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Named one of the 12 Best LGBTQ Podcasts of 2020 by “O: The Oprah Magazine.” How might we live better as queer people of faith? Matthias Roberts brings together theologians, psychologists, poets, thinkers, and change makers for conversations around belief and being.

Named one of the 12 Best LGBTQ Podcasts of 2020 by “O: The Oprah Magazine.” How might we live better as queer people of faith? Matthias Roberts brings together theologians, psychologists, poets, thinkers, and change makers for conversations around belief and being.


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Named one of the 12 Best LGBTQ Podcasts of 2020 by “O: The Oprah Magazine.” How might we live better as queer people of faith? Matthias Roberts brings together theologians, psychologists, poets, thinkers, and change makers for conversations around belief and being.




Abi Robins Wants You To Transform

Abi Robins returns to to talk about their brand new book, “The Conscious Enneagram: How to Move from Typology to Transformation.” Abi identifies as a queer, non-binary trans person, parent, fiancée, Enneagram teacher/coach, and Yoga Therapist. Abi trained at The Narrative Enneagram and International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT). They created the Conscious Enneagram Website and social media platform, host the Conscious Construction Podcast, and founded the Queer Enneagram. Topics...


Living Death with Rachael Ward

Rachael Ward (they/them) is a public theologian and LGBTQ activist. Currently, Rachael is pursuing a Master of Divinity and a Master of Arts in Practical Theology - pastoral care at Columbia Theological Seminary. Rachael is the creator of the Living-Death Doula Model for Pastoral Care and cofounder of Bible Queery, a facilitation collective geared toward queer wellness and reconstruction. Rachael lives with their wife, Chelsea, and two fur-babies in Atlanta where they focus on talking...


Grace Semler Baldridge is a Preacher's Kid

Grace Semler Baldridge, who professionally goes by the artist’s name, ‘Semler,’ is a self-identified sad, queer, folk artist.​ Semler created the docuseries, State of Grace on Refinery29, where she explores what it means to identify as a Christian and a member of the LGBTQ community. The docuseries was nominated for a GLAAD Award for Outstanding Digital Journalism. Also, you may know Selmer from her two TV shows, Murder With Friends and Pop Trigger. Just a few weeks ago, Selmer made...


On Deconstruction and Reconstruction with Crystal Cheatham

Crystal Cheatham is an LGBTQ rights activist, host of Lord Have Mercy, and founder of two projects—Our Bible App and the IDentity Kit, which help people ditch toxic theology to find spiritual wellness.​ Our Bible App’s The Deconstructionists Playbook takes writers and readers from deconstruction to reconstruction to liberation theology. Since 2011, Crystal has worked as a ghostwriter and queer rights activist with Soulforce and The Attic Youth Center. As an outspoken activist, Crystal...


Live with Coach Yeamah from QCF Conference 2021!

Recorded live from the Brian M. Eckstein Podcast Stage at the 2021 Q Christian Fellowship Conference (via Zoom). Join Matthias as he sits down with Coach Yeamah, a gifted teacher and coach who serves LGBTQIA+ Christians who struggle to make peace with their faith and sexuality. Yeamah has built a beautiful community of queer believers and allies on Instagram, and she hosts a weekly live talk show and podcast that supports, inspires, educates, and encourages the community to live their full...


Queer Mental Health with Candice Czubernat (Encore)

Being brave is not easy, it’s a tough battle—sound familiar? With the holidays and reality of the world we are living in, it’s worth repeating this episode of Queerology with Candice Czubernat. ​ Candice is a therapist and founder of The Christian Closet, an LGBTQ-affirming counseling, coaching, and spiritual direction organization. Also, Candice is the founder of Gloriously Queer, a conference for LGBTQ people of faith developed by LGBTQ people of faith. As a therapist, Candice helps...


Chavonn Williams Shen Writes to Heal

Chavonn Williams Shen is a poet, artist, educator, and activist from Minneapolis. ​ Winner of the Still I Rise grant, first runner-up for the Los Angeles Review Flash Fiction Contest, and Best of the Net Award finalist, Chavonn is also a Pushcart Prize nominee, winner of the Mentor Series in Poetry and Creative Prose through the Loft Literary Center, and fellow through the Givens Foundation for African American Literature. As a Tin House and VONA workshop alum, Chavonn’s poetry and prose...


Tim Be Told on Love and Happiness

Tim Ouyang is a recording artist, producer, and songwriter. His band, Tim Be Told, is a contemporary Christian music group from the college-town of Charlottesville, Virginia. Tim’s new album, Love and Happiness, focuses on his coming out journey and experiences with love, disappointment, disbelief, faith, hope, and God. Specifically, Like This song is the crown jewel on the album. Tim has had quite a career since coming out and shares how things have fundamentally changed and...


Collin Martin Came Out to Cary Umhau First

In 2018, Collin Martin came out as gay. At the time, he was the only ‘out’ man in any of the big five American sport leagues or any top division professional men’s national soccer leagues. Today, Collin is a professional soccer player as a midfielder for San Diego Loyal in the United Soccer League (USL) championship. Also, Collin has played for D.C. United and Minnesota United FC in Major League Soccer (MLS) and for Richmond Kickers and Hartford Athletic in the USL. Collin shares how...


Everybody Now

People have caused a turning point in the Earth’s natural history. Everybody Now is a podcast that focuses on what it means to be human on the threshold of a global climate emergency, in a time of systemic injustice and runaway pandemics. Scientists, activists, farmers, poets, and theologians talk bravely and frankly about how our biosphere is changing, grief and hope in an age of social collapse, mass extinction, and taking action against all odds. On October 19, Everybody Now will be...


Kyl Myers is Raising Them

When Dr. Kyl Myers and their husband decided to have a child, they came to an unorthodox decision: they would not assign a gender to their baby. Dr. Kyl teaches the world how to raise children without gender-based shame, expectations, and limitations. Instead, she's an advocate for unconditional love so kids can live vibrant, authentic lives. Kyl is a sociologist, educator, and advocate for Gender Creative Parenting. Her TED talk, Want Gender Equality? Let's Get Creative, encourages people...


Brit Barron Thinks It's Worth It

Brit Barron is a teacher, speaker, and author of the recently released book, Worth It: Overcome Your Fears and Embrace the Life You Were Made For. Brit grew up in an evangelical church and eventually became the pastor of a megachurch at only 26 years old. It was truly too soon to understand herself, her dreams, and her sexuality. That is, until Brit met Sami, a woman who changed, saved, and transformed her entire life. Brit decided to leave the church, get married to Sami, and come out....


Emily Scott is Dreaming Dreams

Emily Scott is a church planter and Lutheran pastor who believes Christian practice holds out rich possibilities that call us to reach across boundaries in love, learn through discomfort, and build relationships that bring God's realm close. Emily, who identifies as queer and genderqueer, is committed to building communities of faith that dismantle fear and hate, affirm LGBTQ+ people, and confront racial injustice. Currently, Emily serves as the founding pastor of Dreams and Visions, an...


Andrea Dalzell is The Seated Nurse

Andrea Dalzell was told she could never become a nurse because of her disability. Never tell Andrea what she can and can’t do. At five years old, Andrea was diagnosed with Transverse Myelitis (TM), a neurological condition that causes paralysis. However, growing up using a wheelchair didn't stop her from pursuing a career in health care. Today, Andrea is a registered nurse, disability advocate, and speaker. She studied biology and neuroscience in college to earn an associate’s and...


Leigh Finke is Queerfully and Wonderfully Made

Leigh Finke is a writer, producer, and editor from St. Paul, Minnesota. Her work focuses on religion and culture and how both intersect with the lives of queer people. She has two new books releasing August 25 titled, Queerfully and Wonderfully Made: A Guide for LGBTQ+ Christian Teens and Welcoming and Affirming: A Guide to Supporting and Working with LGBTQ+ Christian Youth. These books are some of the best and most comprehensive resources I've ever seen for LGBTQ+ teens and people of...


Chris Sapphire was on The Circle

In January 2020, Netflix released a reality show titled, The Circle. One of the contestants was Chris Sapphire, a gay guy with a huge personality who talked about his faith in the first five minutes of the show. Chris wasn’t playing a character. He is just as quirky and enthusiastic in real life. In this episode, Chris openly talks about depression and suicide using spirited language. He also describes neuroplasticity—within scripture, our minds can be renewed and that’s a promise from...


Blake Mundell is COURIER

Blake Mundell wanted to be a worship songwriter, but quickly became disillusioned and transitioned to pop music. He now writes and records songs under the name, COURIER. Blake is recording a new album and his new single, Conversion, releases July 17. Also, Blake is a sports massage therapist and on the medical staff for the Tennessee Titans. He’s an instructor of ethics, anatomy, and physiology at Mind Body Institute and is happiest when on a beach volleyball court. Blake lives with his...



How are you celebrating the first-ever national Queer Youth of Faith (QYF) Day on June 30, 2020? On this episode of Queerology, a panel celebrates the life, creativity, and gifts of queer youth of faith. The panel includes Ameera, a trans Bengali-American Muslim; Taline, a bisexual Armenian Christian; Daniel, a gay Jew; and Sebastian, a trans Christian. Happy QYF Day! Topics Discussed: QYF Panel: How each identifies and how faith formed their identityHonor, Celebrate, Center: Importance...


On Performative Allyship and Black Joy

Are you afraid to walk in your own neighborhood? Tired of being blocked by white people who think they own the sidewalk? Are you an ally or accomplice? Kashif Andrew Graham steps in as guest host for Matthias Roberts to talk to Rev. Broderick Greer about moving from allyship to accompliceship. As a priest-on-staff at St. John’s Cathedral in Denver, Broderick directs liturgy and oversees ministry for people in their 20s and 30s. Occasionally, Broderick offers lectures and facilitates...


On Justice

Join Broderick Greer, Brit Barron, Robin DiAngelo, Darren Calhoun, Robyn Henderson-Espinoza, and Kenji Kuramitsu for this special compilation episode about liberation and justice. Links & Resources Care by and for Black and Brown folks (white folks, give these orgs money): The Mystic Soul ProjectThe Nap MinistrySweet Rest Other Links and Resources: GoogleNational Bail Fund NetworkDonate to Black Lives Matter Anti-racism Resources for White People 75 Things White People Can Do for Racial...