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Weekly preaching and teaching audio brought to you by Liberty Baptist Church

Weekly preaching and teaching audio brought to you by Liberty Baptist Church


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Weekly preaching and teaching audio brought to you by Liberty Baptist Church






The Call to Counter Culture

We should be concerned about the culture of our world and its effect on our lives. Listen as Dr. Martin explains how finding your identity in Christ alone enables you to live your biblical values with integrity and consistency.


Dual Dangers, Part 1

We need divine insight into the “indicators and warnings” of impending danger in our spiritual lives. Listen as Dr. Martin explains Jesus' concern of spiritual amnesia and forgetfulness in our walk with the Lord.


Gracious Learning Leads to Gracious Living

Grace is our teacher, and the lessons of grace well learned by the church results in gracious living. Listen as Pastor Martin explains how grace generates and motivates godly living.


God Saves Sinners

In the vision of Isaiah, God has spoken! Why? Because he wants to save us from idols. Listen as Dr. Martin invites you into the divine interruption of Isaiah's vision to see how God saves sinners.


Walking on the Good Path

Christians are to be people who live by timeless truths and eternal values. Listen in as Dr. Joe Martin explains how we can take three actions to help us find and stay on the good path with God.


Grace Sets the Church in Order

Each person in the church has been given responsibilities to help one another. Together, they must do their part, but their efforts will lack power, focus, and direction if attempted without the grace of God. Listen as Pastor Martin explains that if you want the church to be set in order then we all must apply three aspects of God’s grace.


The Blessings of Banding Together

God desires for us to experience his purpose together with others. Listen as Pastor Martin issues a call to action for us to band together in greater unity for the glory of God, the good of the church, and the cause of Christ!


The O'Hana of God

O'Hana means family. As believers, we have received the spirit of adoption, and we are apart of God's family. Listen as Dr. Martin explains how to show love and support to others within the church as the O'Hana of God.


Community Grace: Wisdom for the Younger Generation

Only the most mature Christians have a sense that personal investment in others is the key to developing a healthy, mature church. Listen as Dr. Martin explains what aspects of spiritual growth must be taught to the young men and women in the church.


Armed for Battle with Prayer

The Christian soldier fights on his knees! Those who would engage in spiritual warfare, regardless of how well they wear truth and righteousness and faith and salvation, regardless of how well they are grounded in peace, regardless of how well they wield the Word, must make prayer the first thing. Listen as Dr. Martin explains how to make prayer a realistic practice in your life.


The Feast of Great Faith

The gospel prepares the greatest feast of grace, and it is prepared to be served to anyone who would come to the table. Listen as Dr. Martin explains the great faith of a person least likely to come to Jesus and learn what faith looks like in real life.


Community Grace for the Mature Generation

The Bible gives instructions for personal conduct directed to all classes of persons in the church, regardless of age, gender, or station. Only the most mature Christians have a sense of personal investment in regular fellowship, disciplined worship, and church community life. Listen as Dr. Martin explains to the mature Christians how they can effect the lives of those around them in lasting ways.


Armed for Battle with the War Boots and Shield of Faith

Christians armed with peace and faith will be able to stand strong in the day of spiritual battle. Dr. Martin explains the applications of prayer and trust for victory over temptation.


The Damage of Wrong Actions

Though God does not accept or reject us on the basis of our works, he remains concerned about our actions. Listen as Dr. Martin explains that if our deeds do not conform to the gracious character of our God, then we deny his nature and deny ourselves the opportunity to serve him.


Feeding the "Dogs"

Our Lord Jesus will fill his messianic banquet table with all who are willing to come to him for sustenance. Dr. Martin explains the encounter between Jesus and the Canaanite woman and helps us understand the importance of inviting everyone to know the Lord Jesus Christ.


Armed for Battle with the Sword of the Spirit

When we take up God’s Word to fight spiritual warfare, we have the best weapon for defensive and offensive battle in spiritual warfare. Listen as Dr. Martin explains how to incorporate the Scriptures into your life.


How's Your Heart?

Our words are the window to our hearts. How clean is your heart? It’s as clean as your tongue. Listen in as Dr. Martin explains Jesus' teachings on connection between our heart and our word to discover practical guidance for expressing yourself in a Christ-like way.


Becoming an Accidental Pharisee

Many Christians truly desire to be more like Christ, but sometimes along the way they can develop attitudes and actions that are more like Pharisees. Dr. Martin explores the ways Christians unintentionally become imbalanced in their application and practice of the Christian lifestyle.


It's Time To Get Your Eyes Checked

The effects of spiritual blindness has serious consequences, but God wants to use us to help others overcome them by sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. Listen as Dr. Martin shares practical tips and insights to help you to help others who need Jesus.


Developing Emotional Intelligence

Becoming emotionally intelligent will help you clarify your thoughts and feelings. This knowledge guides you to specifically address thoughts that lead to instability in mental health. Dr. Martin explains the steps necessary to increase your emotional intelligence and experience greater stability in life.