behaviors and beliefs through which we use spirituality to avoid life. Some of these behaviors include anger-phobia, boundaries that are too strict or too porous, emotional numbing, and over-detachment from life. When we engage in spiritual bypassing, we trick ourselves into believing that we're healing and working through deep issues, but we're actually only staying on the surface of what's really going. In...


Inner Work 056: Moving From Chaos to Stability

In this episode, I explore how you can move from a state of chaos (in your health, finances, relationships, career, or any other idea) to a state of greater stability, both internally and externally. I discuss what external chaos might represent in your life and how we sometimes use chaos to distract ourselves from fulfilling our divine missions. I also offer a few suggestions for cultivating a greater sense of stability and groundedness in your life. Robert Augustus Masters' book, which I...


Inner Work 055: Healing the Battle With Your Inner Rebel with Karly Randolph-Pitman

This episode is my interview with speaker, author, and writer Karly Randolph-Pitman on the concept of the inner rebel. The inner rebel is that voice or energy that pops up from within you when you try to make a change, take a risk, or work on healing yourself in a deep way. The inner rebel might sabotage your efforts, derail your progress, or get in your way when you try to improve yourself or your life. Learn how to work with - rather than against - this inner rebel, which is ultimately an...


Inner Work 054: The Law of Attraction and Self-Blame

In this episode, I explore how working with law of attraction material can sometimes evoke feelings of self-blame, guilt, and shame in us, leading us to question, "How could I create this reality for myself?" I discuss some of the limitations of law of attraction theory and how to best use this approach *without* beating yourself up or victimizing yourself. Thank you for listening!


Inner Work 053: The Business of Tarot with Brigit Esselmont of Biddy Tarot

For episode 53 of Inner Work, I had the pleasure of interviewing author, teacher, spiritual entrepreneur, and founder of Biddy Tarot, Brigit Esselmont. We talk about the business of Tarot, how to trust in divine timing, what it means to work within our "zone of genius," and how to shift into doing more soul-aligned work -- from wherever we are today. Brigit also shares a bit of her background and how her business and relationship with the Tarot have evolved over time. Thank you for...