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Critical thinking and analysis for people hungry for truth and charity between differing views.

Critical thinking and analysis for people hungry for truth and charity between differing views.
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Critical thinking and analysis for people hungry for truth and charity between differing views.








I Don't Mean to Scare You, But...

2020 has begun, and things around us really are melting down as quickly as it seems. The Western world is in a tailspin, all the red warning lights are flashing from the control panel, and we only have a little time left to prepare for the shift coming. I don't mean to scare you, but we all know it. We've had doomsday on the mind ever since the dawn of the atomic age, but in reality, there is no stopping the imminent collapse of our way of life. In this episode, Adam looks over just a few...


How Could We Be Ignoring This?

Western Civilization has a major problem - yes, there are many - but this one stands out like a broken, burned, and bashed thumb. We aren't reproducing. We are an anti-natal, anti-family world in 2019, and it is only getting worse. In this episode, Adam attacks head on one of the most critical issues contributing to the collapse of our civilization. Please do listen, respond, and donate. We don't ask for financial help very often because the show is intermittent, but we are only able to...


Gideon Made Me Hope

This is becoming a theme.... Cough up the black pill, even when night is falling. Don't worry about how few of you there are. The victories that really matter always come when no one can see how.


Exposing False Thinking: Three Examples

In this episode, Adam explains how a proper understanding of God's place as supreme in our thinking can help uproot false beliefs. Buckle up for three recent examples of Adam arguing with people who hold to false ideas, some close to the truth, some far. But the same method takes them all out. What do you think? Good, critical thinking is a major piece in restoring civilization. Drop us a line here, or chip in a little dough to help pay the bills here. All the best, and for the...


Against Dispensationalism

Last episode Adam attacked the weak foundation of Roman Catholicism, but today we go against dispensationalism. Why? Because not only is it a false doctrine, which detracts from God's glory when preached as truth, but it undermines our mission and confidence in this world. In fact, I hate dispensationalism. I love my brethren who hold to it, and I once did, but the false doctrine itself is a cancer. So let's get to it. If you disagree with me, you are welcome to come on the show to...


What's Killing Evangelicalism, How Do We Fight On? The Church and Culture with Jim Harden

We need to diagnose what's killing evangelicalism, and we need to ask how we fight on in a time of general confusion and weakness. Come listen to part 2 of Adam's sit-down interview with the CEO of CompassCare, Jim Harden. Jim is a non-denominational conservative evangelical. We range across a plethora of trails in the landscape, observing and critiquing where we are, and why. Your support of CompassCare is vital for the mission of erasing the need for abortion in Western New York. Please...


But How Can You Be SURE? A Friendly Word for Roman Catholics

Christians are promised "the full assurance of understanding" in Christ, "in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge." The Roman Catholic, however, is forced to deny full assurance of understanding, based on his embrace of an erroneous epistemology centered on the pope, rather than Christ. When we ask the Roman Catholic "where is Christ speaking authoritatively," he must answer uncertainly, for the Bible is an uncertain volume given his understanding of free will and...


Bonus Sermon: A Picture of the Incarnation

Preached by J. Adam Kane at Grace Life Church, Avon, New York in 2012. Passage: Mark 6:30-56 Theme: Jesus ascends to prayer for us, Jesus descends to our maelstrom with us Donate here to keep this show online. Thanks for listening.


The Mindset of An Evangelical Alien

As Peter named us, "o those who reside as aliens, scattered" in this age of spiritual warfare, we are those who wander as though homeless. We need wisdom and insight in how to think and to live in a pronounced downtrend in culture and civilization. Pastor Reid Ferguson joined Adam in studio for an extended conversation ranging from the character of the Church, the meaning of work, relationships, and how we should think about trendy topics blazing throughout evangelicalism. Hear here the...


Don't Wither, Christ is Dominating History: Postmillennialism with Toby Sumpter

Hey, you - don't wither, Christ is dominating history. The Citizen of New Jerusalem podcast eases into a new series here with guest Toby Sumpter of Christ Church, Moscow, Idaho. In this series on the Church and the Christian in the midst of a melting down Western world, we will hear from a plethora of different Christian guests on what our stance should be, and what our expectations should be for the future. You won't want to miss an episode. Don't be afraid of the Egyptians. Don't be...


An Interview with a Hero: Saving Lives at CompassCare

The abortion rate here in Rochester, New York, has been plummeting over the past couple decades, thanks to CompassCare. What is CompassCare? Why don't we ask the CEO Jim Harden? In fact, that's what we have here, a tremendous overview of the life and practice of a Christian pregnancy crisis center. And not only is CompassCare "a" pregnancy crisis center, but it is the epicenter of the steepest drop in a local abortion rate anywhere in America. And Jim has been the man guiding this success...


Cough Up the Black Pill (Again)

You and I have that black pill on our tongues every day. Some days we get it halfway down our throats. Spit it out. We have work to do; we don't have time for self-indulgent griping and complaining about the world of Babylon caving in around us. Yes, Notre Dame burned down pretty badly. But the Church still stands... though we too are burning down. What is the Church, and what is our role? This episode is a bit of a stream of consciousness leading to a new series on Christian action in...


It's Good to be a Man w/ Michael Foster

Adam welcomes Michael Foster of the It's Good to be a Man podcast, a new project aimed at equipping Christian men with clarity and confidence in our masculinity. You won't regret listening to this one. After you listen, head over to the new show's website and get plugged in, and please support them in any way you can, through likes, shares, and donations. All the best, Adam


The Big Gay Hate Hoax & Other Media Fever

In the past several weeks, the mass media/celebrity complex has produced at least three major rage hoaxes, culminating with the big gay hate hoax featuring Jussie Smollett. Well, our minds are being programmed to react to these fomented "stories," and to fall into rank with our side of the left/right paradigm. The news cycle has become a mentally violent, click-hunting charade of psychological warfare, and I don't think the right thing is to try to avoid it. Listen to this bit of commentary...


The True Face of Progressivism Unmasked Ep. 54

In this episode, we hear a powerful preacher absolutely unmask the elite progressive worldview. That's all I will say about it. Push back against the ever-present culture by establishing rituals and habits in your own life, which engender goodness, self-control, and order. Thanks for listening. The Citizen of New Jerusalem podcast began as a weekly show, but due to lack of financial support, is now an intermittent program. You get episodes when you get episodes! Love to all the fans...


Mocking the Devil's Weak Counterfeit Western Civilization Ep. 53

Western civilization in its current form is a weak counterfeit of its former self. In the past, Christ was recognized as King and lawgiver over our societies, but today we've enthroned our genitals in His place. Listen in to this chuckling romp of a conversation between Adam and Michael Kinsella, the head of the Irish section for reviving Western civilization (I say with tongue in and then out of cheek). Forget all of this and just listen to the episode. Two friends blow holes in the...


The Roman Catholic Sex Scandals and her Authority Claims, with Steven Wedgeworth Ep. 52

The Roman Catholic Church continues to burn hot and tall in front of the watching world. There is a civil war within her between the progressives, who are oddly and grotesquely defending homosexual and pederast priests, seemingly out of a desire to not cede ground to traditionalists. The trads are fighting to return the Church to her roots and foundational traditions and morals. And we Calvinists and other outsiders look on with wonder. We look on with horror and hope, thinking perhaps some...


How I See the Roman Catholic Church and Its Sex Scandals Ep. 51

The Roman Catholic Church and its sex scandals. What a heading, huh? As of this writing, the RCC is embroiled in a new round of worldwide sex scandals in its priesthood. The institutional hierarchy of the RCC is being implicated from bottom to top in a long series of crimes and sins that threaten the faith and very survival of the visible witness to the resurrection of Christ. I stand by that assessment. In this episode, I give my long view of the RCC from my own experience, trying to...


A Little Something for You and Some Comments on Rome's Latest Scandals (Mini Ep)

Hey friends and fellow citizens of the New Jerusalem, Adam here. I hope you've been enjoying the first 50 episodes of the show. I have worked hard to keep the podcast producing content, even on an interim basis while I get used to life as a new father. To my regular subscribers and financial supporters, you are awesome - thank you for being here with me. I know the CoNJP is not the world's most profound, I know there are many people out there doing bigger and better things, but for the...


You Need this Anchor of the Soul! Ep. 50

You need this anchor. This episode gives it to you. FIFTY episodes! On today's program, we get back to the deepest, strongest encouragement a soul can have. Listen closely. This is where you can encourage Adam in return. Become a monthly supporter, share the show with others, leave us an iTunes review, or send feedback. Thanks for any of that. Adam