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Weekly preaching and teaching audio brought to you by Liberty Baptist Church

Weekly preaching and teaching audio brought to you by Liberty Baptist Church


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Weekly preaching and teaching audio brought to you by Liberty Baptist Church






Pride and Prejudice

Many disciples want to be great followers, but not many consider greatness to be linked to serving and sacrifice. Listen to Pastor's recent sermon to learn how to focus on Jesus to overcome the pride and prejudice we have that prevents us from serving like Jesus.


Taking Up Residence in the City of God

Mankind consists basically of two groups of people, which we can examine metaphorically as two cities: the city of man and the city of God. Pastor Joe explains Isaiah's vision and encourages us to be wholehearted worshippers of God.


The Perseverance of a Woman of Great Faith

Mothers put in endless hours, function dynamically, never seem to run down, and do it all – sadly – without all the praise they deserve. Join Pastor Joe as he shares insights of the praiseworthy life of a woman of great faith.


What Do You Know For Sure?

Walking in truth means living in the divine certainties that are found in Jesus Christ. Take time to listen as Pastor Joe explains the five Christian certainties on which we can build our lives with confidence.


Redeeming the Hidden Reality

God is able to create beauty out of the wreckage we create. Pastor Joe explains Isaiah's plea for us to see God, our cultural surroundings, and ourselves with realism as he gives us hope in the redeeming grace of God.


A Fool's Bargain

The riches of this world are tempting, and their allure has a powerful effect on human hearts! Pastor Joe explains how today's passage provides us with two cautionary tales, warning us that those who bargain with God will omit the real riches and overlook the real blessing offered by Christ.


"The Birthmarks of a Believer"

Newborns have characteristics of their family that, in time, become even more pronounced and recognizable. The Christian life is like that. Join Pastor Joe as he explains the three "birthmarks" that identify people who are in the family of God.


What Makes for a Faithful Church?

There are many opinions about what makes a church great, but what characteristics allow the church to be considered "faithful"? Join Pastor Joe as he explains how the Thessalonians embraced key characteristics that made them an example of a faithful church.


The Reality of the Resurrection

The resurrection of Christ in the past and the resurrection of human beings in the future have deep practical significance for the present. Listen in as Pastor Joe explains how the reality of the resurrection changes the way we experience life here and now.


Sunday's Children

Jesus Christ is risen from the dead, and the effects of his life and death are undeniable. Listen in as Pastor Joe explains how the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ opens the door to eternal life.


The Blessing of the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ

Jesus combined word and symbol to maximize the communication of the most important truth for man in the universe. The remembrance of the Lord's Supper is meant to convey to everyone an increasing understanding of the mystery of Christ and the atonement that he provided. Join Pastor Joe as he instructs the church to prepare for partaking in the Lord's Supper.


The Assurance of God's Love

Do you ever struggle with someone’s low opinion of you? Join Tom Enman, a retired pastor, as he teaches us how to cling to God’s compassionate words for us that assure us that his opinion of us is one of love.


Welcoming the King

Have you ever seen a royal coronation? When royalty is crowned, the pomp is extravagant, to put it mildly. Yet, there would be no lavish coronation for the King of kings. Join Pastor Joe as he explains how Jesus' triumphal entry on that first Palm Sunday teaches us to escape the pride which haunts our human pursuits.


The "Bear" Necessities of Missions

Upon his return from a missions trip to Big Bear, California, Pastor Joe shares biblical insights and lessons learned to challenge the church to understand our responsibilities to go and make disciples.


Rejoicing through our Trials

The challenges to our faith and beliefs is an ongoing problem confronting believers today. Listen in as Chaplain Matt Spurlock presents the hope we have in Christ to help us rejoice through trials.


Showing the Character of Christ in Your Life

Developing and demonstrating the character of Jesus Christ is possible only through the power of the Holy Spirit. Listen as guest speaker Tom Enman, a retired pastor from Vermont, explains how to count the glory of God more valuable than freedom from suffering in part 2 of his series on Romans 8.


The Impossibility of Salvation

In our passage today, we have another story of a man whose big head has gotten him stuck; his head is just too big to fit through the impossibly small door of the kingdom of heaven. Worship with us as Dr. Martin explains that salvation is impossible for man, but not for God!


The Sovereignty of God Over the Nations

God has promised to step in decisively and to punish all wrong with absolute finality. God is calling us to an overpowering faith in him, because he rules over the nations. Listen in as Dr. Martin explains two compelling realities with one consequent command found in Isaiah chapters 13-20.


Jesus' Exhortation to Single-Minded Devotion

Right after Jesus upholds his high view of marriage, Jesus shifts the conversation from marriage to singleness. In doing so, He explained that neither marriage nor singleness is the ultimate purpose of life; our first focus is always to be on the gospel. Join Dr. Martin as he explains that whatever a person’s calling is, we must commit ourselves to seeking first the kingdom of God in single-minded devotion.


Love Points Us in the Right Direction

The compass is responsive to the nature of the earth. So, a Christian is responsive to the nature of God, which is love. Join Dr. Martin as he explores 1 John 4:7-11 to find God's direction regarding biblical love.