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A podcast where a group of everyday ministers come together to discusses doctrines and practices that affect all areas of ministry.

A podcast where a group of everyday ministers come together to discusses doctrines and practices that affect all areas of ministry.


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A podcast where a group of everyday ministers come together to discusses doctrines and practices that affect all areas of ministry.






The Disciplines Applied

In this week's episode, James D. White and Krist Norsworthy get together to finish their series on Donald Whitney's book Spiritual Disciplines of the Christian Life. Swinging Hammers provides all music for the show. For more information about the podcast, visit our website, or like and join the conversation on Facebook. If you enjoy the podcast and want to help us get the word, there are a few ways you can do so. First, you can tell someone about the podcast. Second, you can go on Facebook...


True Understanding of the Gospel

Stay tuned for new podcast episodes as well as some exciting news and changes coming to the podcast. Until then, we hope that you enjoy a sermon from James D. White entitled "True Understanding of the Gospel." Through the exposition of Romans 1:16-17 he explores that a true understanding of the Gospel shapes my devotion, dependence, and standing before God. All music for the show is provided by Swinging Hammers. For more information about the podcast go visit our website or like and join the...


For God’s Glory

Due to scheduling issues, we do not have a new episode to release this week on the Baptist Faith and Message or Donald Whitney's book on Spiritual disciplines. Though that is the case, we do have an episode we have a sermon by James D. White on Psalm 25:11. Psalm 25:11 For your name's sake, O LORD, pardon my guilt, for it is great.


Ordinary Means of Discipleship

In this week's episode, we have a recording of James White Preaching on Acts 2:42-47.


Are You Lead by the Spirit

In this week’s episode, we have a sermon preached by Krist Norsworthy. Let us explore the question, “Are you Lead by the Spirit” by looking at Romans.


Work for God’s Glory

This week's episode is a recent sermon by James D. White. We hope you enjoy this sermon on the importance of understanding that we were created to work, but due to the fall of man there will always be this tug-a-war between us and the difficulty of work. Thus, we are to work for God's glory, not for ourselves, our bosses, or even to provide for our families.


MM – Steps to Preparing a Sermon

On this week's episode of Minister's Minute, James discuss his process of developing a sermon. If your one that preaches regular, this may help you think through your process. If your a church member this may help speak into the process and work that your pastor puts in every week to prepare to preach God's Word. If you would like the PDF that James uses to walk through this process reach-out to us on Facebook or by sending us an email at everydayministrypodcast@gmail.com.


A Path to Different

After taking off the month of November, James gets together with Lonnie Free to discuss his book, "The Path to Different." We hope this episode is edifying for you and the ministry in which God has called you too. To purchase the book you can go to https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/108307024X/ref=dbs_a_def_rwt_bibl_vppi_i0. Lonnie serves as the student pastor at Centreville Baptist Church. He started in November 2017. He is currently enrolled as a student at Leavell College where he is...


Sola Fide

In this week’s episode, we will be playing the audio from an episode James did with James Watkins on the 5 Solas Podcast. We hope you enjoy the conversation on Faith Alone!


MM: A Case for Exegetical Preaching

In this episode of Minister’s Minute, Royce interviews James White about the importance of Exegetical Preaching. They discuss the uses of this method and contrast it with eisegetical preaching.


A Sermon by James D. White

Paul is writing to a group of believers and reminding them of somethings: They were once dead in their sins. They were delivered by the work of God. Their deliverance is their motivation. What their calling was. That their deliverer is there dependence in working. We are going to look at this text in five sections: Our Origin Story Our Deliverance Our Motivation Our Calling Our Dependence


Minister’s Minute: Objections to God – Part 1

In this Apologetics episode of Minister’s Minute, Royce will take a look at two objections to God’s existence offered by many atheists – The Presumption of Atheism and The Hiddenness of God. He explored Atheism as a default position and discusses why God may not have made Himself more obvious in the world.

The Spiritual Discipline of Learning

On this week’s episode James, Krist, and Royce get together to discuss the twelfth chapter of Donald Whitney’s book Spiritual Disciplines of the Christian Life on the spiritual discipline of learning. Join in on our conversation by sending us an email or a message on Facebook Messanger. All music for the show is provided by The August Guns. For more information about the podcast go visit our website or like and join the conversation on Facebook. If you enjoy the podcast and would like to...


Who’s Your One – Discipleship

In this episode, Daniel and James follow up from the previous episode of discussing “Who’s Your One?” “What do you do once your one has come to salvation?” 2 things: 1) disciple him or her to become mature believers who also pursue the lost 2) find a new one and start over


BFM – Baptism and Lord’s Supper

James and Daniel discuss the Baptist Faith and Message Article VII: Baptism and the Lord’s Supper. In doing so the guys dig deep to discover the biblical truth and picture of the gospel through these two ordinances of the church.


Who’s Your One – Evangelism

Daniel and James discuss the “Who’s Your One” movement. They spend this episode breaking down what it means to identify one person in your sphere of influence, one person who is close to you and far from God, that you commit to praying for and pursuing with the love of Christ. Three things to do in this pursuit: Pray for your one. Build a relationship with your one Seek ways to have gospel-centered conversation with your one.


The Spiritual Discipline of Journaling

In this Episode, James and Royce discuss the spiritual discipline of Journaling with their special guest, Aaron Day. Aaron helps define spiritual journaling and gives some good practical tips on how to journal effectively. Using Donald Whitney’s book Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life, the three discuss the benefits and best practices for Journaling as part of our daily devotion to God.


God as the Moral Foundation

In this episode of Minister’s Minute, Royce will tackle some major questions about human morality and God’s existence. Using the Moral Argument, he discusses objective moral values and duties and whether or not they actually exist, and the necessity of God as the foundation for such things.

BFM – The Church

In this weeks episode, James and Krist sit down to discuss the sixth article of The Baptist Fatih and Message on The Church. Though we have done a similar episode on the church in the past, we wanted to address it one more time as we walk through our study of the BFM 2000. A New Testament church of the Lord Jesus Christ is an autonomous local congregation of baptized believers, associated by covenant in the faith and fellowship of the gospel; observing the two ordinances of Christ, governed...


Apologetic Argument for the Creator

In this episode of Minister’s Minute, Krist asks Royce why it is reasonable to believe that a Creator of the universe exists. Using the Kalam Cosmological Argument, Royce discusses the scientific and philosophical confirmations for the beginning of the universe and shows why God is the best (and perhaps only) explanation for this beginning.