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At St. Peter Orthodox Church, you will find a people committed to our Lord and to one another. Everything we do in our Parish is to either encourage us toward maturity in our Christian life or to be a means by which we can encounter the reality and grace of God toward the healing of our soul.

At St. Peter Orthodox Church, you will find a people committed to our Lord and to one another. Everything we do in our Parish is to either encourage us toward maturity in our Christian life or to be a means by which we can encounter the reality and grace of God toward the healing of our soul.


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At St. Peter Orthodox Church, you will find a people committed to our Lord and to one another. Everything we do in our Parish is to either encourage us toward maturity in our Christian life or to be a means by which we can encounter the reality and grace of God toward the healing of our soul.






Deliverance from Shame

July 26, 2020 - On the Feast Day of St. Anne, the mother of the Blessed Virgin Mary, we remember the narrative of one that God releases from shame. Shame is such a common struggle for most Christians. We have a very real adversary and accusor that constantly wants to write on our soul such a lack of worth that we dare not approach God with our brokenness. Today we look at Sts. Joachim & Anne to see their very real life-long struggle with the shame of barrenness. We look to how they called...


Overcoming Doubt That Through the Church a Culture Can Be Transformed

July 19, 2020 - Do you doubt that the Word of God, Jesus Christ, can transform a culture through His Church; that is, all of us who are earthen vessels? Are you struggling with a sense of hopelessness as we watch our culture in this great country spin further down into darkness and chaos? My friends, this ought not be. Today we have the Gospel reading from St. Luke Chapter 5 where we hear the miraculous catch of fish and the calling of the first disciples. These men were men of no esteem and...


Being Vessels of Mercy & Forgiveness

July 12, 2020 - Today our God sets His limitless mercy right before us all. We come before God constantly in need of His mercy and forgiveness over all of our shortcomings and failures. We ask for a gift we could never earn nor deserve. And, rather than giving us what we do deserve He grants us just the opposite. He takes us to Himself, forgives us, heals us, and gives us power to be transformed. This is mercy. In our Gospel reading from St. Luke Chapter 6, our Lord Jesus Christ then...


Taking Our Place on the Wall to Protect Our Unity

July 5, 2020 - The enemy of the Body of Christ is constantly seeking to divide all of the beloved in the Body of Christ from one another and their God. For this reason, from our Matins Scripture reading, St. Paul writes in Philippians 1 that the Church should let their conduct be worthy of the Gospel by being one mind and one spirit in all things. And, from our Epistle reading, St. Peter in 1 Peter 5 we are told to submit to our spiritual Fathers and to one another in humility before our...


Being the Ark of Salvation in the Midst of Today's Chaos

June 29, 2020 - In the Gospel of St. Luke chapter 14 Jesus tells the parable of the Invitation to the Great Supper. The Great Supper that all are invited into is life in the Kingdom of God where He feeds us His mercy, His healing, and His power unto the salvation of our souls. We also come to understand that we, Christ's Body in the earth, bear within us the imprint of this invitation to all who dwell in chaos and darkness. If there was ever a time that we needed to show ourselves to be the...


Called to the Highest Virtue

June 21, 2020 - Today is the first Sunday in the longest liturgical season of the year, Trinitytide. Having remembered by grace the conception, birth, life, death, Resurrection, and Ascension of our Lord Jesus Christ; and, having celebrated the outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon all of those in Christ at Pentecost we turn our attention throughout this blessed season to learn how shall we now live because of all of this. On the first Sunday after Trinity, our Lord so faithfully sets the stage...


Pentecost: We Have Received Power From on High

June 7, 2020 - We celebrate the Feast of Pentecost, a day that would absolutely change everything. On this day our Lord fulfilled His promise to endue His disciples with power from on high as He would send them the promised Holy Spirit giving them this power, this grace, for their salvation. And, they were given power to become the continuing ministry of Jesus Christ upon the earth. The result on that day is that 3,000 experience the living Lord Jesus Christ and received the same promised...


Christ Ascended So That We Could Ascend

June 1, 2020 - Today is the only Sunday in the Season of Ascensiontide, that Season between the Ascension and Pentecost. On this day we are reminded that as Christ Ascended keeping fully our humanity joined to His Divinity, He did so that we might become participators in His Divine nature all of our days. He ascended so that we could ascend from every result of the Fall of man and into the experience of the fullness of His Kingdom. Today we remember with wonder what God has offered to us all.


The Ascension: Jesus Places Us Before the Father

May 28, 2020 - We are told in Scripture as well as through the teachings of the Church Fathers that when Jesus Ascended the angelic hosts were amazed. They were amazed as they saw Christ ascend through the heavens leading a train of souls into Paradise. And they were amazed how far the Word of God, Jesus Christ, had gone to save His most precious creation out of His immeasurable love for mankind. This sermon focuses on the love of God on display as Christ Ascends to the Father placing...


The Focus of Our Soul & Our Experience in this Life

May 17, 2020 - What are you experiencing in this life right now? Because of the COVID-19 virus are you experiencing fear, anxiety, anxiousness, restlessness? Or, are you experiencing contentment, peace, and even joy? Perhaps like most you are ebbing and flowing between all of these. In today's Liturgy we are reminded that the Christian should always sing a new song of praise to God for the salvation that He is and that He has wrought for us. It is in this homily that we realize that our...


The Fierce Love and Tender Mercy of God Upon the Cross

May 3, 2020 - Today we celebrate the Feast of the Finding of the Holy Cross. Again we are set to remember why St. Paul says in Galatians that we should glory, that is boast and rejoice, in the Cross of Jesus Christ our Lord. As we look upon the Cross we remember two stories in the Old Testament that prefigure the Cross and the ministry of Christ upon the Holy Cross. As we look to them, we see clearly the fierceness of the love of God that wars for us to set us free from our oppressor and...


The Resurrection: A Life to Be Lived

April 26, 2020 - After our Lord's Crucifixion the disciples found themselves in rooms hiding within locked doors. They hid because of fear. They hid because of anxiety. The hid within their confusion and bewilderment based on the circumstances life just seemed to throw at them. But the One Who is the Resurrection did not burst down the doors, but He did enter directly into the place of their brokenness giving them hope and grace to live a new life. The Resurrection is a life to be lived by...


Paschal Vigil: The Light of Christ Dispels All Darkness

Paschal Vigil 2020 - As Christ willingly gave up His spirit and died, He descended immediately into Hades. There He broke the gates of Hades asunder. There our oppressor became oppressed. And there, He revealed Himself to all of the souls kept there from the Fall of Mankind until that very moment. If our Lord can illuminate the darkness of Hades with His uncreated light, He can go to the depths of our soul where oppression and darkness still remain; and He can dispel that darkness coming to...


The Cross: The Christian Journey To The Resurrection

April 17, 2020- Tonight on Good Friday we have the Cross and our Lord's Crucifixion as the Paschal/Passover Lamb placed before us. In this reflection, we consider how the Cross is the journey of the Christian and a necessary one that we might experience fully the Resurrection in our own lives.


The Love Of God Revealed On Maundy Thursday

April 16, 2020 - Today marks the beginning of the Sacred Triduum, that is, the last three days of our Lord's life just prior to His glorious Resurrection. These three day begin with Maundy Thursday, the night our Lord was betrayed. On this night our Lord Jesus Christ would institute the Sacrament of Holy Eucharist and on that night He would wash the feet of His disciples. In one act He would give us one of the most profound loving gifts He could give us. And in the other act He would...


Thy Will Be Done, The Way of True Life

April 15, 2020 - Our Lord Jesus Christ wrestled greatly in His humanity in the Garden of Gethsemane when faced with His Crucifixion. But in His Divinity He overcame what Adam & Eve could not. He denied Himself and said, "Thy will be done." He then went to make Himself the offering that would bring us life and salvation. In this message, we examine the great and beneficial impact on our lives when we ,by grace, turn to God and say, "Thy will be done."


We Glory in the Cross: The Tearing of the Temple Veil

April 14, 2020 - The Mass of Holy Tuesday begins with these words, "It behoveth us to glory in the Cross of Jesus Christ." It is appropriate and beneficial that we boast and rejoice in the finished work of Jesus Christ on the Cross. Immediately following Christ giving up His spirit unto death, the first thing in the Gospel of St. Mark we are told is that the Temple Veil was torn in two. In this reflection, we consider the benefits our Lord Jesus Christ afforded for us in the tearing of the...


The Alabaster Jar & Love Beyond Reason

Holy Monday 2020 - As part of the Gospel reading tonight from the Gospel of St. Mark Chapter 14, we have the story of the woman who poured out her alabaster jar of ointment upon our Lord Jesus Christ as an act of love and worship. That ointment would have been worth a year's wages and to many it seemed impractical and unreasonable to waste it all on just one person and all in one moment. This homily reflects on the reality that love is never limited by reason and practicality, in fact these...


Palm Sunday: The King Who Comes to Offer Peace

April 12, 2020 - The King of Kings and Lord of Lords rides into Jerusalem on a donkey. Many might think to ask, "Why would a King ride in on a beast of burden?" Throughout history, the way in which a King or ruler would present himself to a people communicated precisely why he had come to them and what he intends to do. Today we look at the way in which Christ our God came to His people in Jerusalem that day. And we look to see how they not only responded that day, but also how they...


Passion Sunday: Love Dies to Self for the Sake of Another

April 5, 2020 - Today is Passion Sunday, the day we remember that our Lord hid Himself for a time from the public until He would ride into Jerusalem on a donkey and, from there, lay down His life that we all may live. Today Fr. Robert Weber reminds us that all that we are being called to do this Lent in the midst of our world pandemic is being graced by God to make us more like Him. As we sacrifice our freedoms, such as our ability to gather for worship, we are doing so for the life, safety,...