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Vivian Gietz is a Bisexual Catholic

Listen to my brand new Patreon Exclusive podcast over at patreon.com/matthiasroberts Vivian Gietz is a 23-year-old bisexual Catholic woman, writer, feminist, and activist. A communications and administrative professional, she graduated from the University of British Columbia, with a Bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing and a minor in Gender and Womens' Studies. Vivian is primarily interested in exploring positive queer and feminist intersections with Catholicism and Christianity through...


(Encore) Alyson Stoner Embraced Mystery

(This episode originally aired November 12, 2018) Alyson Stoner is an accomplished actress, dancer and recording artist who is known from her performances in blockbuster franchises Step Up and Cheaper by the Dozen; to her voiceover work in the Emmy award-winning series Phineas and Ferb; to dancing in music videos for the likes of Missy Elliot and Eminem; and most recently her new music. Earlier this year, Alyson came out publicly via her single “When It’s Right” and an essay in Teen...


On Activist Theology with Dr. Robyn Henderson-Espinoza

Dr. Robyn is back for their third appearance on Queerology, this time to celebrate the publication of their new book Activist Theology which is out everywhere today! Robyn Henderson-Espinoza is a theologian and ethicist based in Nashville, TN. They work in the hybrid spaces of the church, the academy, and movements for justice. They were named 1 of 10 Faith Leaders to Watch in 2018 by the Center for American Progress. Robyn is the founder of the Activist Theology Project, a collaborative...


Emily Joy on Purity Culture - E89

Emily Joy is a spoken word poet, yoga teacher and author living and working in Nashville. Her advocacy takes place at the intersection of faith, sexuality and healing, and her work has been featured in Time, Cosmopolitan, Jezebel, Mother Jones, The Huffington Post and more. Emily is the co-creator of the #ChurchToo hashtag, a #MeToo spinoff exposing sexual violence in Christian churches and other faith communities. In this episode, she talks with Matthias about purity culture, #ChurchToo,...


Bishop Yvette Flunder is a Justice Warrior

The Rev. Dr. Yvette A. Flunder is an unapologetic disciple and proponent of the radically inclusive love of Jesus, who has raised her voice for justice from the church house to the White House and steps of the Supreme Court. During the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the 80s, Bishop Flunder worked on the ground providing life-saving care, and today continues her work for intersectional justice around the world. In this episode, she shares about being a justice warrior, how she has sustained her work...


90 Seconds of Truth - Part 1

Last week, Bethel Church posted a message on their Instagram asking "Can a person leave homosexuality behind?" promoting their "Changed Movement" which shares stories of people who have "experienced freedom" from being LGBTQ+. 90 Seconds of Truth is our response. Kevin Garcia and I joined forces and asked people on our social media channels to share 90-second stories with us of what their lives have been like since leaving toxic theology behind. We had so many responses that we needed to...


Live From SpiritPride 2019

Join in as panelists Trey Pearson, Matthew Wigmore, Rev. Leenane Shiels, and Mary Ann Saunders discuss the future of the LGBTQ+ movement with Matthias in front of a live audience. This episode was recorded during SpiritPride 2019 at Christ Church Cathedral in downtown Vancouver, BC.


Rev. Elizabeth Edman on the Inherent Queerness of Christianity

Liz Edman is an Episcopal priest and political strategist. She is the author of Queer Virtue: What LGBTQ People Know About Life and Love and How It Can Revitalize Christianity (Beacon Press, 2016). In this episode, she discusses the inherent queerness of Christianity, God, and what gives her hope. Liz has lived and worked on the front lines of many of the most pressing issues where religion and sexuality meet, serving as an inner city hospital chaplain to people with HIV/AIDS from 1989 to...


Anna Golladay - Live from Wild Goose Festival

This episode was recorded live from the Wild Goose Festival podcast stage on July 12, 2019 in Hot Springs, NC. Anna Golladay is a United Methodist Minister who made headlines in 2018 when she was fired for performing a same-gender wedding. Listen in as she shares some of her story, her thoughts about where the UMC is heading now, and the larger implications on churches everywhere. Anna can be found at unholyhairetic.com and on Twitter @unholyhairetic


Pádraig Ó Tuama

Poet and theologian, Pádraig Ó Tuama’s work centres around themes of language, power, conflict and religion. Working fluently on the page and in public, Pádraig is a compelling poet and skilled speaker, teacher and group worker. In this episode, he chats with Matthias about reconciliation, conflict, and hope. Pádraig can be found online at padraigotuama.com Poets mentioned by Pádraig in this episode: Queerology is on Twitter and Instagram, @queerologypod


Myah Jackson's Zeal Life

Myah Jackson is the founder and editor of The Zeal Life, an online fashion publication that amplifies the visibility of marginalized communities in fashion, culture and art. Her mission is to bring others closer to their purpose, so that they may lead more authentic lives. In this episode we talk about her new photo series All Are Welcome: A Fashion Narrative on the LGBTQ Community and The Church and her work to amplify marginalized voices in fashion. Myah can be found at...


Vicky Beeching is Undivided (Encore)

This is an encore of Episode 51. Vicky Beeching is a writer, speaker and equality campaigner named by The Guardian as "arguably the most influential Christian of her generation." Previously, she worked as a songwriter and worship leader throughout her twenties and half of her thirties and her songs are some of the most-sung in churches around the globe. When she came out as gay, all of that changed. On today's episode, Vicky talks about coming out, living with chronic illness, and the...


Bailey Brawner is Asexual (Encore)

(This is an encore of Episode 59) Bailey Brawner is the pastor of two United Methodist Churches in Alaska. She's a graduate of Boston University School of Theology and much of her work focuses on creating spiritual spaces for people who have experienced religious trauma. In this episode, she talks about being asexual and the unique position that places her in to navigate conversations around faith and sexuality. Follow Bailey on Twitter, @baileynbrawner Queerology is on Twitter and...


Brit Barron is Gloriously Queer

Brit Barron is a pastor, speaker, wife, dog mom and avid teller of stories about a bigger God, more inclusive church and more whole humanity. In this episode, she talks about how she understands Pride and how to work through phases of deconstruction. Check out the new Gloriously Queer conference happening in Pasadena, CA: www.anythingbutblackandwhite.com/gloriouslyqueer Brit writes at britbarron.com and on Instagram: @britbarron. Queerology is Twitter and Instagram at @queerologypod.


Jennifer Knapp Interviews Matthias

Queerology is two years old!!! To celebrate, Grammy-nominated recording artist Jennifer Knapp takes over the controls and puts Matthias in the hotseat. Jennifer was the first ever guest interviewed on Queerology, listen in as she now has the chance to ask all the hard questions.


Jackie G. is Finding Home

Jackie G. is an author, vlogger, and speaker who was shocked when her sister, Alex, came out...because she was hiding a secret of her own. Jackie has written two books about self discovery, vulnerability and connection, and spends her time as a motivational speaker and making youtube videos. Jackie can be found at jackiegtv.com. She's on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/jackiegtv and Instagram, @jackieg.tv Queerology is on Twitter and Instagram, @queerologypod.


In Memory of Rachel Held Evans

Rachel Held Evans was a fierce ally and advocate for LGBTQ+ people, she passed away unexpectedly this last weekend and it's so hard to say goodbye. To support Rachel's husband and their two kids, consider contributing to this GoFundMe: https://www.gofundme.com/supporting-rachel-held-evans?pc=tw_dn_cpgntopnavlarge_r&rcid=r01-155720687607-f830f3aba97c4b9b


Gattison is Not #OnceGay

Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, pop artist Gattison began playing the piano and singing at the young-age of ten years old and composed his first song at the age of twelve. He successfully worked as a worship leader for years, until he came out, which ended his marriage with his wife and left him searching and deconstructing his faith. Jump forward a few years and Gattison is the founder of the Innovative Love Coalition a group of queer and affirming Christian creatives who...


Marco Spaumer is a Soap Opera Star - Episode 76

Marco Spaumer is a South African actor, best known for his work in the South African soap opera Suidooster. He studied Musical Theatre and has been on South African screens since late 2012. In this episode, Marco and Matthias talk about spiritual abuse, LGBTQ+ faith in South Africa, and Marco's faith journey. Marco is part of Life Choices, a Cape Town-based youth organization aiming to invest in the local youth to tackle inequality and has been actively serving on the board as secretary. He...


Abi Robins is Queering the Enneagram - Episode 75

Abi Robins (they/them) is a trained Enneagram Teacher who studied with Helen Palmer, Marion Gilbert, Peter O’Hanrahan and others through The Narrative Enneagram in Menlo Park, CA. Robins is also a CIAYT Yoga Therapist (intern) with the International Association of Yoga Therapists and studied at Yoga Yoga in Austin, TX. Abi’s teaching combines the deep and transformative insight of the Enneagram with the holistic and down to earth practices of Yoga Therapy. Robins seeks to share these two...