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The Genshai Effect: The Book

Take a second and think about all the people around you that have had a major influence on your life. Kristin and Lance met one such person on a recent trip. The influence they had on others was worthy of living Genshai! But what if YOU could learn to Give, Live and Master Genshai? They talk about the book "The Genshai Effect". Find out about the 3 featured concepts that have changed lives. How do you show up every day? How can you be an example? When excellence is an option, you start to...


Learn about The Genshai Coin

"You are of value, You are my Brother". These are the powerful words that were used the first time Lance heard about the concept of The Genshai Coin. So what is The Genshai Coin? Wouldn't it be an incredible reminder to have a coin as a touchstone to live Genshai? Lance and Kristin share their stories about the origins of the coin, describe the design of the coin, how it is put to use and the way it has reshaped lives! Why are these coins so difficult to keep to yourself? Get ready to learn...


The Why of Genshai

It's important in life to represent yourself, So how do you treat others? Whether it's being cut off on the freeway or maybe people who are rude or unkind, the way you treat others is life-changing when you can live Genshai! Kristin and Lance talk about how living Genshai can change your whole perspective on life and the importance of “Never treat anyone in a manner which makes them feel small, including yourself.” They talk about actively paying it forward to others and being able to give...


Welcome to The Genshai Effect

Genshai is an ancient word that means, “Never treat anyone in a manner which makes them feel small, including yourself.” Your hosts Kristin Andress and Lance Shiffman introduce you to The Genshai Effect and share their personal stories. Learn what it means to live Genshai, the importance of giving to yourself, and getting out of your head and into your heart! Find out who you truly are and get ready to live in your own excellence. Get ready to live Genshai!