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The Bible for Normal People is hosted by Peter Enns and Jared Byas

The Bible for Normal People is hosted by Peter Enns and Jared Byas


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The Bible for Normal People is hosted by Peter Enns and Jared Byas






Episode 121: Pete and Jared - Pete and Jared Talk About the Afterlife

On this week's episode, Pete and Jared are talking about the afterlife. What is it and what does the Bible say about it? Show Notes →


Episode 120: Jack Levison - The Spirit, Wind, & Breath of God in the Bible

If we look under the surface, we find a fascinating conversation about the Spirit of God in the Bible. Considering the word for Spirit, Wind, and Breath of God is often the same in the Bible, how are we to understand the relationship between them? We talk to Jack Levison about this mysterious and interesting intersection. Show Notes →


Episode 119: Xavier Ramey - Diversity, Social Justice, and the Gospel

Dr. Martin Luther King says “All people are caught in an Inescapable network of mutuality.” So what does that mean when it comes to the gospel, the Bible, and how we navigate racial equality? In this episode, we talk to Xavier Ramey about diversity, inclusion, and how our Christian faith impacts how we see community, organizations, and institutions today. Show Notes →


Episode 118: Meghan Henning - Does Hell Exist?

This week Pete & Jared talk to Meghan Henning about hell. She shares with us her knowledge of the ancient world Jesus and the New Testament writers were familiar with and how they might have understood hell. Show Notes →


Episode 117: Pete Enns - Reading the Old Testament Christotelicly

That 50 cent word describes something many Bible readers have noticed: the way the New Testament writers quote the Old often has little to do with what the Old Testament writers were actually trying to say. Jesus was in fact a surprise development in Israel’s story, but the New Testament writers nevertheless believed Jesus to be the true purpose or goal (Greek telos) of God purposes. And that belief led them to some pretty creative interpretive adventures that Christians today are still...


Episode 116: Sarah Ruden - Getting Inside the Head of Paul & Jesus

Translating the Bible is more than just about being woodenly accurate. We’re humans after all. In this episode, Pete and Jared talk to Sarah Ruden, who talks about using our imaginations to put ourselves in the place of the biblical writers, emotions and aesthetics and all. With a background in translating classical literature, she helps us read the Bible within a fuller context, both humanly and literarily. Show Notes →


Episode 115: Alison Cook - Your Emotions Are Not Your Spiritual Enemy

Sometimes it can be easy to forget the psychological ramifications of our faith. The way our faith shapes the language we use to talk about tragedies and sadnesses in our life can be life-giving or it can really mess us up. In this episode we talk to Alison Cook, an expert on the intersection of faith and psychology, about some of the ways, as Christians, our views on our emotions can be harmful and better ways to frame our feelings. Show Notes →


Episode 114: Pete and Jared - How to Read the Bible in 2020

It’s hard to know where the Bible fits into our political views, our ethical stances, and how we live out life. Pete and Jared point out how many of us might be using the Bible in disrespectful and irresponsible ways as well as parsing out why we even need to bother with the Bible at all in 2020. Show Notes →


Episode 113: James Martin - The Gift of Imagination in Reading Scripture

Christianity is diverse and so are all the ways Christians have read the Bible through the centuries. James Martin helps us understand a Jesuit practice of reading Scripture that engages both the head and heart. Also, he’s met with the Pope. So of course he has good things to say. Show Notes →


Season 4 Teaser

Here's what's coming up in Season 4 of The Bible For Normal People podcast


Episode 112: Pete and Jared - How “How the Bible Actually Works” Works

Here in our last episode for Season 3, Pete & Jared take a deeper dive into Pete’s latest book and how we can further answer these questions, “What is the Bible and what do we do with it?” Show Notes →


Episode 111: Tom Oord - Uncontrolling Love of God

This week, Pete & Jared sit down with Tom Oord and discuss the things God can and cannot do and how that affects our view of the world, the Bible, and salvation. Show Notes →


Episode 110: Pete Enns - Pete Ruins Exodus (Part 6)

In this final episode of the Dundee Award Winning series, Pete looks at the significance and symbolism of the tabernacle, which takes up a whopping 13 chapters, and the Golden Calf episode, which threatens to derail the entire plan—were it not for Moses’s quick intervention. Show Notes →


Episode 109: Megan DeFranza - The Bible and Intersex Believers

On this episode of the Bible For Normal People, we look back to Season 1 when Pete and Jared talked with theologian Megan DeFranza on a topic that deeply affects the lives of many, but that few Christians are even aware of. And Megan might surprise you about what the Bible and church history have to say about it. Show Notes →


Episode 108: Pete Wehner - Faith, Politics, & Polarization

You may have noticed that we’re in a political season with a lot of charged rhetoric, so we decided to bring on someone who isn’t like that. Like at all. We have Pete Wehner, political commentator and columnist joining us to talk about this deep problem of polarization and how we might allow our faith to better fuel our political conversations. Show Notes →


Episode 107: Cindy Wang Brandt - Raising Children in the Faith

A lot of parents who no longer hold to the same beliefs about the Bible and God they did when they were children are left wondering, “But how do we raise our kids?” Author and speaker Cindy Wang Brandt helps us with the question: How can our kids hold to the Christian faith without going through some of the more painful parts of an evolving faith? Show Notes →


Episode 106: Jared Byas - 5 Principles for Biblical Interpretation

When we ask, “What does this passage mean?” the answer is a little more complicated than we might expect. Jared looks at some basic principles of biblical interpretation and how they might help us better read our Bibles. Show Notes →


Episode 105: Wil Gafney - Womanist Midrash (Reissue)

This episode originally aired as Episode 46 on April 23, 2018 This week, Jared & Pete talk to Wil Gafney about womanist interpretation of the Bible. In their discussion, Wil brings up fascinating nuances in the text and challenges the predominantly patriarchal interpretation of the past. Show Notes →


Episode 104: Jeff Chu - Grief As A Biblical Practice

This week’s guest is Jeff Chu—author, journalist, advocate, co-creator of Evolving Faith—and our topic is grief, a universal experience that is often difficult to talk about it. We experience grief when confronted with death, of course, but grief is also a presence whenever we go through changes and upheavals in life where we mourn the past as we face an uncertain future. Show Notes →


Episode 103: Pete Enns - Pete Ruins Exodus (Part 5)

Pete continues his award-winning, mind-bending—almost surreal—series on the book of Exodus. In this episode he looks the laws in chapters 20-24, namely the 10 Commandments and the so-called “Book of the Covenant.” What were these laws about back in the day and what do we do with them now? Show Notes →