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Talking occultism, psi, history and culture. Coming to you from sunny west London!

Talking occultism, psi, history and culture. Coming to you from sunny west London!


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Talking occultism, psi, history and culture. Coming to you from sunny west London!




Talking Shamanism, Animism & Community Building | Langston Kahn

This week, we welcome back to the show good friend and one of our most popular returning guests, Langston Kahn. Langston is a shaman, educator and community leader. And now he can also add author to that list, because he joins us today on the occasion of the launch of his excellent first book, Deep Liberation: Shamanic Tools For Reclaiming Wholeness In A Culture Of Trauma. Show Notes Deep Liberation: Get the bookLangston's website Free online book launch party and on January 19th...


Talking Music, Ceremony & Psychedelic Assisted Therapy | Tania de Jong AM

This week, we welcome to the show Tania de Jong. Tania is a soprano, social entrepreneur, business woman, professional speaker and member of the Order of Australia among many other things. She has also founded several highly successful charities that have brought thousands of people together to heal through music and singing. Tania’s most recent charity is Mind Medicine Australia, which is helping to bring psychedelics into the fields of mental health and social well being. A great chat for...


New Year's Special with Conner Habib

Cometh the hour, cometh the traditional new year special guest! Conner Habib joins us once again for a 2020 retrospective and a deep and thoughtful engagement with 2021: Politics, health, agency, meaning, desire. All that great stuff. This was a livestreamed discussion so you can download the audio version here or watch along over on the YouTube channel. Enjoy! Show Notes Patreon for Conner's podcast, Against Everyone with Conner Habib.Conner on Twitter


Solo Show - Recapitulation

A brief solo show this month to finish up our accidental series on time with a practical technique you can use to move forward into 2021 with greater coherence and optimism. Have a wonderful Christmas and I will see you on January 2nd at 3pm New York time when we return with a live recording of Conner Habib and my traditional new year's episode. Click through to YouTube and hit the bell icon. (Members and patrons can join the call live.)


H1 2021 Astrological Forecast | Austin Coppock

Cometh the hour, cometh the astrologer! This week, we welcome back Austin Coppock for a super-sized discussion of the first half of 2021, followed by a spirited Q&A session with the members and patrons who joined us. We also kick the show off with Rev. Danny Nemu who explains this year's decolonising Christmas fundraiser, which is for a Brazilian reforestation project with at least one twist. Enjoy! (Note: This is a video discussion. The replay is available at YouTube or...


Talking Mythic Time | Swapcast with The Heart is a Cauldron

Another swapcast for you this week! With the amazing Kathryn Fink -coach, healer, magical practitioner and host of The Heart is a Cauldron. We talk about mythic time, breaking time, how time tries to break you, decolonisation and a return to right relation. Great stuff. Super fun conversation. Show Notes The Heart is a Cauldron podcast pageThe Heart is a Cauldron on PatreonKathryn's coaching pageKathryn on Instagram


Talking Lenormand, Fortune Telling and Deck Design | Ryan Edward

This week we welcome to the show Ryan Edward. Ryan is an artist, designer and deck creator. In fact he is responsible for one of my favourite Lenormand decks, the Maybe Lenormand. He joins us today to talk us through the process of deck creation, how design informs fortune telling function, the story of the Lenormand cards through time, the difference between divination and fortune telling and what it was like growing up in a funeral home. Super fun chat. Show Notes Get the Maybe...


Talking Creativity, Tarot and Ayahuasca | Lucy Delics

This week, we are joined by artist and adventurer, Lucy Delics. Originally from England, Lucy has lived all over the world and currently lives in the Cusco area of the Peruvian Andes where she created The Visionary Path Tarot. Lucy joins us today to talk about finding one's creative voice, making art with plant medicines, healing personal and ancestral traumas and living in Peru. Great stuff! Show Notes Get The Visionary Path Tarot.Lucy and her husband's website and blogLucy on Instagram


Talking Skepticism and Theories of Mind | Mitch Horowitz and Richard Smoley

This week, adding to our growing number of triple-header interviews, we welcome back to the show Mitch Horowitz and welcome to the show for the first time Richard Smoley. Mitch, as regular listeners would be aware, is a public intellectual and occult historian with an expertise in New Thought. Richard is a writer, editor and public speaker specialising in esoteric thought. He is the author of numerous books including the classic (and one of my personal favourites) The Dice Game of...


Talking Platonism, Whitehead and Panpsychism | Matthew D. Segall

This week we are joined by philosopher, professor and speaker, Matt Segall. We discuss Platonism vs Neoplatonism, theories of mind and the natural world, and how it is we can or might know anything at all. A really rich and thought-provoking conversation. Show Notes Matt's website, Footnotes to PlatoMatt's YouTube channelMatt on Twitter


Talking Sanctuary, Fugitive Spaces and Post-Activism | Dr Bayo Akomolafe

This week, we welcome to the show Dr Bayo Akomolafe. Bayo is a psychologist, educator and philosopher working and playing principally in the fields of decoloniality and ecology. He joins us today for a very special episode to celebrate the culmination of the premium member course on Custodianship, to talk about making sanctuary, fugitive spaces and post activism. "What if the way we respond to crisis is part of the crisis?" Show Notes Bayo Akomolafe's website Bayo's essay, The Allegory...


Talking Cartomancy and Homesteading | Coffee and Divination Swapcast

Another swapcast this week, with the lovely Joanna Farrer of Coffee and Divination. We talk to each other about our shared love of tarot: where it began, when it began, best approaches, that sort of thing. And we also talk about homesteading and navigating right relation with both land and home spirits. Two of my very favourite things. Oh, and if you're reading this in your podcatcher, I should tell you we did this as a video recording. Show Notes Coffee and DivinationJoanna Farrer's...


How To Be With This Moment | Chiron Armand

The one and only Khi Armand returns to the show this week with some medicine for our extremely challenging times. What lessons are we being invited to learn? What sort of healing might be available in this moment and no other? What kinds of Ceremony are best for now? Really good stuff. Also some travel stories and 30 Rock. Because that totally counts as being with this moment. Show Notes Chiron's blog and website, Impact ShamanismChiron on TwitterChiron on Instagram Chiron's Amazon...


Breathe Together | Solo Show

An unusual solo show this week. We have an introduction from me and then it's a recording of a classic Michael Parenti lecture, Conspiracy and Class Power, which you can also find in the show notes. Speaking of show notes, they're rather extensive everywhere but YouTube, and best found at the actual post page. Show Notes Firstly, the rest of the 'series' in which this show would reside, were it a post. How you play is what you win.Hypostasis of the farmers.The nightingale of eternal...


Gebser, Integral Consciousness and Being with this Moment: Rune Soup Roundtable

This week, we continue to play with some novel show formats. I am joined by three of the conveners of the upcoming Nura Learning course, Cohering the Radical Present: Integral Consciousness in Daily Life. We have two first time guests: And one returning guest: The subjects under discussion today fall entirely under staying with the trouble: how to, why to, and who best to show us. Really good, important stuff. Show Notes Cohering the Radical Present: Integral Consciousness in Daily...


Talking The Invisibles, Metaphor and Creativity | JDO Show Swapcast

Keeping the swapcast train rolling this week, we are joined by author and fellow podcaster (obviously), J. David Osborne. David is the author of multiple novels and is a fellow superfan of Grant Morrison's The Invisibles. Who better, then, to talk about the series' heightened value in These Capitalised Times, as well as the role of creativity in responding to and thriving in eras of unrest? A super enjoyable conversation! Show Notes Listen to The JDO Show and No Country hereFollow J....


Accelerationism, Meaning and Exit | Rune Soup Hermitix Swapcast

Something a little different this week. I am both the guest and the host in today on today's episode. And fellow podcaster, James from Hermitix, is himself both guest and host. We talk about and through accelerationism, the state of various discourses, what to do when doing anything makes everything worse, where (and how?) to find meaning in These Capitalised Times and whether or not an exit is even possible. Show Notes Hermitix PodcastHermitix on PatreonJames on TwitterJames's course,...


The Nightingale Of Eternal Meaning | Solo Show

Trying something a little different with this month's solo show. We're putting a couple of 20th century American thinkers in dialogue around the topic of stories, meaning and what makes a life significant. Show Notes The Myth of Redemptive ViolenceWhat Makes A Life Significant


Talking The Regenerative Life | Carol Sanford

Thought leader, speaker and innovator, Carol Sanford, joins the show this week. We discuss indigenous thinking, metaphor, and her latest book, The Regenerative Life: Transform Any Organization, Our Society, and Your Destiny. A fascinating and eye-opening discussion. Show Notes The Regenerative Life: Transform Any Organization, Our Society, and Your Destiny.Carol's websiteCarol's articles on MediumCarol's first appearance on Making Permaculture Stronger.Carol's second appearance on Making...


Talking Miracle Habits | Mitch Horowitz

One of our most popular guests returns to the show this week. Mitch is an historian, speaker, public intellectual, editor and author. He joins us today to talk about his latest book, The Miracle Habits: The Secret of Turning Your Moments Into Miracles. We talk about focus, vitality, how best to use money and the destructive power of gossip among many other topics. There’s even a bit about Tucker Carlson. Enjoy. Show Notes The Miracle Habits: The Secret of Turning Your Moments Into...