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Sermons and Bible Studies from Sovereign Grace Baptist Church located in Modesto California.

Sermons and Bible Studies from Sovereign Grace Baptist Church located in Modesto California.


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Sermons and Bible Studies from Sovereign Grace Baptist Church located in Modesto California.




The God of the Grace of Particular Redemption

SERIES: Grace TITLE: The God of the Grace of Particular Redemption TEXT: Revelation 21:4-5 DATE: May 1, 2022 PM I. Did Christ’s death make salvation for everybody? A. If yes, then man must complete His work. B. If no, then did Christ’s death procure salvation for some? II. Did Christ’s death actually save some? A. Yes, that is called particular redemption. B.Who are those redeemed by Christ? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. III. Did Christ’s death remove the sin of unbelief? A. Yes, for the...


Ignorance and Righteousness

Series: Romans Title: Ignorance and Righteousness Text: Romans 10:1-10 I. The Problem of Ignorance Rom. 10:1-3. A. Paul prays for Israel’s problem 1. B. Sincere, but sincerely wrong 2. C. The crux of the matter: Ignorance isn’t bliss 3. II. The Answer to the Ignorance Problem Rom. 10:4-8. A. The end of legalism, not law 4. B. Careful what you wish for 5. C. The informed answer to the problem 6-9. III. God’s Solution to Man’s Righteousness Problem Rom. 10:9,10. A. Don’t say the...


Being in Christ

Title: Being in Christ Text: Romans 8:1 I. What You Are In Adam A. Created, not Creator Gen 5:1; 1 Cor 15:47b. B. Fallible 1 Cor 15:47b. C. Fallen, Depraved, Dying Gen 3:17; Rom 5:14; 1 Cor 15:22. II. What You Are In Christ. A. Recreated by the Creator 2 Cor 5:17; Eph 2:5. B. Joined to Christ Rom 6:5; Eph 2:6. C. Alive, Justified, being Sanctified, glorified Col 1:28; 1 Cor 1:30; 15:22; Col 2:11-12. III. What You are Not in Christ A. Autonomous / Your own 1 Cor 6:19-20. B. In...


Faithing Fundamentals 3 - Outward

Series: Faithing Fundamentals Part 3 - Outward VII. Outreach is For Glory. A. A why that overcomes all whats Acts 17:16. B. Neglecting is opposite of faithing Col. 4:2 5. C. Outreach is what Christians do when faithing Eph 4:11-12. VIII. By Faith, We Fulfill the Great Commission. A. No, really, the Great Commission Matt. 28:18-20; Mark 16:15. B. Faithing outward is done by the Book Acts 17:2; 20:27; Psa 19:7; Heb 4:12;. Rom 1:16-18. IX. Glory is What Matters – it is All That...


The Impact of the Resurrection of Christ

Title: The Impact of the Resurrection of Christ Text: 1 Corinthians 15:19 I. Historical Background of Resurrection Thought. A. The Resurrection in the Old Testament. B. The Resurrection of Early Church Teaching. Act 1:22; 2:23-24; 3:15; 1 Thess. 1:9-10. C. The Importance of Resurrection Thinking. II. The Impact of the Resurrection. A. Validates all the claims of Scripture 1 Cor 15:14. B. Proof that God is Alive and the God of the Living Luke 20:38; 1 Cor 15:20-23; Rom 6:9. C....


Give Me That Old Time Religion

Series: Selected Proverbs Title: Give Me That Old Time Religion Text: Proverbs 22:28 I. Interpretation First. *Before applied what this text means. II. The Boundary of God’s Word is Old Fashioned. A. This is not bad! Deu 5:32. B. Beware the novelty of lies Amo 2:4. C. Old fashioned obedience is still fresh Psa. 37:4. III. The Boundaries Define the Real Thing. A. That Old Time Religion is genuine 1 Cor 8:4. B. Though it is Old, it is still New 2 Cor. 5:17. IV. The Danger of New...


The God of Keeping and Persevering Grace

SERIES: Grace TITLE: The God of Keeping and Persevering Grace TEXT: Galatians 5:4, various DATE: April 3, 2022 PM I. God perseveres in and for us. A. God’s work in us B. God’s angels deliver us. C. God’s love never stops. D. God’s covenant guarantees His promises. E. God’s gift of life is forever. F. God’s inheritance will be waiting for us. II. God keeps us and loses none. A. We are His sheep. B. We are those predestined for glory. C. We are those prayed for by Christ. D. We...


Faithing Fundamentals 2 - Inward

Series: Faithing Fundamentals Title: Part 2 - Inward IV. Christ’s Body is Christ’s Body. A. Not a forgone conclusion 2 Cor. 10:4-6. B. Inreach, like all related to our faith must be Biblical – and Biblical is God-centered Eph 1:22-23. V. Faith is Both Personal and Corporate. A. Faith is personal, but not only personal Eph 4:15-16 B. All instructions given to Christians are both Rom 12:3-5. C. All instruction is supposed to be followed (not molded or added to) Deu 4:2; 12:31-32; Col...


Faithing Fundamentals 1 - Upward

Series: Faithing Fundamentals Play with Transcript Title: Part 1 – Upward I. Glory is What Matters – It is All That Matters. A. What is your finish line? Rev 4:1-11. B. Our faith is the means God uses to bring Himself Glory Eph. 1:11-14; Eze 39:21. C. If you are saved, it is for His glory Eph 1:4-6. II. God Loves His Own Glory More Than Anything. A. Learning to love what God does is hard for sinners 2 Cor 5:9; Heb 11:6. B. It is good that God loves His glory Isa. 48:11; John...


Vanity of Vanities

Series: Selected Psalms Title: Vanity of Vanities (But in a Psalm) Text: Psalms 127:1-2 I. Family: On Rock or Sand? A. It is good to want a good family. B. There are no good homes that aren’t blessed 1a. II. Security Comes from God; Nothing Else Ps. 127:1b. A. It is sensible to want protection from harm. B. There is no ultimate security without God 1b. III. Our Efforts Apart from God Are Worthless Ps. 127:2. A. Vocational efforts need His blessing B. National endeavors need His...


God’s Plan Overrides Sin

Series: Romans Title/Text: God’s Plan Overrides Sin Rom. 9:14- 33. I. Framing the Discussion on Plan Rom. 9:14-16. A. A question for the ages 14. B. God’s will be done on earth with people 15. C. But God – this is the point 16. II. God Can Override Sinners Rom. 9:17-23. A. How much power does Creator have? 17,18 B. A question for the ash-heap 19-21. C. God decides the best use of God’s power 22. D. Our right response 23. III. God is Still Overriding Sinners Rom. 9:24-33. A. God...


Adoption and Israel

Series: Romans Title/Text: Adoption and Israel Rom. 9:,1-13 I. Adoption is Adoption Rom. 9:1-5. A. Paul loves Israel 1,2. B. Imputation in action 3,4a. C. Israel are adopted and blessed 4b-5. II. Children of Promise Rom. 9:6-9. A. Paul’s very important Q&A 6,7. B. Put no confidence in the flesh (any flesh) 8,9. III. Introduction to Election Rom. 9:10-13. A. God’s choice is the operative one 10. B. An all-important point & the difference 11b-13


The Key to Happiness

Series: Selected Psalms Title: The Key to Happiness Text: Psalms 1:1-6 I. The Happy and Blessed Man Ps. 1:1-3. A. What doesn’t lead to happiness 1. B. What does lead to happiness 2. C. The happiness of the blessed man with character 3. II. Unhappy and Ungodly Man Ps. 1:4,5. A. Very different from the blessed 4. B. The unhappy end of the ungodly 5. III. The Path to True Happiness Ps. 1:6. A. God knows the righteous are on the path 6a. B. THE WAY OF THE UNGODLY (6b)


The Believer’s Security

Series: Romans Title/Text: The Believer’s Security Rom. 8:31-39 I. The Security Q&A Begins Rom. 8:31-34. A. Two for one deal on questions 31. B. Question 2 also needs clarification 32. C. Can’t question election 33. D. Who would insult Christ’s finished work? 34. II. The Security Q&A Ramps Up Rom. 8:35,36. A. A questions at the heart of them all 35. B. The Psalms anticipated the insecurity 36. III. Blessed Assurance Rom. 8:37-39. A. Victory or REAL enemies 37. B. Who is on the...


The God of Saving Grace

SERIES: Grace TITLE: The God of Saving Grace TEXT: Romans 8:31-34 DATE: March 6, 2022 PM I. The teaching of God’s sovereignty rejects a salvation by works. A. Sovereign grace exposes the lie that God helps those who help themselves or God has done His part but the rest is up to you. Prov. 14:12; Eph. 2:9 Rom. 4:1-5 B. Sovereign grace salvation uncovers that God helps those who are unable to help themselves (everybody). Rom. 9:21-24; Eph. 2:8-9; Rom. 3:24, Rom. 8:32; John 1:12-13; John...


The Believers Destiny

SERIES: Romans TITLE: The Believer’s Destiny TEXT: Romans 8:28-30 DATE: March 6, 2022 AM I. Awareness of Our Destiny Rom. 8:28 A. Knowledge of destiny 28a B. Destiny of those who love God 28b C. The destiny is in sovereignty. 28c II. The Chain of Grace and Destiny Rom. 8:29-30 A. Destined to be known 29a B. Destined before time 29b C. Destined to be Christlike 29c D. Destined for the kingdom 29d E. Destined to hear His call 30a F. Destined to be declared righteous 30b G....


The Cost of Immorality

Series: Selected Proverbs Title: The Cost of Immorality Text: Proverbs 5 I. The Costs of Immorality. A. It can cost prosperity. B. It can cost your physical health. C. It can cost your mental health. D. It can cost your reputation. II. Preventing Immorality. A. Love God. B. Love your own spouse.


The Holy Spirit's Guarantees

Series: Romans Title/Text: The Holy Spirits’ Guarantees Rom. 8:17-27 I. The Reality of Life Before Glory Rom. 8:17- 22 A. 17 is before 28 17. B. A much needed measuring tool 18. C. There was never no hope 19-22. II. The Spirit Guarantees Hope Rom. 8:23-25. A. The Spirit points to complete redemption 23. B. The believing is seeing 24. C. We press toward the unseen reality 25. III. The Spirit Guarantees Help Rom. 8:26,27. A. In the meantime we have help 26a. B. Help in...


Now We're Talking

Series: Selected Proverbs Title: Now We’re Talking Text: Proverbs I. Speech That Tears Down. A. Falsehood. B. Flattery. C. Gossip. D. Cursing. II. Speech That Builds Up. A. A Good Word. B. Well-Timed Words. C. Proper Words.


Life in the Spirit

Series: Romans Title/Text: Life in the Spirit Rom. 8:1-17 I. Flesh Fails, Jesus Doesn’t Rom. 8:1-8. A. A very important “therefore” 1,2. B. Law/Flesh = L, Jesus = W 3,4. C. Two kinds of people 5. D. With flesh all things are impossible 6-8. II. The Invincible Spirit Succeeds Rom. 8:9-11. A. Christians are not in the flesh 9,10. B. Law/Flesh bring death, Spirit brings life 11. III. Let Go of Depending on the Flesh Rom. 8:12-17. A. You owe the flesh nothing, so pay up 12-14. B....