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The Kingdom of Darkness, Spiritual Babylon, Part 3

Welcome again to another Kingdom of Darkness, Spiritual Babylon Episode, Part 3. Continue to spiritually learn and grow about yourself, and others and the hidden spiritual Kingdom on earth, hidden in the realm of the spirit. Learn more about humanity's fall into the Kingdom of Darkness and the results of the fall into It's Ignorance, Slavery, and Curses. Please Visit Agape Love, Love Is Here's web site at You can also follow Pastor Deborah on Twitter and...


The Kingdom of Darkness, Part 2 of Spiritual Babylon

Welcome to another spiritual teaching about The Kingdom of Darkness, Spiritual Babylon, Part 2. Learn more about the Kingdom of Darkness, It's King and how it rules and reigns here on earth and inside of a human's system of Spirit, Soul and Physical Body. Learn more as Pastor Deborah teaches as she comes to all in the Kingdom of Darkness and brings Light and Truth into the Darkness/ignorance of Spirit. Please visit Agape Love, Love Is Here's web site at https://www/ Also...


The Kingdom of Darkness, Spiritual Babylon, Part 1

Pastor Deborah is Honored that you have stopped by and are watching this Wonderful Video of The Book, The Kingdom of Darkness, Spiritual Babylon. Pastor Deborah wrote it many years ago to help her and others to understand what the spiritual Kingdom that was here on the earth and was in opposition to the Agape Love of The Heavenly Father and His Kingdom of Heaven. Lots to watch and learn about. Please visit Agape Love, Love Is Here's web site is at Pastor...


The Kingdom of Darkness, Welcome & Introduction with Pastor Deborah

Pastor Deborah Welcomes and Introduces all to the Hidden Kingdom of Darkness, The Kingdom of Ignorance that is a Global World System that rules and reigns the systems of the world, and humanity itself. Welcome and Continue to learn about yourself, others and the hidden world of The Kingdom of Darkness of Satan, the Spiritual Adversary of God, of The Kingdom of Agape Love and of Heaven and His spiritual Son, Christ Jesus and the power of The Holy Spirit to SET SPIRIUTAL CAPTIVES FREE of...


Hello Dear Moses in Uganda, A Video Email, Pastor Deborah Podcast

Listen to a Video Email that Pastor Deborah has sent to a wonderful man, Moses in Uganda, A Nation in Africa. Moses lives in a small village near the Mountain of Rwenzori and the rivers are flooding and landslides are occurring. Pastor Deborah received his request for prayer during this time. So, Pastor Deborah was led to send him this video with spiritual help of a powerful King. May you also learn and become the Genesis 1:26 King yourself and speak to the land, and repent of the shed blood...


A Royal Invitation, On The Road With Wilbur and Pastor Deborah, All Around The World,

Come and Travel with Pastor Deborah and Wilbur, The White Chicken of The Garden of Eden and hear about a loving message of Love, Coming Home, and what Reconciliation with The Loving Heavenly Father is about and what changes occur to one spiritually. Hear Words of Spirit and Life, Love and Freedom. Accept the Royal Invitation yourself and Step onto His Royal Road and Keep Walking to the Doors of The Kingdom of Heaven.


Setting The Captives Free, Series 1, Part #2 What is a Spiritual Captive, With Pastor Deborah

Join with Pastor Deborah and others from around the world as she teaches on Setting The Captives Free. Learn about What Is Spiritual Captivity and Bondage. Hear about that a human is a 3 part system and all 3 parts can become captives and held in bondage. Learn more about yourself and others. Hear a prayer for deliverance of the Soul and it's soul ties and chains to the spirit to begin a new life of spiritual freedom for the 3 part system


Setting The Captives Free, Series 1, Introduction and Foundation Video with Pastor Deborah

Join with Pastor Deborah as she introduces a new section of her spiritual teachings, Setting The Captives Free. Hear Pastor Deborah's personal story about learning how to help people The Lord's Way instead of the way of Mental Health Counseling. Hear about her spiritual training and the many precious lives of spiritual children she would reach out to The Lord's Way and how she was able to Touch dark hearts with The Light of Agape Love and how it would bring It's Healing Power of Freedom and...


Lifting of the Veils of Flesh, The Jordan Refugee Camps, An Invitation, The Global Tele-Ministry of Pastor Deborah

Join with Pastor Deborah as she journeys spiritually to the land of Jordan and into the refugee camps spiritually at the invitation of the ladies of the camps. Hear Pastor Deborah bring Good Tidings of Freedom, a spiritual circumcision for the spirit, Hear the Heavenly Father himself as He speaks and meets with precious spiritual children and loves on them from behind the veils of flesh and brings them out of the miry clay and into the light of freedom and light.


Test Time During a Spiritual War, COVID 19 – A Tele-Ministry Of Pastor Deborah

Hear Pastor Deborah in a Tele-Ministry Session about taking tests during this spiritual and natural war with COVID 19. Hear words of encouragement, words of hope and how to go through these days of war.


The Glory Blanket, Setting The Captives Free

Listen to How Pastor Deborah's Search for an unknown PRESENCE and found it. Hear how it desires to touch all of humanity and pour out it's Love to all and to bring deliverance, freedom and healing. And then if you desire it to touch you, it will. It is just waiting for you to desire to be touched by it, even as you are listening to this Podcast. Love Pastor Deborah


Looking Back, Looking Forward 2019 – 2020, Episode #29 Setting The Captives Free Podcast

Listen and Look Back over one's life in 2019 and Look Forward into 2020. As time changes for all, look ad see if time has produced the changes your heart desired and wanted or not. Look forward and be filled with hope and encouragement to begin again and step forward into healing and restoration.


A Voice of Hope or Not, A Keynote Speech Episode # 28 Setting The Captives Free Podcast

Listen the the Keynote Speech of Pastor Deborah to professionals who have learned that they as professionals and a profession DO NOT GIVE, NOR DO THEY UNDERSTAND AND PROVIDE a VOICE of Hope to those who they are seeking to help. Listen and look at myself and see IF YOU ARE A VOICE OF HOPE OR NOT.


Dear Little One, On The Road To Emmaus, Episode # 28 Setting The Captives Free Podcast

Listen to Words of Encouragement to Broken and Wounded Hearts that WILL SET THE CAPTIVES FREE from it's darkness, it's wounds, it's fear and loneliness Listen and Be Encouraged.


Amanda’s Words of Encouragement, Episode # 27 Setting The Captives Free Podcast

Listen to a young lady's Words of Encouragement to all. Hear her heart for others who are still being held spiriutally CAPTIVE in the occult and by the demonic strongmen of it and how she desires for them and her family to be free from this SPIRITUAL CAPTIVITY. Hear a Heart of Love for others.


Isaac’s Heart of Love, Episode # 26 Setting The Captives Free Podcast

Listen to a young man's heart as He reached for Agape Love and Found it. This young man was born into multi-generational Satanism and found he Love of A Mother and The Love of The Heavenly Father. This young man wrote poems out of his heart to Pastor Deborah and who now is living in the Land called The Kingdom of Heaven. Healed and Free of his earthly life of being a powerful High Priest, a King of His satanic Clan, Filled with Demonic Spirits, Fragmented in His Soul's Mind and Spiritual...


The Hat of Magic, Part 2, Stolen Power, Episode #25 Setting The Captives Free Podcast

Listen to Part 2 of The Socerer's Apprentice, The Hat of Magic. Listen to the Troubles that Stolen Power can create for one self and for others and for the world. Listen to the fear of death at work and how when one opens the door between two realms, trouble comes when a heart is not righteous and only thngs of itself and desires only forself things that belong to another.


The Hat of Magic, Part 1, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Episode # 24 Setting The Captives Free Podcast

Listen and learn about the deeply hidden part of all of us and how it will steal another's property for itself to make itself feel more appreciated, accepted, and great. Hear about The Hat of Magic and how even another's Power can be stolen for the Lust of Oneself to make oneself feel better and powerful.


The Ruby Slippers, Healing The Dreams of a Broken Heart, Part 3, Episode #23 Setting The Captives Free Podcast

Listen to the Final Part of Healing The Dreams of A Broken Heart, The Ruby Slippers. Learn how a power outside of oneself will help a Broken Heart to heal and be spiritually restored back to a Place of Love and Peace. Learn about that there is a Power in Agape Love to Heal the Dark Dreams of a Broken Heart.


The Three Companions, Healing The Dreams of a Broken Heart, Part 2, Episode # 22, Setting The Captives Free Podcast

Listen to the Dark Dreams of a Broken Heart and how An Unknown Love gives it's Gifts of Help to a Broken Heart to help it during the Dark Dreams of It's Brokenness. Learn about these Free Spiritual Gifts and how they help a Broken Heart to heal even the darkness of sleep and dark dreams.