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The podcast where we do a little ranting, raving, and wand waving! We’ll be examining witchcraft and spirituality from a modern, fat, feminist perspective; with a cauldron full of sass.

The podcast where we do a little ranting, raving, and wand waving! We’ll be examining witchcraft and spirituality from a modern, fat, feminist perspective; with a cauldron full of sass.




The podcast where we do a little ranting, raving, and wand waving! We’ll be examining witchcraft and spirituality from a modern, fat, feminist perspective; with a cauldron full of sass.




Episode 85 - #WitchReads 2020 Wrap-Up!

Hi friends! Thank you for joining me today! It’s a chilly day and gigantic snowflakes are hitting my old windows while the cats snooze nearby and my coffee warms up my hands. It’s a perfect day to curl up with a good book – or 30. Today I'm talking about the books I was fortunate enough to read this year, and the ones I'm most excited about in 2021! Check out all my past book reviews on the blog! WitchReads 2021 Shelf on 2020's books: Orishas, Goddesses and Voodoo Queens...


Episode 84 - Magic Numbers for Witches Who Hate Numbers

Hey friends! Thank you for joining me on this chilly fall Friday the 13th! Today I’m talking about numerology and working with numbers even if you have a math-related learning disability like Dyscalculia, which I have! Even with my issues, Numerology is both shockingly simple, and accurate. I’m also talking about some other uses for numbers in your magical practice outside of the art of numerology. Get your Personal Numerology print-out HERE! The books I used for research are: In...


Episode 83 - Divining Love on All Hallow's Eve

Hello friends and thank you so much for tuning in to the show! For today’s episode, we’re going back to a Victorian Halloween tradition – love divinations and apple magic! You can now get signed & spelled copies of my books Green Witchcraft and The Grimoire Journal on my Storenvy shop - HTTP:// Thank you to my advertisers for this episode: Better Help - Want to get 10% off your first month of online counselling through Betterhelp? visit...


Episode 82 - Practical Pumpkin Spice Magic

Hey friends and thank you so much for tuning in to the show! Today’s episode is pumpkin spiced and full of practical magic. I’ll be talking about the magical properties of pumpkins and the spice blend we use to flavour them – ie how magical IS your pumpkin spice latte, really? I’m also talking a bit about Practical Magic! This 90s rom-com is so popular with witches of my generation and the continuation of the series of books on which the movie is based has only dragged us all further and...


Episode 81 - Moon Magic with Michael Herkes, The Glam Witch!

Hey friends! And thank you so much for joining me today – on this beautiful very first day of October! That’s right, it is, officially, the season of the witch! This year’s Halloween season is especially special because the month of October is bookended by these 2 beautiful full moons. Tonight’s full moon is the Harvest moon in the sign of Aries, while on Halloween night we have the supreme pleasure of a blue moon in Taurus. Today I am incredibly excited to welcome in the Season of the Witch...


Episode 80 - Baneful Bitchcraft: they protec/they attac

Today’s topic is magical protection – using spells and rituals to protect your body, home, emotions, psychic self, and friends. This is the second episode in my new series of episodes about baneful bitchcraft – curses, hexes, and taboo magic for revenge and destruction. Protection spells aren’t inherently baneful, of course, but many are used in self-defence. It’s also pretty prudent to cast protection spells on yourself before casting curses or as part of a larger ritual. I've also got a...


Episode 79 - An Episode About You

“This is An Episode About You” said the witch behind the mic. And you were pleased, because you always wanted to hear about yourself on your favourite podcast. Welcome to The Fat Feminist Witch. Today's Welcome to Nightvale parody/appreciation episode features Night Blooming Cereus and Bloodstone as the Sketchy Herb and Magic Rock, a ritual to break ancestral curses, and September tarotscopes using the Welcome to Nightvale Tarot deck. The Grimoire Journal: A Place to Record Spells,...


Episode 78 - Baneful Bitchcraft

Hello friends and thank you so much for tuning in today for episode 78 of the show Baneful Bitchcraft, the beginning of a series fo episodes where I talk about the formerly taboo topic of hexes, curses, and magical acts to cause pain or misfortune in the lives of others. Today we’re going to talk a little bit about this type of magic, where it comes from, why it’s used, and finally, how to create a curse or hex for yourself. For your own...


Episode 77 - Cosmic Conjure

Good evening stargazers and thank you so much for joining me today as we talk about what I call cosmic conjure or star magic. This is a branch of magic that draws energy from celestial sources, follows cosmic or astrological seasons and directives, and features spirits and deities of an extra-terrestrial nature. In this episode I'll teach you how to find a star of power and draw down stellar energy, how to work with the fixed stars of antiquity, and their associated terrestrial material...


Episode 76 - Skip to My LUGH!

Hey witches, thanks for tuning in to episode 76 of the show! Today’s episode, Skip to my Lugh, is all about the August 1st pagan holiday of Lughnasadh, its ancient and mythological Irish roots, and modern themes for celebration. For those who love episodes featuring stories of gods and magical people, I’ve got the tale of Mad Sweeney, made very popular lately thanks to Neil Gaiman’s American Gods. I've also got a new SKETCHY HERB AND MAGIC ROCK FOR YOU! This antique segment from the show is...


Episode 75 - Your Magical Body

Hello friends and thank you so much for tuning in to today's episode of The Fat Feminist Witch all about your magical body! I'm talking about palmistry, magical jewellery and body art, and medical astrology, and how to use these practices to know thyself and make some magic. Visit the YOUR MAGICAL BODY Pinterest board to find more about body magic! Booklist for this episode: Bodies of Subversion by Margot Mifflin Conscious Ink by Lisa Barretta Talk to the Hand by Vernon...


Episode 74 - Making Magic in The Bedroom

Hey witches and thank you so much for tuning in to my first episode in a series I am calling FFW PADS! All about home magic. So hey fat feminist witches, welcome to my pad! Haha. (I've been watching old episodes of CRIBS...) We are all staying home a little more than usual and I recently moved to a new place, so the magic of home and hearth is at the forefront of my mind. Today we’re talking about how to use magic to make the energy of your bedroom more conducive to your intentions or...


Interview 73 - Interview with Gabriela Herstik

Hey witches! Thanks for tuning in to episode 73 of the podcast, an interview with Gabriela Herstik, author of Inner Witch: A Modern Guide to the Ancient Craft, the High Priestess column in High Times Magazine, and Bewitching The Elements, which came out in April 2020. We talk about her book, elemental magic, and all the things we love about being a witch! Order your copy of Bewitching The Elements from my store and support the podcast, if you're in the US: Bookshop I have a...


Episode 72 - Grimoire 2: Electric Boogaloo

Hey witches and thanks for tuning in to episode 72 of the podcast, lovingly titled Grimoire 2: Electric Boogaloo. Today I’m going into more depth about what to put into your own grimoire and personalizing your practice by writing your own spells, rituals, and recipes. I’m also sharing a little bit about my newest book THE GRIMOIRE JOURNAL which is currently available for pre-order including a Balm that you can make to help you through Mercury Retrograde, which started on June 17th. You can...


Episode 71 - Interview with Nikki Van De Car!

Hello all you witches, seekers, and friends of ALL ages! Today's special guest is Nikki Van De Car and we're talking about her new book The Junior Witch's Handbook and making magic with kids and families. This entire episode is FAMILY FRIENDLY and includes music breaks and even some very special magical friends just for the witchy kids at home. I would love it if you all listened together as a family! The Junior Witch's Handbook comes out JUNE 2ND and is currently available for pre-order!...


Episode 70 - Ask The Fat Feminist Witch

Hello again witches, seekers, and friends and thank you so much for tuning in to this episode of The Fat Feminist Witch. Today I am answering questions from 9 different listeners about magic, astrology, crystals, alchemical symbols, and the afterlife. Thank you so much to everyone who submitted questions! I had SO many more than I could fit into 1 episode, so I will be making my way through them and answering more questions in future episodes! On Thursday May 28th I'll be interviewing...


Episode 69 - SURPRISE! Solitary Witchin'

SURPRISE! Hello witches! After a bit of a hiatus while I dealt with the coronavirus and some mental health struggles, I am back with a quick episode about me and the future of the podcast. Thank you so much to all of those who've sent messages asking for updates and about the status of the show. YES, THE FAT FEMINIST WITCH PODCAST IS STILL BEING MADE! Next week I've got a brand new episode where I answer all of YOUR questions! To find out more and submit a question to be answered on the...


Episode 68 - Clear Knowing

Hello everyone and thank you for tuning in to episode 68 clear knowing – all about the powers of psychic intuition. This method of experiencing psychic phenomena or receiving spiritual messages involves a sudden and unshakable KNOWING. A claircognizant person will suddenly know the answer to a problem, they’ll just know they have to turn right here even though the directions say go straight, they just KNOW when someone is lying and they know it like they know their own name. It’s not a...


Episode 67 - Muse-icology

Hey witches and thank you so much for joining me today for episode 67 of the podcast all about the most potent form of magic – music. Today I’m not only talking about music I like and how it inspires me, but I’m talking magical musical instruments, chakra music, using music for divination and the number 1 most witchy song in the history of time and my personal favourite – I Put a Spell on You. The title of today's episode is inspired by the immortal Prince, and the muses of greek...


Episode 66 - Fat Feminist Witch Valentine's Day Spectacular!!

Hello again witches, seekers, and friends, and welcome to The Fat Feminist Witch Podcast, the show where we do a little ranting, raving, and wand-waving. I’m your host, Paige, and together we are going to explore magic and spirituality, social justice, the psychic realm, the natural world, and most importantly – looooovvvveeeeee! I’m reviewing Astrology for Real Relationships by Jessica Lanyadoo and Crystal Healing and Sacred Pleasure by Vanessa Cuccia, sharing the epic tale of the love of...