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Practical Help for Senior or Lead Pastors of Churches

Practical Help for Senior or Lead Pastors of Churches
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Practical Help for Senior or Lead Pastors of Churches








049 An Incredible Opportunity for Your Fellowship- with Pastor John Snoderly of Crossroads Calvary Chapel

Like the Dead Sea, without an outlet, believers will not produced life-giving water. There is nothing like outreach—and doing good—to stimulate and strengthen believers in their walks with the Lord. In this episode, show host Bill Holdridge interviews Pastor John Snoderly, the newly appointed Director of Calvary Disaster Relief. After explaining how John was called into the ministry, he shares about how Calvary Disaster Relief came into existence, and how this kind of ministry glorifies God...


048 Preaching with Power in the Pulpit- with Pastor Bryan Newberry

Pastors want to do better. Sincerely they want this. They want it because their calling is to feed the flock of God with His Word; their calling is to equip believers for their ministries and works of service, using the Bible. There is a lot riding on whether or not the pastor's teaching is anointed and clear. For the Great Commission to be fulfilled, there must be preaching power in the pulpit. Pastor Bryan Newberry has a passion for helping pastors with their pulpit preparation and...


047 A Successful and Challenging Pastoral Transition (Calvary Chapel Red Bluff)- with Pastors Terry McNabb and Greg Phelps

Pastor Greg Phelps is the new senior/lead pastor of Calvary Chapel Red Bluff, CA. His is the story of eventual agreement with God's calling upon his life for this role, although he was like Moses initially ... very hesitant. Pastor Bryan Newberry was the Transitional Senior Pastor from Poimen Ministries that moved to Red Bluff with his wife Cheryl for nine months, and helped the church move from being stuck to unstuck. Pastor Greg and Poimen Ministries pastor Terry McNabb tell the story of...


046 Year in Review- 2019 Snippets from Each of this Year's Episodes

It's been a great year for Strength for Today's Pastor, and we thank God for what He has done, and how He has used each of our interviewees to strengthen pastors, to strengthen their churches. In this episode, snippets are played from each podcast participant. This is a rich collection ... very rare to have this much wisdom packed into 50 minutes. May you be blessed, and may 2020 be the most fruitful year ever.


045 Merry Christmas Words from the Lord- by the Pastors of Poimen Ministries

The pastors of Poimen Ministries have a huge heart for their fellow senior pastors. Huge. This Merry Christmas end-of-the-year podcast features all eleven pastors that are part the Poimen team. In two minutes or less, each of them share what's on their heart for those currently serving as senior or lead pastors of their churches. Encouraging words to strengthen pastors, to strengthen their churches.


044 The Amazing Example of Joseph- with Pastor Trip Kimball

In this podcast episode, Trip Kimball takes us into the heart and example of Joseph, step-father of our Lord Jesus. Trip shows us how Joseph's life is a strong model for pastoral ministry, especially for the senior or lead pastor. Practical and timely, Trip is a longtime pastor, missionary, and now part of the team of pastors serving with Poimen Ministries. Merry Christmas!


043 (Almost Totally) Crashed, Burned, and Supernaturally Revived- with Pastor Brian Ewing of Calvary Chapel Juneau AK

A hard-to-hear-to beginning, as Pastor Brian shares authentically about the hard times of his ministry. Doesn't get much more real than this. Then came the wonderful working of God. Listen in as Brian tells their story. Spoiler alert: lots of 'quotables' in this podcast. Enjoy. Super encouraging for today's pastor.


042 The Circles or Impact of Revival- with Pastor David Guzik

Well known Bible teacher and commentator David Guzik again shares with us about revival. What does revival look like? What happens when revival comes? What is revival's impact? Obviously, those who know and understand the times in which we live also know and understand the need for revival in the church and spiritual awakening in our world. David's website is Send your feedback, comments, and questions to


041 Revival- What Is It, Can It Happen Again- with Pastor David Guzik

Pastor David Guzik is a student, as well as a pastor-teacher. As a student, he has done extensive study on the subject of revival. In this podcast episode, hear David speak about what revival is and is not, as well as the possibility of a revival happening once again in our communities, our states, our country, or in our world. For David's website, go to:


040 How Can the Senior Pastor Work with His Worship Leader- with Pastor Holland Davis

Let's face it ... in almost every church, about 1/3 of the worship portion of the service is devoted to singing to and about God. And another significant portion is devoted to teaching/preaching. Doesn't it make sense we pastors should pursue a great, unified relationship with our worship leader(s) and team(s)? Yet many of us are bewildered concerning how to get that done. Holland Davis has been leading worship since he was 16 years old. And he has served as the worship leader for pastors...


039 What Is the Heart of Worship? (with Pastor Holland Davis)

Holland Davis has a lot to say about the worship of God. His approach has the fragrance of Christ all over it. Senior pastors can learn from worship leaders, to be sure. But it may be even more helpful if a senior pastor hears from a man who is both an anointed worship leader and a senior pastor. He can cover both sides of the same coin in terms of understanding worship in the church. Holland is the senior pastor of Calvary Chapel San Clemente, CA. He is also the writer of the worship song...


038 How to Answer the Evil that Happens to People- with Pastor Jay McCarl

Pastor Jay McCarl is a longtime senior pastor. He also recently retired from a 30 year ministry as a Law Enforcement Chaplain. Jay has seen it all, and shares with us super effective, Jesus-like ways to provide real help to people in great need due to tragedy or loss. The wisdom Jay possesses is God-given, and comes right from God's Word, empowered and applied by God's Spirit. Jay is also the author of an amazing book on the subject: Answering Evil: Crisis, Compassion and Truth in an Age...


037 Getting Into the Flow of the Spirit in Pastoral Ministry- with Pastor Marc Knutson

Ministry may not have to be as hard as we pastors make it sometimes. Marc Knutson shares with us some of what he has learned over the years, and what he learned from Pastor Chuck Smith up close and personal, about flowing with the Holy Spirit in the ministry. The Holy Spirit has a mind and will—and His mind and will are in complete cooperation with that of the Father and the Son. Host Bill Holdridge joins Marc in this encouraging conversation.


036 Five Things to Say to Pastors Who Are Thinking of Transitioning Out of Their Church- with Show Host Bill Holdridge

Pastoral transition is real, and unless Jesus Christ returns for His church before a specific pastor dies, someone else will be the pastor of his church! In this podcast, Poimen Ministries Director Bill Holdridge provides fodder for thought for the senior/lead pastor who is considering whether or not to move on to something else. Is the senior pastor certain that it's his time to leave? Does he feel called to be an essential part of the selection of his successor? Will the next pastor...


035 Are We Charismatic Enough? (With Pastor Paul Berry)

The early church, aka the apostolic church, was wholly dependent upon the Holy Spirit. As was the case in Corinth, the spiritual gifts were regularly manifested. Signs and wonders accompanied the preaching of the gospel. Divine healing happened. Believers were being baptized by the Holy Spirit, in fulfillment of the Promise of the Father. Paul Berry is the senior pastor of Calvary Chapel Santa Marian, CA. His church is a charismatic church, in the Biblical way of understanding what that...


034 The Greatest Summer of My Life- the Effect of My Sabbatical Upon My Ministry to My Family with Pastor Nate Holdridge

Time away ... distance ... can often bring new perspective. Pastor Nate Holdridge of Calvary Monterey gained new wisdom and insight into the way he is to minister to his family, and he gained this perspective while on sabbatical. This podcast isn't a spanking, it's an encouragement. It's wisdom for the pastor who loves his family.


033 The Greatest Summer of My Life- The Effect of My Sabbatical Upon the Ministry Back Home (with Pastor Nate Holdridge)

Strength for Today's Host Bill Holdridge interviews his son Nate, the senior pastor of Calvary Monterey on the Monterey Peninsula in California. Nate was able to take a two month sabbatical after 20 years of ministry in the church, and he shares some of what he learned and observed from his time away with his family. This will bless and encourage the senior pastor to make room for sabbath, and some of the valid and important reasons to do it.


032 The Life and Legacy of Lonnie Frisbee- with Danny Lehmann of YWAM

Lonnie Frisbee was an important part of the Jesus movement of the late 60s and early 70s. His ministry was characterized by unusual spiritual power, amazing boldness, and strong evangelistic fruit. YWAM and Calvary Chapel leader Danny Lehmann knew Lonnie well. In this podcast, we will hear from Danny about some of the takeaways from Lonnie's life.


031 Pastor ... Share the Good News- with Danny Lehmann of YWAM & Calvary Chapel

Danny Lehmann is a major leader in Youth With A Mission (YWAM), an author, an elder of Calvary Chapel Honolulu, and an evangelist. Danny is eminently qualified by the Lord to encourage and help pastors in their task of doing the work of an evangelist, which he does in this podcast interview with Poimen Ministries Director Bill Holdridge. Danny has been walking with the Lord for 45 years, and is as relevant as ever.


030 Sustainable Ministry- Equipping Leaders Who Equip Other Leaders (with Pastor Jim Larson of ICM)

Jim and Janice Larson serve the Lord in Tanzania, East Africa. Their ministry there is an amazing model of developing sustainable leaders and ministry. The lessons learned are transferable to any culture. Learn from Pastor Jim as he discusses vision and how it affects actual ministry. Hear about bold, forward thinking radical discipleship as it pertains to raising up leaders. You will be encouraged and challenged.