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This is The Redeeming Productivity Show, where we talk about technology, techniques, and theology in the light of Scripture, to help Christians get more done and get it done like Christians. Hosted by Reagan Rose.

This is The Redeeming Productivity Show, where we talk about technology, techniques, and theology in the light of Scripture, to help Christians get more done and get it done like Christians. Hosted by Reagan Rose.


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This is The Redeeming Productivity Show, where we talk about technology, techniques, and theology in the light of Scripture, to help Christians get more done and get it done like Christians. Hosted by Reagan Rose.




RPS #33 — Productive in Paranoid Times: Chris Riser Interview

In this episode, I speak with Chris Riser, the pastor-teacher of Grace Community Church in Maryville, Tennessee. Chris is a guy who has spent a lot of time thinking about how productivity intersects with the Christian life. We talk about the relationship between sanctification and productivity as well as how technology can be a two-edged sword. Chris also has a ton of practical tips for staying organized that I think you’ll find really helpful.


RPS #32 — Carpe Quarantine

These are strange and concerning days. But even in calamity, there is an opportunity to glorify God. In this episode, I talk about how Christians can make the most of these evil days to redeem the time. This advice is especially geared toward those who are suddenly having to work from home for the first time. Links How to time block your dayhere’s an article in which I explain why all Christians should be optimists


RPS #31 — Tips for Making Daily Bible Reading a Habit

We all know habits are important for productivity. But the most important habit a productive Christian can have is the daily reading of God’s Word. In this episode, I share eight tips for making daily Bible reading a habit in your life. Links Text version of the 8 tips discussed in this episode.Bible reading plans


RPS #30 — The Craziness of Laziness

Our society likes to portray laziness as a laughable but excusable foible. The Scriptures, however, speak of laziness in far harsher tones. In this episode, I talk about just how ugly, shameful, and disgusting sloth is—especially in the life of believers. It’s only when we acknowledge just how horrible this sin of laziness is that we will put in the effort to mortify it in our lives. Links How to Stop Being So LazyPatreon


RPS #29 — Pick a Plan, Any Plan

In many situations being careful to create a thoughtful plan before taking the first step is very wise. But sometimes we can get caught up in planning when what we really need to do is just jump in and learn as we go. But how do we know when it’s better to count the cost, or just take the plunge? Links


RPS #28 — 6 New Habits I’m Trying

An important part of developing our productivity is experimenting and tweaking our systems and routines. So, in the spirit of that, I thought it’d be fun to share a few practical habits I’ve been trying lately and how they’ve been working for me so far. Links PatreonBest Books on Productivity for


RPS #27 — Personality Tests, Parenting, and Stewardship with Christa Threlfall

In this episode, I’m joined by Christa Threlfall. Christa is a pastor’s wife and mother of four. She is the author of Come to Jesus: What if God Designs Your Days to Keep You Running Back to Him? And Christa also runs the blog Brown Sugar Toast where she writes about life and faith in Jesus. We talk about her recent article, Personality Tests Don’t Excuse Your Sin, the high calling of parenthood, and being faithful to steward our gifts even in the midst of busyness. Links Personality...


RPS #26 — Take a Hike

In this week’s episode, we talk about the value of spending time alone in nature. With just how busy most of our lives are, it’s important for Christians deliberately set aside time to be in and appreciate God’s creation. A hike, short walk, or even just sitting for a few minutes in the fresh air affords us a unique opportunity to rest, refocus, and worship. Links This podcast episode is based in part on an article I wrote titled, The Christian Benefit of Solitude in Nature. If you...


RPS #25 — The Christian’s Clarifying Question

There’s a question that has the power to push away the fog of indecision. In this episode, Reagan shares how simply asking himself how he could best glorify God was the key to resolving one of the most difficult decisions of his life, and how that same question can help provide any believer with clarity in decisions big and small.


RPS #24 — Pursuing Maturity with Joe Barnard

In this episode, I am joined by Joe Barnard, the founder of Cross Training Ministries. Joe is also the author of, The Way Forward: A Roadmap of Spiritual Growth for Men in the 21st Century. Listen as Joe and I discuss discipleship and mentoring; the difference between checklists and maturity; and his latest book which aims to help Christian men get unstuck in their spiritual growth. Links The Way Forward: A Roadmap of Spiritual Growth for Men in the 21st CenturyCheck out the Cross...


RPS #23 – Your Phone is Your Frenemy

In this episode, Reagan talks about the complicated relationship most of us have with our smartphones. We love how our phones can make us more productive and give us instant access to information, but they can also be profoundly distracting. How can we make our phones useful without being mastered by them? Links Smartphones and Distraction: Sheathing the Double-Edged SwordBecome a Patreon supporter!


RPS #22 – The Meaning of Work with Dr. Dan Doriani

In this episode, I am joined by Dr. Dan Doriani, Vice President at Large at Covenant Theological Seminary. We discuss the theology of work, calling, and his latest book, Work: Its Purpose, Dignity, and Transformation Links Work: Its Purpose, Dignity, and TransformationDr. Doriani’s articles and videos on The Gospel Coalitionbecoming a Patreon supporter


RPS #21 – 10 Commandments of New Year’s Resolutions

In this episode, I offer 10 resolutions that every believer should consider adding to their 2020 list. The over-arching goal of all of these resolutions is to honor Christ even more in the new year in how we steward all that He has entrusted to us. Links Episode 6 – interview with Drew Dyck on the subject of disciplinePatreon


RPS #20 – Making Christ Known through Filmmaking with Matthew Robinson

In this episode, I’m joined by Matthew Robinson, Director of Media Gratiae. Matt and his team produce high-quality Christian documentaries, and their latest project Puritan: All of Life to the Glory of God is a beautifully done exploration of what it looked like when the Puritans began pressing Reformations principles into every aspect of life. Matt and I talk about drawing inspiration from Christians of the past to understand how we might live lives that glorify God today, how he goes from...

RPS #19 – How to Behave Like a Christian on the Internet

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about what it looks like to be a Christian on the internet—how our online interactions represent Christ. Obviously, there are a lot of bad examples, but I started wondering what it might look like if we intentionally tried to act as good examples of how we behave on the internet. Links If you enjoy this show and would like to consider supporting it, head on over to our Patreon page.


RPS #18 – Interview with Nate Pickowicz

In this week’s episode, I talk with Nate Pickowicz. Nate is the pastor of Harvest Bible Church in Gilmanton, New Hampshire. And he is the author of several books including Reviving New England and Why We’re Protestant. He has also edited several works by American Puritans including his latest, The Faithful and Wise Servant: Fidelity in Pastoral Ministry which is a distillation of Reverend Isaac Smith’s sermons on spiritual leadership. Our discussion traverses a variety of topics including...


RPS #17 – Prayer and the Productive Christian

What if I told you that Christians had exclusive access to the ultimate productivity weapon? I’m talking about prayer—the fact that believers have access to the Almighty is an almost unbelievable boon to our ability to get things done. Sadly, most believers neglect prayer. That needs to change. Today, I give you three reasons why every productive Christian should be a praying Christian. Links Start Your Own Podcast with CastosHow I Use Notion


RPS #16 – Rebinding Bibles to the Glory of God with Jeffery Rice

In this episode, I am joined by Jeff Rice, one-half of the team behind Post Tenebras Lux Bible Rebinding. Jeff and his wife, Katherine, started their Bible rebinding business in 2017 out of Middle Tennessee and have been churning out extremely high-quality work ever since. Jeff and I talk about his amazing testimony, the value of hard work, and personal calling. Links Post Tenebras Lux Bible Rebinding WebsitePTL Facebook Page


RPS #15 – Essential Ingredients of a Great Morning Routine

What you do in the morning sets the tone for the rest of the day. In this episode, I talk about the bare minimum requirements of a Christian’s morning routine. And while everyone’s morning will look a little different, these principles will help guide you in creating a morning routine that gets you oriented, organized, and ready to obey the Lord throughout your day. This week’s episode is brought to you by both of my Patreon supporters (one of whom is my Mom). If you too are proud of the...


RPS #14 – Tim Challies Interview

In this week’s episode, I am joined by Tim Challies, who for the past 15 years has been posting daily at the incredibly popular Christian blog Tim has also written several books including Do More Better: A Practical Guide to Productivity. In this interview, we cover a variety of topics including calling, blogging, daily routines, and honoring Christ with our work even when facing health-related limitations. Links Challies.comDo More Better: A Practical Guide to...