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Talking occultism, psi, history and culture. Coming to you from sunny west London!

Talking occultism, psi, history and culture. Coming to you from sunny west London!


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Talking occultism, psi, history and culture. Coming to you from sunny west London!




Talking C.G. Jung: The Man And His Most Important Ideas with Gary Lachman

In the last of the in-person London recordings, we welcome the one and only Gary Lachman back to the show. This time, we deep dive on Jung as a person and then attempt to parse his most important ideas. In many respects, today's show turned out to be extra-timely. Now, more than ever, we require an urgent inward turn. Enjoy! (You will also find just the video discussion at Show Notes Gary's websiteGary on Twitter


Talking Thai Magic and Astrology | Jenx

The one and only Peter Jenkins returns to the show on the occasion of the release of the third and final book in his Thai occultism saga, The Thai Occult Appendix. In this episode we talk more about spirit houses and why you should think twice about installing them, angels in Thai occultism, Thai astrology, cave spirits and the Thai animist version of the story of a wacky billionaire and some trapped school boys. Very good stuff. Enjoy! Show Notes The Thai Occult websiteThe Thai Occult...


Talking Witchcraft and Magic Books | Dr Christina Oakley Harrington

This week, we sit down in-person with medieval historian, author and public speaker, Christina Oakley Harrington. Christina is the proprietor of the world-famous Treadwell's Books in London so, of course, we talk about magic books and the role of the bookstore in the twenty first century. We also talk about growing up amongst African and Southeast Asian spirit customs, mystic medieval women, Gardnerian witchcraft and a lot more. Enjoy! Show Notes Treadwell's BooksTreadwell's on...


Pattern Logic | Solo Show | 200th Episode

A very special solo show this week, talking about pattern logic and cycle models. Not much to share in terms of show notes, but the post page at Rune Soup has some additional images.


Talking Ecology, Climate and Hope | Charles Eisenstein

This week, we welcome to the show philosopher and public intellectual, Charles Eisenstein. Charles is the author of a number of important books including Sacred Economics and The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible. He joins us today to talk about his most recent book, Climate: A New Story. Along the way we tackle many challenging and thorny topics, such as solutionism, polarisation, despair and how to best think with our ecological crisis so that we may return to...


Talking the Dreamtime and Understanding Country | Munya Andrews

This week we welcome to the show speaker, educator, lawyer, anthropologist, activist and Bardi woman, Munya Andrews. Munya joins us for an exploration of the concepts in her book, Journey into Dreamtime, as well as related notions in ecology, politics and philosophy. Excellent stuff! Show Notes Munya's website, Evolve CommunitiesMunya's book, Journey into Dreamtime.Munya's webinar on The Dreamtime


Talking An Excellent Booke | Dr Alexander Cummins

Dr Al Cummins returns to the show to talk about his upcoming publication, An Excellent Booke of the Arte of Magick -a 16th century English grimoire written by colonial explorers and navigators, Sir Humphrey Gilbert and John Davis. Along the way we talk necromancy, spirits and Empire, and scrying. A superb chat. Show Notes Preorder page for An Excellent BookeAl's websiteAl's Instagram


Talking Microdosing, Placebo and Agency | Vince Polito

Cognitive science researcher, Vince Polito, joins us this week to speak about microdosing, psychedelics in a clinical setting, and the direction and implications of this sort of work for our understanding of the human mind. School is in! Except this time I am paying attention. Show Notes Vince's websiteVince on Twitter Vince's microdosing study Classic psychedelics: An integrative review of epidemiology, therapeutics, mystical experience, and brain network function And finally, Gordon's...


Talking Your 2020 Mindset | Conner Habib

The one and only Conner Habib returns for our traditional New Years discussion. Necromancy, witchcraft and whiteness, manufactured outrage, dialectical materialism and how to free yourself from the clutches of neoliberalism. Just what the time of year called for! Show Notes Conner on PatreonConner on TwitterLynn Margulis episode of Against Everyone.


Talking The Books of St Cyprian | José Leitão

For our Christmastide special, José Leitão returns to the show. He joins us to talk about the imminent release of his latest book, Opuscula Cypriani, folk magic and witchcraft in Portugal, and all things St Cyprian. Splendid stuff. Show Notes Preorder Opuscula Cypriani.José on PatreonJosé on AcademiaJosé's presentation in Kiev


Talking Brexit's Aeonics and Archetypes | Paul Weston

This week, we have a very special (emergency?) edition of Storytime with Paul. Glastonbury psychogeographer extraordinaire, Paul Weston, returns to the show to talk through some of the mythic, archetypal and historic resonances to the recent British election and the looming inevitability of Brexit. Great stuff, as ever. Show Notes Paul's website and toursPaul's YouTube channelPaul on Twitter


H1 2020 Astrological Forecast | Austin Coppock

It's that time of half-year again! This is the audio-only version of the H1 2020 live video forecast. You can also watch the replay and/or donate to the Christmas fundraiser here. Enjoy!


Talking Tantra, Baphomet and Chakras | Phil Hine

The one and only Phil Hine joins us this week for a wide-ranging discussion on tantra, magical experimentation, the history and proper understanding of chakras, the benefits of terrorising yourself and what he has learned over a metaphysical career spanning more than 35 years. Enjoy! Show Notes Hine's Varieties: Chaos and BeyondEnfolding.orgPhil on Twitter Singing to the Goddess: Poems to Kali and Uma from Bengal A Poem at the Right Moment: Remembered Verses from Premodern South India...


Talking Creation, Faërie and Facing 2020 | Dr Becca Tarnas

Return of the Queen! The one and only Becca Tarnas joins us again as we dive deeper than ever before into Tolkien's notion of Faërie, Middle Earth's Creation story, and how the man himself understood creative acts. And, because we are almost at the end of the year, we take what we have learned from this journey into Middle Earth and transform it into some guidelines and inspiration for facing 2020 with our minds on hope and mutual flourishing. Show Notes Journey to the Imaginal Realm: A...


Talking Magic and Fiction | The Invisibles and Providence | Christopher Knowles

This week, the one and only Christopher Knowles returns to the show for amazing mega-discussion around the macro subject of writing about magic, how writing is magic and generally 'magic and this thing we call fiction'. The principal texts we use to frame this chat are Grant Morrison's legendary series, The Invisibles, and Alan Moore's Providence. Both of these you can read in their entirety for free by following the links in the Show Notes. Super fun stuff. Show Notes The Secret...


Halloween Special: Talking Spirits and Ouija | Mitch Horowitz

Season of the Mitch! This week, we are very excited to welcome back author, speaker and historian, Mitch Horowitz to the show. Being Halloween, we explore why this occult revival might be different, we look at the history of Spiritualism, we swap adolescent Ouija board stories and finish off with a little, light Satanism. Excellent stuff. Happy Halloween, all! Show Notes Mitch's websiteMitch on Twitter The Miracle Club


Talking Plant Spirits, Scientism and Colonialism | Danny Nemu

The reverend Danny Nemu returns to the show for a fiery and important chat about neocolonialism, plant spirits, modern medicine, ancient medicine, spirit logic and all that very good stuff. Be sure to check out the show notes for the presentation that inspired our discussion. Enjoy! Show Notes Prejudice and Neo-colonialism in the Academic study of AyahuascaDanny's website Danny's book, Neuro-ApocalypseDanny on Twitter


Talking Dionysian Mystery Cults | Peter Mark Adams

Author and researcher, Peter Mark Adams, returns to the show this week to discuss his latest book, Mystai. Along the way we talk orphism, mystery traditions, visuality and the shortcomings of materialist archaeology. Show Notes Get Mystai: Dancing Out The Mysteries of Dionysus.launch of Mystai at Treadwell'sPeter's websitePeter on Twitter


Utopian Utopiain't - Imaginal Response Ability | Solo Show

This month's solo show returns to the notion of utopia and our imaginal-relational opportunities. Stay with that trouble, kids. Show Notes Story Telling For Earthly SurvivalHope in Common


Talking Tarot and Astrology | Camelia Elias

Camelia Elias makes a very welcome return to the show this week, on the occasion of the launch of two new books, What is Not: Marseille Tarot à La Carte and Divination with Cards: A Short History. We also talk about meaning versus function, meaning in astrology and new ways to approach all the interpretive arts. An absolutely fantastic show. It's good to be back! Show Notes What is Not: Marseille Tarot à La CarteDivination with Cards: A Short HistoryLenormand Foundation ClassCamelia's...