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A podcast for positive free thinkers.

A podcast for positive free thinkers.




A podcast for positive free thinkers.








Kobe Bryant Tribute

Our tribute to the -Black Mamba- Kobe Bryant. In this podcast of The Free Thinking Human the host pays tribute to Kobe Bryant. He also speaks about the power of love, and passion, and how a lack of it is affecting society. Beginning audio credit Closing audio credit Links mentioned in the show are posted at Think Free, Live Freely, TFTH music from...


Habits and Flow States with Special Guest Nigel

We're joined by University of Manitoba graduate Nigel who is currently enrolled in business school at Red River College in Winnipeg Manitoba. Nigel helps us understand more about the brain, epigenetics, mental illness and addiction issues, as well as habits and flow states. We also speak about technology and social media addiction. The host speaks about his past fight with addiction and PTSD. Links mentioned in the show are posted at Think Free, Live...


Free-Thinking vs. Technology with Special Guest Chani

In This episode of The Free Thinking Human, we're joined by our friend and -fellow free thinker- Chani. We'll be discussing tons of topics such as AI, space travel, Holograms, and mind reading technology, as well as; Elon Musk, Einstein, Tesla, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos AND MORE! We'll also be touching on Some of the mind blowing articles we have shared at and the videos we have shared from YouTube in 2019. We'll also be briefly speaking about what we have in store...


The Power of Kangen Water

We're joined with special guest Jilly, from, who is going to be speaking to us about the power of kangen water. We all know that we are supposed to stay hydrated and make sure we have a proper amount of water intake daily. However, what if the water we are drinking isn't the healthiest type we could ingest? what effects could that have on us? Is there a healthier alternative? What's the science behind it? What scientific effects could it have on our bodies and our...


The Power Of Sound

In this episode of The Free Thinking Human we're joined by intuitive, empathic, sound healer, and life coach, Tara Lee from sacred earth adventures. We chat about the power of sound, the science behind it, solfeggio frequencies, chakras, and her experiences as a life coach and sound healer. For more information about Tara Lee's retreats, and sound healing events, you can contact Tara Lee here; Enjoy the show! More information on the power of sound is on our...


Real Technology To Listen To Your Plants Make Music!

Vanessa Pizzinato, from Canadian company PLANTchoir in Kingston Ontario, speaks with us about their revolutionary product. What is this tech? how does it work? what is the science behind it? who thought of it? and what are the reactions of people who experience it for the first time? Find out in this episode of The Free Thinking Human. Think Free, Live Freely, TFTH. Twitter Instagram


Intuition and Clairvoyance with Special Guest Terryl

This episode welcomes our special guest, and empathic, intuitive, clairvoyant, medium Terryl. What is it like to be an empathic, medium, clairvoyant? Is there negative stigmas regarding it? where might these stigmas stem from? what is it like to tap into these gifts in today's society? Does it have an impact on relationships? And what can you do if you believe that you might have these gifts, but question if they are real, or if you should listen to them? Find out in this episode of The...


Mind Reading Technology

Is mind reading technology fact or fiction? Is it plausible that it could be mainstream within the next few years, and available to everyday consumers? What ramifications could this have on humanity? Who is behind technology like this? Find out in this episode of the free thinking human. brought to you by Please help us grow by sharing our content. Contact Us! Twitter Instagram Music from "Slow Burn" by...


Time And Failure

What do Edison, Musk and Jobs have in common? Why were they able to overcome as many "failures" as they did.. and still reach success? Are we able to dig down deep like they did -persevere- and overcome trials and tribulations? Find out in this bonus episode of The Free Thinking Human. There might be some correlations in this episode that you have never thought of before. Twitter @akaTFTH Instagram @live.freely.tfth Music from "Slow Burn" by...


Positivity vs the protestant work ethic, and reality TV

This episode goes into our personal positivity, and questions whether or not negativity is becoming more normalized then positivity. We speak about one of our blogs on something called the protestant work ethic from the University of Amsterdam, amongst others, and hope to trigger some thought processes regarding macro perception on controlling, manipulative behaviour.


Who is Edward Leedskalnin and what exactly was he able to do?

The mysterious Coral Castle, EMF's, John Hutchinson, Edward Leedskalnin What do these things have in common? Were they capable of something we think isn't possible? A brief summary of a couple articles on


Less Division More Vision

A brief clarification of our last episode, our belief in humanity, and our stance on diversity, solidarity and culture. #lessdivisionmorevision @akaTFTH @live.freely.tfth


Brief introduction and an inspirational story from

Our first podcast! We briefly introduce the show, and our guest Chani. Chani has overcome some tremendous obstacles in his young adult life. One of which was being stranded in a new country, for over a year, without family or friends in his teenage years.