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Join Rabbi Yoshi Zweiback as he talks with an eclectic variety of thinkers, artists, and change-makers about their experiences (Jewish or otherwise) and their own search for meaning and purpose in their lives.

Join Rabbi Yoshi Zweiback as he talks with an eclectic variety of thinkers, artists, and change-makers about their experiences (Jewish or otherwise) and their own search for meaning and purpose in their lives.
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Join Rabbi Yoshi Zweiback as he talks with an eclectic variety of thinkers, artists, and change-makers about their experiences (Jewish or otherwise) and their own search for meaning and purpose in their lives.








Search for Meaning with Mark Spitz and Rabbi Yoshi

Legendary Olympic Swimmer Mark Spitz met with Rabbi Yoshi to discuss his amazing story of perseverence and hard work that led to his becoming an icon for generations of athletes (and many more). From his childhood to his swimming career and his present work in documenting Holocaust stories, Spitz discusses his heritage and its impact on everything he has accomplished.


Search for Meaning with Charlie Fox and Rabbi Yoshi

It's hard to pinpoint what songwriter and composer Charlie Fox is best known for: his TV theme songs have been household presences for decades ("Happy Days," "Laverne and Shirley," "The Love Boat"), "Killing Me Softly" is a legendary, iconic hit for Roberta Flack, and his orchestral music has been performed all over the world. For Wise, he has composed an incredible number of pieces that will be an everlasting part of the Wise musical legacy. In this wide-ranging discussion, he and Rabbi...


Search for Meaning with Victor Pineda and Rabbi Yoshi

Documentarian Dr. Victor Pineda spoke with Rabbi Yoshi about his incredible story traveling the world as an activist and advocate for disability rights—he has 12 bends in his body due to a yet-unnamed muscular disorder. In the film "12 Bends," and in his discussion with Rabbi Yoshi, Dr. Pineda speaks about navigating a world that was not built for him or those like him.


Search for Meaning with Robert Shapiro and Rabbi Yoshi

After the tragic loss of their son Brent in 2005, Robert and Linell Shapiro decided that they could not sit idly by: instead, they formed the Brent Shapiro Foundation for Drug Prevention to help thousands of families avoid the pain that they had suffered. In the latest episode of Search for Meaning, Rabbi Yoshi talks with Robert about the Foundation's mission and increasing success in helping kids remain drug-free into adulthood.


Search for Meaning with Amanda Maddahi, Arya Marvazy, and Rabbi Yoshi

When Rabbi Yoshi met Amanda Maddahi and Arya Marvazy of JQ International, Los Angeles' premier LGBTQ+ Jewish organization, he knew he wanted to learn more about their stories. Listen in as they discuss their friendship, advocacy for the LGBTQ+ community in LA, and how creating an inclusive, welcoming, supportive environment can truly change the world one person at a time.


Transcendence Now: Rabbi Yoshi's Yom Kippur Sermon

In his Yom Kippur sermon, "Transcendence Now," Rabbi Yoshi Zweiback teaches us the many ways we can respond to antisemitism; reminds us of the importance of friends and allies within our community and also outside of it; and inspires us to know that together, we can all unite to end not only antisemitism but bigotry and hatred in all of its forms.


Search for Meaning with Saba Soomekh and Rabbi Yoshi

It has been 40 years since the Iranian Revolution that changed the landscape in both Iran and the United States--even more particularly in Los Angeles. Rabbi Yoshi and UCLA Professor Saba Soomekh sit down to discuss the cultural impact of the Persian community on Los Angeles (and vice-versa) in advance of their upcoming three-part course on the topic.


Search for Meaning with Daniel Wordsworth and Rabbi Yoshi

Daniel Wordsworth, CEO of Alight (formerly American Refugee Committee), sits down with Rabbi Yoshi for a conversation about how an abundance of human kindness can truly reshape the world. In this inspiring discussion, Daniel recounts numerous stories of how he has witnessed individuals making a difference by helping others: and how we can tap into that same extraordinary power ourselves.


Search for Meaning with Cantor Nathan Lam, Cantor Emma Lutz, and Rabbi Yoshi

Cantor Nathan Lam had an ambitious dream: create a new machzor (High Holy Days prayer book) that would be unique and special to the Stephen Wise Temple community. Once Wise Senior Rabbi Yoshi Zweiback and Cantor Emma Lutz became parts of the equation, the inspiring trio made great happen. Hear the story, trials, tribulations, and triumphs that led to Sha'ar HaShamayim ("Gates of Heaven") becoming a reality.


Search for Meaning with Artie Butler and Rabbi Yoshi

Legendary songwriter Artie Butler wrote or arranged some of your absolute favorite hits from the past six decades of rock n' roll... and lucky for us, he sat down with his close friend Rabbi Yoshi Zweiback to talk about his thrilling career and how he almost became a chazzan!


Search for Meaning with Rabbi Joseph Telushkin and Rabbi Yoshi

In preparation for the High Holy Days, Rabbi Yoshi speaks with noted scholar Rabbi Joseph Telushkin about spirituality and the power of ritual and making meaning in our daily lives.


Search for Meaning with Stacy Rukeyser and Rabbi Yoshi

Award-winning writer/producer Stacy Rukeyser, showrunner for the Emmy-nominated Lifetime series "UnREAL," sits down with Rabbi Yoshi to speak about her career, her connection to Judaism, and the importance of women's voices in the Hollywood heirarchy.


Search for Meaning with Harvey Kubernik, Hal Lifson, and Rabbi Yoshi

Music writers and journalists Harvey Kubernik and Hal Lifson chat with Rabbi Yoshi about Woodstock as it approaches the 50th anniversary of the festival that changed everything. Learn what set these three days apart from other similar concerts during the late 60s; what was happening in Los Angeles during that same summer; and why Dylan was a no-show.


Search for Meaning with Mayor John Mirisch and Rabbi Yoshi

Rabbi Yoshi recently sat down with Mayor John Mirisch of Beverly Hills for a discussion about governing with Jewish values and creating inclusive, diverse communities.


Search for Meaning with Tamar and Phil Koosed and Rabbi Yoshi

Tamar and Phil Koosed are the co-founders of Save the Syrian Children, an organization that collects and ships desperately-needed medical supplies and clothing to refugees of the violence in Syria. Rabbi Yoshi speaks with them regarding their mission and what drives them to make meaningful change in the world.


Search for Meaning with Paula Vogel and Rabbi Yoshi

Rabbi Yoshi talks with Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Paula Vogel about her personal Jewish journey and the development of her play "Indecent," on stage at the Ahmanson Theatre, Los Angeles in Summer 2019.