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Reaching back, leaning in and seeking out a deeper experience with God. Go deeper with your host Joil Marbut

Reaching back, leaning in and seeking out a deeper experience with God. Go deeper with your host Joil Marbut


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Reaching back, leaning in and seeking out a deeper experience with God. Go deeper with your host Joil Marbut




Journey through the Gospels #10 Mark 3

As a follower of Christ is it ever wrong to do what's right? In this episode, we pull back the curtain on the Pharisees' hypocrisy as we continue to journey through the Gospel of Mark. We will reach back to the voices of church history and see that it is always the right time to do the right things.


Journey through the Gospels #9 Mark 2: 23-28

Are you sedating your pain with leisure instead of healing yourself with a true Sabbath rest? In this episode, we explore the importance of entering into true obedience that leads to the recharging of the soul and physical rest. From the beginning of creation until our current chaotic reality few things have remained the same, but one is constant, the Sabbath was created for us. Lean in and be challenged as we continue to journey through the Gospels.


Journey through the Gospels #8 Mark 2:18-22

Have you become dry or hardened in your spiritual life or as Jesus warned, are you an "old Wineskin"? In this episode, we will look at the ways that can become a reality in each of our lives and we search for the remedy for those who want to stay alive and renewed in their spiritual experience. Come to the table as we reach back and lean in as we go deeper with God.


Journey through the Gospels #7 Mark 2:13-17

"Jesus Friend of Sinners" may mean more than you think. In this episode we will lean into our text in the Gospel of Mark and see that Jesus was much more than a friend to the sinners he met, he was truly their savior. All while performing his greatest miracle of creation, turning sinners into saints.


Journey through the Gospels #6 Mark 2:1-12

In this episode of Sage Spirituality, found out if you are a great pretender. We will lean into our Gospel text and see how we can make our faith visible and apparent not only to others but to God.


Journey through the Gospels #5 Mark 1:35-45

Have you ever felt trapped by "Yes"? Many Christians feel like "Yes" is the only answer they can give but in this episode, we learn from Jesus' example that both "Yes" and "No" can be valid answers that bring glory to God.


Journey through the Gospels #4. Mark 1:16-34

Why is our hearing not in sync with our doing? We know what we are supposed to do, what God wants us to do, yet we pause. Some pause for a moment and others for a lifetime. How do we shorten the response between hearing and doing? How do we become immediate in our obedience to the Lord? We will turn to the teachings of Jesus to find a formula that will do just that, let's reach back and lean during this life-changing episode of Sage Spirituality.


Journey through the Gospels #3. Mark 1:14-15

"Repent and believe" formed a two-part equation that was at the heart of Jesus' preaching. Yet somehow over time, in some circles of the church, it has been reduced to simply "believe. If you have never truly reached the point of repentance you are missing half of the equation. What is repentance? Why does it matter to you? What should you do about it? In this episode, we lean into the text and reach back into church history for insight and inspiration.


Journey through the Gospels #2. Mark 1:12-13

Are you running away from what you should be running towards? In this episode of Sage Spirituality, we will walk away from the noise and into the solitude of the Wilderness with Jesus. It is there that we find truth; Our True God, Our True Enemy, and Our True Self.


Journey through the Gospels #1. Mark 1:1-11

Join Sage Spirituality as we journey through the Gospels with an in-depth focus on the life of Jesus. In this episode, we dive into the book of Mark 1: 1-11 where John the Baptist announces Jesus's ministry and we are formally introduced to the Trinity. This amazing day in history will serve as our stepping off point in our journey towards our Savior.


Storms are coming!

We are either in a storm, coming out of a storm, or about to drive into a storm. These storms are the trials of life, we can go or grow through them. The decision is ours.


The Two" If's"

In this episode of Sage Spirituality, we learn to discern the "If" of the enemy and the "If" of our Savior. Our lives depend on which one we respond to.


Even in your pain there is a plan

2020 has been a year filled with pain, anxiety, and at least some form of suffering for almost everyone. We would do good to consider the current reality with the trials of Jesus' disciples. Even when they were filled with doubt and left scratching their heads and questioning the situation, they learned that God was in control and actually had a plan. Join us at Sage Spirituality as we reach back into the final days of our Savior's life and realize that things haven't changed as much as we...


Hope or Hate? It depends on what you are looking for...

This time of the year we turn our eyes toward the advent of what God has promised to do. No matter how dark or challenging, we can choose to lean in and hear the music that is playing around us. Take time during this season to see the beauty of what God is doing in our midst and to renew your hope.


Breaking up the fallow ground.

In this episode, we reach back in church history to a time where revival seemed unlikely. A time filled with social and cultural divide. When towns and cities all had churches, but those churches were dead. Yet something happened when a young preacher began to "break ou the fallow ground" of his own personal life, a revival started that shook the entire nation. It could start with you if you are willing to take a long look at your life.


You say you want a revival? Start with yourself!

In this episode we tackle the first steps that Charles Finney laid out for revival. It can’t reach “them” until it reaches you.


Corona-Quarantine Live Cast #9. "Shaken to Renewal"

In this episode of Sage Spirituality we will be looking at what God is doing through the Corona Virus outbreak. It is more life giving than you can imagine.


Corona-Quarantine Live Cast #8. "Is God Simply Your Accomplice?"

This week Sage Spirituality focuses on the message hidden in a rather obscure novel by a missionary hero that leads us to ask, "Is God truly God or is He simply an accomplice to your plan?" Let's reach back and lean in as we continue to grow together in our spiritual life.


Corona-Quarantine Live Cast #7 "All Will be Well"

In this episode we endeavor to introduce you to Julian of Norwich and her inspirational story of growth while passing through tremendous doubts and great suffering. We will either emerge from our Coronavirus caves better or worse, but we will not emerge unchanged.


Corona-Quarantine Live Cast #6. Enough is Enough

God is attempting to get your attention. Are you willing to say, "Enough is enough"? The quarantine is a place that He is using to prepare you for a revival that will begin in your own home.