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The Drive - A Daily Devotional by Pastor Mike Sternad

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THE DRIVE: Short 10 minutes talks about topics related to God's Word.

THE DRIVE: Short 10 minutes talks about topics related to God's Word.


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THE DRIVE: Short 10 minutes talks about topics related to God's Word.




Today’s Triumphs #61

Yesterday’s actions don’t define today’s triumphs. Don’t live in past victories, because the past is over and God has new victories for you to walk in. Some believers are still talking about that one time years ago when they shared the gospel with that person and they got saved. That is amazing but God has new adventures for you to walk in and even more people to share the gospel with. Much of the time when we talk about letting the past go, we think of those horrible actions we have done....


Past Moments #60

Your past is simply a tool to testify of how God is incredibly gracious. Don’t despise the testimony of how God has saved you and set you apart for Himself. Use it as an avenue to share the heart of God to people who do not know Him. You don’t have to share every detail of your past. Only share what you are comfortable with. I have used my past a ton of times to bring encouragement to people who think there is no hope or feel their loved one will never accept the Lord. But not so! There is...


Godly Influences #59

Whether you like it or not, you influence a lot of people. You have the blessing of being an imperfect influence who inspires others to follow a perfect God. So as you live your life for the Lord and walk out your faith, know that you are having an impact on more people than you think! If your goal and aim is to please God, others will see it and want to emulate that. This is an eye-opener that everything you do and say actually matters and can pull people closer to the Lord. So be the...


Your Reactions #58

Your reaction can either be a great witness or a missed opportunity. People will say and do the craziest things sometimes. Your reaction to the craziness actually matters. Just by how you react to a certain joke, comment or ungodly action by another can either reinforce or ruin your witness. It makes me think of those bracelets from the 1980s with the letters WWJD. What would Jesus do? This question can cause you to think about your actions and reactions beforehand as you ask yourself, Am...


Look to Him #57

Wisdom has never come from what is ahead. It comes from Who is above. Life may bring you some experiences that help you for future moments, but the wisdom you need to navigate presently, as well as in the future, is straight from God. Look up on a regular basis especially when you must make decisions and have no clue what to do. The average person makes thousands of decisions each day and you want to make sure that you are consulting and seeking God for the direction of those decisions!...


The Past & Your Purpose #56

Now is the time to live out your purpose, be- cause yesterday is over. The past is overrated and focused on entirely too much. The fact is your past is over. The only things you should bring with you from the past are those moments where the Lord worked radically and came through in your situation. You have those turning points in your life where the Lord broke through your situation and did the miraculous. Yesterday is done so live for your purpose presently. God wants to use your life in...


Opposition & Strength #55

Don’t back down from opposition. Use God’s strength to stand firm. The haters can actually be used in your life to spur you on to live for the Lord even more devotedly. Oftentimes your worst criticizers are those who are doing nothing for the Lord. They think their job is to point out sin in others and judge and slander them. That is not a gift of the Spirit. Opposition will come, but the Lord is already with you, defending you and protecting you. The strength that is authentic and always...


One Life to Live #54

You have one life to live. Live it for the Lord who loves you. This life is here and gone. It is a flash and before you know it, you’ll be at the latter end reflecting back on the moments you’ve experienced. As the years fly by, the worst thing you can do is look back and regret what you didn’t do or what you could have done differently. Your time is valuable, especially when you are using it to glorify and honor the Lord. God loves you so much and wants to see you being a doer of the...


You Matter to God #53

Live like you matter to God, because you do. At times you may feel undervalued and over- looked. Please don’t buy into that mindset because it’s not from God. He does not think you are a bother or that you are in the way of His plans. The Lord absolute- ly loves you, values you and sees you as one of a kind. You can be confident in the Lord because He sees you as a part of His plan and He will equip you to enact and fulfill that plan. You matter to God so much and He loves you immensely!...


Make Your Life Count #52

Your life is so short. Make it count. You are going to die. I promise I’m not trying to be melodramatic, but the fact is ten out of ten people will die! The Bible is clear that our time on this earth is super short; and so we must redeem the time and use what time we have left wisely. When you’re older I know you don’t want to look back filled with regrets because you half-heartedly lived for the Lord. You want to use your life fully for God and fulfill those goals that He clearly gives you...


God Opportunities #51

Not every opportunity is from the Lord. Pray for discernment to know which opportunities are from within and which opportunities are from above. Just because something is good does not mean it’s God’s will. The way to discern is to seek the Lord for clear confirmation through the avenues in which He speaks to you. Opportunity can sometimes cloud the Lord’s calling in your life so you must be aware that not everything before you is an open door. Sometimes the door is shut and you try and pry...


Please God #50

Don’t look for a pat on the back. Live to please the Lord. You are not to try to get approval from people. You are to get in line with God’s will and His ways. Of course, to your flesh it feels good to get approval from people, but that should never be your main goal. Walk on the path of His purpose. As you live your life for the Lord, He is pleased and you are blessed. Those who are excited to see you walk in His calling will be blessed too. It may make others mad or jealous, because they...


God's Strength #49

Your trials may be intense, but so is God’s strength. You’ve been through some serious and unbelievable difficulties. I’m sure you’ve faced storms that you thought would tear you down and take you out. There have been moments of stress and maybe anxiety that have threatened your spiritual life as the enemy was working overtime to get you away from God’s will. Please remember and remind yourself that God is stronger than any storm you will ever face. He will sustain you and get you through...


Solid Relationship #48

The Christian life is not about strict rules—it’s about a solid relationship with God. If you feel like your walk of faith is all about a rote set of rules that you must follow or God will be mad at you, that’s the wrong mindset. The Law was given to demonstrate to you that you are not good without God. I’m not trying to be mean, but the fact is the Ten Commandments were written as a standard to live by. The more you live out your faith, and the more mature you become in Christ, the more...


Conflict #47

Don’t let conflict complicate your relation- ship with the Lord. Sometimes when you allow discouraging thoughts that stem from conflict to ru- minate in your mind, your relationships get compli- cated. You begin to stress out and freak out. Things don’t seem in line; your life feels chaotic and messy. What should be simple has turned complicated and brings anxiety, stress and an array of negative emo- tions. The way to deal with conflict is to seek the Lord for resolution and then leave it...


Just Do It #46

Every day is an opportunity for you to go all out for the Lord. To go all out for the Lord is to prioritize living for Him first and letting Him lead your day-to-day schedule. It is to live with the motivation to please Him rather than to please people. You see, in serving God you may ruffle some feathers and it may cause people to mock or criticize you. That’s OK. Let those opinions of you go. You and I are not living to attempt to make everyone we meet happy. We are living to fulfill our...


Give Love Out #45

Love is a great indicator that you are living for eternity. If you lack love and are just angry and bitter all the time, then biblically you are not living the way God intended you to live. You should be in the midst of joy on a regular basis! If not, you may be focused on other things rather than on the Lord. Are you reflecting the love of Jesus or are you portraying Him as a tyrant? How is your heart and attitude on a daily basis? It is a great action to assess your own heart to see where...


Exhausted For Eternity #44

Being exhausted for eternity is so fulfilling. Your goal is never to get as tired as you can while serving the Lord, but the reality is that you will get tired in doing God’s work and will! Yes, you have rest in your heart from Jesus, but you are to keep your hand to the plow and serve the Lord full-heartedly— never half-heartedly. Give your all for the sake of the kingdom and continue to reach out to lost souls and hurting people. You can be both tired and fulfilled from doing the Lord’s...


Expect God # 43

It is biblical for you to be expectant of God to do great things. When you expect a lot out of people, you are setting yourself up for complete letdowns and disappointments. But it is very spiritually healthy to expect God to do the miraculous, to move in difficult situations, and to work greatly in your life. After all, you can do small things without the Lord, but great things come from God. When you truly believe that God can do the miraculous, you’ll not see impossibilities anymore....


The Lens of Eternity #42

Empathy is possible when you are eternally minded. You’ve dealt with difficult people throughout your life and sometimes you just want to walk away. The fact is that without the Lord, things people say and do will get to you and stress you out. The way to change that mindset is to see people as God sees them. He created each person and so loves each one and desires that they be saved. Empathy will fill your heart when you catch the heart of God for humanity. Don’t give up on people but have...