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Welcome to Recovcast for recovery from addiction.

Welcome to Recovcast for recovery from addiction.


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Welcome to Recovcast for recovery from addiction.






S.2.E.10: Heidi (Codependent Marriage & Trauma)

How are we supposed to treat addicts we are in a relationship with? How far are we supposed to love someone until it becomes toxic to us? Heidi came from a family that had addiction in its past. When she grew up and got married, the same pattern happened with her new husband. Things became abusive until the never-ending cycle became unbearable. We want to help those we love when they are stuck in addiction, but we can't do that unless we help ourselves first. Codependency is a very stealthy...


S.2.E.9: Richard Jewell (11 Years in Prison & Holdfast Recovery)

Today on Recov hub Podcast, we have a Hall-of-Fame veteran in the professional sport of recovery. He had a great life growing up, but micro-trauma exploited his fears and insecurities and paved the way for drugs and alcohol. He kept getting into legal trouble until the judge put him in prison for 11 years. He spent his hard time learning how to become a better person and educated himself while he was locked up. After 16 years of sobriety, the disease found a weak point and attacked. He had...


S.2.E.8: Josh (Alcoholic & Benzo DUI)

Sometimes life deals you a bad hand of cards. It's hard to find the right way to cope, especially when you are growing up. Josh lived in a house with more kids than his parents could pay attention to. So he felt like his brother was all he had at times. He started blackout drinking to cope with the stress of life. When his brother tragically died in car accident, he had no reason to stop his drinking episodes. Until one day he decided to turn his brother's tragedy into a reason for his...


S.2.E.7: Matt & Whit (Heroin Addict & Co-Dependency)

When times get tough, it's good to know someone has your back. Matt struggled with a killer addiction to opiates and Whitney had trauma from mental/physical abuse. They combined forces in holy matrimony and have helped each other successfully stay the course through the storm. Today on Recov hub Podcast, we have a split testimony that ties into a combined success story, what a treat. Please welcome Matt & Whitney! Support the show...


S.2.E.6: Ed (Heavy Meth & Alcohol Addiction)

Ed was a guy that had it all. A great family life, a perfect childhood and lived in a small town in Michigan. Something you might only see in a Lifetime family movie. But being "cool" isn't all its cracked up to be. Mix someone with an addictive personality with some peer pressure and you get one fine alcoholic with a horrible addiction to meth. Today on Recov hub Podcast, Ed gets personal about how bad things became and how he came back to the light. Everyone please welcome Ed! Support the...


S.2.E.5: Kenneth (20 Year Meth Addiction & Hollywood)

Los Angeles is a place where good people's souls go to die. Our guest Kenneth and I share the same experience. Working in the Los Angeles film production industry might seem like a life fulfilling dream, but it can end up taking you down to nightmare town. He struggled with meth use for 25 years and tried everything in the book to fix the void in his soul. Nothing seemed to work, even working on Men in Black 2. Now 2 years clean, he's here to share how God "auto-corrected" his own path to...


S.2.E.4: Smokestack (Young Heroin & Weed Legal Trouble)

Zack aka "Smokestack" had it rough growing up with an abusive parent. When the D.A.R.E. program at school failed him, he turned to drugs and alcohol. That sparked his curiosity to try new things and lead straight into harder substances. Ultimately got him stuck in jails, institutions, and damn near death. But he's back with a new lease on life and to share his tale of how things worked out in a divine fashion. Please welcome to Recov hub Podcast, "PRHYMETYME" rapper extraordinaire,...


S.2.E.3: Jon Castro (Decade of Cocaine & Crack in New York)

All the way from the Bronx New York, we have our boy Jon Castro on the podcast! Life can be tough with a crack dealer as your head of the household. I mean, how can things not turn out magically for you? Right?! So being introduced to cocaine at an early age can be a sure-fire way to smooth sailing. He tried everything in the book to get back on the right track, even getting married to a Jehovah's Witness to stop his wretched ways. Now he is on the right track and here to share his hilarious...


S.2.E.2: Anderson (15 Years of Heroin & Alcohol Addiction)

Down on the bayou, they might call it "The Big Easy", but Anderson was sure hitting life pretty hard. Spending around 15 years in active addiction, he lost all hope on ever finding a way out. Even after getting shot in what was thought to be a gentleman's trade of drug, that still was not enough to convince him to quit his retched alcoholic ways. From once entering Silver Sands Recovery in Prescott, AZ as a client, he has recently become the man in charge of the facility, the "top dog" if...


S.2.E.1: Brendan Mcdonough (Holdfast Recovery Center/ Trauma & Addiction)

Welcome to Season 2 of the Recov hub Podcast! Our first guest, the living legend Brendan Mcdonough comes on to shine some light on the shadows of his famous past. "Homeward Bound" (on VHS) doesn't have sh*t on this guy's incredible journey. How many of you can say Hollywood made an A-list, multi-million dollar, theatrical IMAX release, epic movie about something tragic that happened to you in your life? A lot of us saw the movie "Only the Brave", but imagine having to live with those...



Talk about about getting dealt a bad hand of cards. Andrew was athlete that had everything going for him. One Valentine's Day, he took his girlfriend for a snowboard trip and ended up breaking his neck, paralyzing him from the chest down. He got addicted to the heavy pain medication the doctor's gave him, then ended up selling a large amount of a fentanyl-laced counterfeit version of the drug made from the Mexican cartel. Now he has turned his life around on a massive scale and is out to...



Detroit is a tough place to live, especially if you are addicted to pain meds and benzos. Tyrone got addicted to opiates the good old fashion way, a dentist appointment. For 8 years, he struggled to find a way to stay clean and battled a fierce addiction. He is now a proud, prominent member of society and a barber that can give you a mean fade. All the way from Michigan, please welcome Tyrone! PS: Stay away from Staples down in Phoenix. Support the show...



The NY Times said this episode was a "Laugh Riot." The man, the myth, the legend, Sean from Riverside, CA comes to tell us his extraordinary tale. From high speed pursuits, to befriending the Mexican Mafia, Sean has been through it all. Sobriety is a hard and painful road, but all comedy stems from tragedy. So let the healing begin! Join us on the next crazy adventure of the Recov hub Podcast! (Woop Woop) Support the show...


Sonia & I

For Sonia & I, it's been a rough road to say the least. Co-dependency, manipulating, and my drug addiction was a recipe for disaster. It made us stronger and brought us together closer than ever. We give some advice to struggling couples that are stuck in a toxic, co-dependent relationship and go into detail on how bad things actually got. Sometimes you need to separate to bring yourselves back together. Best friends/soul mates, Sonia and I break it down for you today on the next episode of...



When it comes to drinking and drugging, Seth had to learn the hard way that it wasn't the right way to go. After a casual night of partying, he got caught in a scuffle and ended up getting stabbed around a dozen times. He lives to tell the tale today on the next episode of Recov hub Podcast. Please welcome, Seth aka Lil Fitty (Cent)! Support the show (



Erica might as well face it, she was addicted to love...and alcohol. In treatment for alcoholism was not the worst of her problems. Deep down there was a need for validation by men (and women, we'll get to that part) and fear of abandonment. Alcohol was just a symptom of the real issue. Today we will try and dissect the difference between co-dependency and love addiction. We'll give it to you straight...ish. Please welcome our next special guest, Erica! Support the show...


Fireman Josh

It's a Christmas miracle! We wished upon a Christmas star and it came true! Josh is a Firefighter/ EMT that dealt with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from the active line of duty, which unfortunately lead to alcoholism. He has put together a foundation to help firefighters with the same struggles online, please visit "Living the Life of Riley" on Facebook for more information. Now come celebrate Christmas, Recov hub Podcast style, with our special holiday hunk, Josh! Support the show...


Mr. Donuts

From rags to riches and once a prominent member in the rap group G-Unit, Mr. Donuts had a rough life on the streets of New York. But with the success of G-Unit, the lights, fame and fortune, addiction slowly creeped into his life. He had a falling out with 50 Cent because he called Fif a bi**ch. Then he started slangin fire mixtapes out of the trunk of his car on college campuses. The streets of NY are hard, but its the life he chose. He finally put the mic down to tell his star-studded/...



Whitney (who also knows Eminem) takes a little trip down to Recov hub town to chat with us about what can happen to you from alcoholism. The party is always fun, until you get your ass some liver failure. She prevailed over cirrhosis and lives to tell the tale. You don't have to drink to be cool, sometimes ya just gotta get out there and make a few friends ya dingus. Which is exactly what she did today on our next episode. Recov hub Podcast would like to welcome our new friend,...


Lil Tanner

EP. X- Lil Tanner Special guest Chris stops by the podcast to tell us his tale. Once upon a time, in the mystical, enchanting land of 8-Mile, Christopher started a promising rap career under the alias "Lil Tanner." He is Eminem's forgotten son and struggled to make a name for himself under the tremendous, blinding, shadow of his father. Papa Mathers said he didn't love him anymore, so he decided to move out west. Finally telling his story, he has gone double platinum on his third studio...