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Relevant conversations that will encourage & empower you to be all that God has called you to be. Our goal is to help you to move from Surviving to Thriving: Spiritually, Relationally, Mentally, Physically, & Financially! Follow the Host Paul on Instagram @paulwcalcote

Relevant conversations that will encourage & empower you to be all that God has called you to be. Our goal is to help you to move from Surviving to Thriving: Spiritually, Relationally, Mentally, Physically, & Financially! Follow the Host Paul on Instagram @paulwcalcote


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Relevant conversations that will encourage & empower you to be all that God has called you to be. Our goal is to help you to move from Surviving to Thriving: Spiritually, Relationally, Mentally, Physically, & Financially! Follow the Host Paul on Instagram @paulwcalcote




Relationship over Religion

Today we're talking about "Relationship over Religion" and our guest today has an incredible story about the faithfulness of God. His testimony includes growing up in foster care, experiencing divorce, drunkenness, prison, drugs and more. Now, Andrew F. Carter is a pastor, author and influencer that went viral on TikTok and has over 1 million followers across all social media platforms. Most importantly, he uses his story of overcoming obstacles to encourage, motivate & inspire others. His...


The 7 Last Sayings of Jesus on the Cross

It’s Good Friday! And in this episode I am taking you to Church. I’ve invited some friends and we are preaching on the last 7 saying of Jesus. These are the last 7 things Jesus said before dying on the cross. Here are the sayings Luke 23:34Luke 23:43John 19:26Mark 15:34John 19:28John 19:30Luke 23:46 Today’s...


Million Dollar Life Lessons

If you need to be inspired and motivated moving towards success, then tune in, as we are giving you Million Dollar Life Lessons: Matthew 6:33 But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. Today's Guest Sebastian J Sanders is a serial entrepreneur, author, speaker, community investor and youth advocate that’s passionate about innovation, empowerment, and diversity. Connect with Sebastian...


Secure The Bag!

Our goal today: to give you practical yet powerful tips that will help you thrive in your finances. So if you want to "Secure the Bag" and keep the Bag, take a listen. This episode is the launching pad to achieving Financial Freedom as we talk about Budgeting, Saving, Retirement, & Credit as well as how to honor God even in our Finances. Today's Guest: Jasmine Noel holds a Master of Business Administration degree & spent the last 10 years of her professional career in Banking/Finance and...


Dating Red Flags

We are going THERE today as we talk about Dating Red Flags. This episode is practical, spiritual, and even philosophical. If you want to date well and avoid some pitfalls then tune in. Discussed in Today's Episode: Today's Guests: The Rooted Life is a Christian lifestyle brand that encourages people to build their lives on faith first. Through candid podcast conversations and inspirational online content, long-time friends Dorian and Morgan connect biblical truth to everyday...


Reclaiming My Time!

Daylights saving has passed and you "lost" an hour, so its time to Reclaim Your Time. If you want to know how to manage your time better, be more productive, effective, and efficient, then tune in! It's essential that you manage your time well because 1) Life is short, so make the best of it and 2) we will be held accountable for how we spent our time on Earth. 8 Ways to Successfully Manage Your Time What does the Bible say about time? Ecc 3:1Colossians 4:5Psalms 90:12...


Christian Dating 101

New's Flash: Dating isn't a biblical concept! But in this episode "Christian Dating 101" We encourage you to utilize biblical principles & wisdom so you can make wise God-honoring choices in your dating. We also discuss Zodiac signs and "ghosting". Bonus: If you want to know how to respond to a person who says "God said that you are my spouse", then tune in! Today's Guest: Russelyn Williams is a Christian Life Coach, Author, and Blogger that helps single Christian women walk in wholeness...


Living Single Pt. 2

Living Single Part 2: Another episode dedicated to the Singles. But today we get to hear the guy's side of the story and these fellas hit the ground running as they give rich practical tips to navigating the season of singleness. We take another deep dive into both the joys and struggles of being Single, while also discussing practical ways to maximize the season of singleness and understanding how this season is actually a gift. Guests Today: Lee Scott II...


Living Single Pt. 1

Living Single: This episode is dedicated to all the singles out there. We take a deep dive into both the joys and struggles of being Single. .. But we also discuss practical ways to maximize the season of singleness and understanding how this season is actually a gift. So, do you want to know what pursuing purity really looks like and how to THRIVE in your singleness then TUNE IN This is only part 1 #Girlchat... but tune in next week when we hear the guy's side of the story. Guests...


Dating 101

“Dating 101” the Relationship Series continues: Jordan Scott and Keitra Wilson met at Jackson State University and have been dating since 2015. They join the show today to discuss the Do’s & Don’ts of Dating. We talked about a lot: “Entanglements” “Situationships,” the good old DTR (Define the Relationship talk), what does good communication look like in a dating relationship, and keeping God 1st while dating. Favorite Quote: "For those that are dating or desiring to date, get healed 1st....


Thriving in Your Relationships

Happy Valentine's Day! Some people call in "Single Awareness Day" So we wanted to bring you this bonus episode for those that are single and ready to mingle and looking to be married one day. This episode is all about Thriving in your Relationships. Favorite Quotes Marriage is choosing to say yes to each other, every single day because love is a choice & love is a commitment Don’t go into marriage expecting the other person to make you happy all the time and don’t expect marriage to fix...


How to Win at Relationships!

So, how do you win at Relationships!? #relationshipgoals We answered questions like "What we wish we would have known before we got married?" and "What does good communication really look like in marriage?" While also taking a deep dive into expectations and roles. Yup we went there, what does the man "supposed" to do and what does the woman "supposed" to do. Listen to find out! Whether you're single, dating, or married there are so many gems in this episode just for You! Our Guests today,...


Keys to a Lasting Godly Marriage

Not only did my wife join the episode today, but so did my parents. Pastors Leonard & Paula Calcote have been married for over 30 years, and today they are sharing some keys to a lasting, godly marriage. Questions We Answer *And more* A few Scriptures about Marriage: Genesis 2:24:Mark 10:9Ephesians 5:25:Related Episodes: with...


Health is Wealth

If you want to know how get in shape AND stay in shape then tune in! And share this episode with your friends that may need a boost as it relates to fitness. We tackle both sides of the fitness equation today: Diet & Exercise. Thriver, it’s time to invest in your health. Connect with today’s Guests Darius Youngblood Brandi Whitaker


Creativity, Content, & Criticism with Artist Lil Byron

The conversation today features a young creative, hip hop artist by the name of Lil Byron and he's following his dreams and shooting his shot in the music industry. His music is receiving significant hits on multiple streaming platforms such as Apple music & Spotify. Here's what we talked about: Click here to check out Lil Byron's Music Connect with the Host, Paul Calcote Connect with Today's Sponsor Melvin Roberts...


Breaking Family Curses!

Today we are talking about Breaking Family Curses with entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and author, Deangelo Collier. His story is truly amazing as God really transformed his life. We even discussed the importance of mental health, self care, and going to counseling...while also talking about people pleasing and learning to say no. Today is all about inspiration and motivation. Whatever Generational curses that has gone on in your family can be broken, it can start with you, it can start...


Shoot YOUR Shot!

To Shoot Your Shot means to step out in faith and do THAT thing that God has been stirring in your heart to do. Whether it's to write a book, start a Youtube Channel, or launch a business, etc, then do it. Start with what you have, Start where you are, but Start now. Today I share 5 Major Keys to motivate and empower you to push past the fear and the imposter syndrome and Shoot your shot and make this the year of Execution as you boldly answer God's call on your life Major Keys Happy New...


How to Know God's Will for Your Life?

Happy New Year Thriver! Have you ever asked any of these questions: (1) Why am I here? (2) What is my purpose? or (3) What is God's will for my life? Then this is the perfect episode for you, because it offers Biblical truth and answers to these questions. We will talk about your universal calling, which is the will of God for all believers: to obey & Love Him and to make disciples. We will also talk about your unique calling: that thing that God has specifically called you to do. Be sure...


The Greatest Gift of All

Christmas isn't about the gifts that we give and receive. Christmas is a reminder of the Gift that God gave us over 2000 years ago. John 3:16 "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life." During these holidays I want to encourage you to stay close to Christ & point others to Christ. Merry CHRISTmas my Friend! Connect with the Host Paul Calcote on Instagram Spoken Word by...


REST is Essential.

"Essential" has been a buzzword in 2020! Today we discuss why Rest is indeed Essential. We are living in a very fast paced society that is saturated by this "hustle culture" and "team no sleep" etc. If you talk to almost anybody, you’ll see that just about everybody is so busy, we wear business as badges of honor and often brag about the lack of sleep. BUT, if we’re not careful & intentional, we can skip rest, ending up down, depleted, and burnt out. Matthew 11:28-30 "Come to me, all who...