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Hong Kong, The USA, Plus Trump Trolls The Washington Post

Is that Trump's head in Rocky’s body? And USA flags in Hong Kong? So why do Hong Kong Protesters not appeal to Great Britain for protection? Isn’t that the country that made this deal? Could it be that the U.K. and EU in general has already made its bed with China? Is former PM Cameron employee by China to promote their Silk Road?


Three Keys to Becoming Unstoppable - As God Wants You!

God wants you unstoppable! Don’t back down and don’t retreat. In this broadcast, I share three keys to becoming unstoppable! LEARN MORE: “Be steadfast and immovable” 2 Cor 15: 58 Now is the time for you to push into the unstoppable zone - it's the season for not backing down, and living with the persistent realization that God wants you to push through until you breakthrough. Your agreements shape your authorization. Whatever you're agreeing with - delay...


Presidential Pardons, Schiff's Impeachment Push, And Thanksgiving

The President gave a pardon and, no matter what he does, the left and the Democrats will fight him. The President pardoned a decorated Navy SEAL, Special Chief Eddie Gallagher, who was almost fully acquitted by a military jury. Secretary of the Navy, Richard Spencer, resisted the order by his Commander-in-Chief to restore Gallagher to his full rank, he just refuses to obey it. CBS asked him what's wrong with following a lawful order and he said 'nothing!' Meanwhile, Adam Schiff and his...


President Trump, Douglas Murray, & The Madness Of Crowds

There's something I've been hearing again and again about President Trump and the way he tweets. When he tweeted about Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al Baghdadi and that "He died like a dog, like a coward," people reacted to that. He wasn't talking to you or me, he was talking to the Islamic State recruiters, to prevent them from turning the guy into a martyr. People don't like the President's "warlike" rhetoric. There's a time for peace and a time for war. Right now there is a battle...


Spiritual Warfare Dreams, The Divinity Code, Plus God Working in Australia & The US

I want you to meet two people I recently connected with, Adam Thompson and Adrian Beale, who have a ministry called the Divinity Code. They specialize in a couple of different things but one thing they are great at is prophetically interpreting dreams. My wife, Annabelle, along with a few others, were moved to tears when they were prophetically interpreting dreams. They've also written a LOT of books, their favorite being The Divinity Code, a bible-based teaching that shows you how to...


Trump Impeachment Inquiry All The Latest Updates

What to know about this week... They are coming after Trump because his Attorney General is coming after them. The rogue State Department and intelligence officers who conspired to remove a duly elected President from office are pulling out the stops in the State Department. The so-called “whistleblower” (who didn’t actually even hear the call) actually worked for Biden and was involved with the Ukraine deals being investigated. Can you imagine? It’s like the Pharisees trying to come up with...


Reformation Week & We're 1 Year From Election...

Today we're going to be talking about Mike Pompeo and The Reformation. You all need to start paying attention to this brilliant Secretary of State. He just did a message for the Claremont Institute and it is so hectic! This is reformation week, one year from the election and though the Democrats aren't going to be able to impeach Trump, they're going to put the country through a nightmare because they're so fixated on destroying him. Let’s pray and update on Kanye, China,...


Witches Do Curses, Trump Hunts ISIS & The State Dept. Conspires...

I am increasingly shocked by how uninformed Christians are about their own protection and survival. It's frequently a conversation starter wherever I go - people ask about the President and the impeachment. They're not asking because they're upset about it, they're asking because they're concerned he might have done something and what he might have done. Here's the thing, the future of American will not be determined by corrupt politicians, or the vile, deranged, media outlets who hate the...


Important Word On President Trump, Turkey, Syria And The Kurds.

A lot of you have been wondering what's happening with the President and Turkey and I've got a very important update for you. I just flew home from Tel Aviv, Israel, Brazil, and San Diego. Just when I arrived in Jerusalem in Israel for the Feast Of Tabernacles, I actually edified myself about God's faithfulness and what he's doing in the Nations. Just as I got done talking, someone came up to me and said "You won't believe what the President of the United States just did." Of course, the...


Lance Wallnau at Mount Zion - Mount of Olives, Jerusalem on Yom Kippur

Today I'm at Mount Zion and just behind me is the Mount of Olives. You can probably hear it in the video but they are doing the call to prayer around the country right now. Today is the day of atonement, Yom Kippur, the high holy day of the Jewish festivals. I'm flying out and I felt like the Lord was taking me back through Leviticus, through the significance of that one day a year. In Exodus, God told Moses to instruct Aaron that one day a year he comes before the Lord's presence in the...


What I Found Out About The Real Impeachment Story!

I'm in Brazil, and I had to broadcast because I somehow get more information on what's going on in America when I'm out of the country! There's so much spiritual warfare going on in America, and it seems that I need to leave to get a clear look at what's going on. Let me tell you what's going on with the impeachment story. This story involves Brennan, the deep state, William Taylor (temporary ambassador to Ukraine), the CIA, and the Steele dossier.


Adam Schiff, Trump & The Deep State

Adam Schiff - chairman of deep state intelligence committee just lied and made up a transcript of the Presidents talk with Ukraine leader. LIED! And later dismissed it.


The Breaking News You Didn't Hear!

Nothing amazes me more than the BREAKING NEWS nobody hears. Trump takes on U.N. world order and follows up with first ever U.N. mtg on the plight of persecuted believers - and nobody knows! At the end of my step by step analysis of Trumps bold challenge to nations. Each punch thrown at corrupt players in the room, listening. I could feel the weight of this battle on the Presidents shoulders and felt the urge to pray for him. Something rose in me and we shifted gears. Then a spirit of...


The Clapper-Tapper Caper

There was a great story in the Epoch Times recently about Comey, James Clapper & John Brennan. Remember the supposed story where Russia supposedly had compromising information on the President that turned out to be totally false? Well Comey knew it was fictitious from the start! That didn't matter though, because he and his friends could use that bogus story to attack the President and try to remove him from office. Because they know better than you, they know better than the will of 60...


The Colorado Blueprint

Colorado has been under siege by progressives and legislators wanting to make our state as ungodly as possible. Unopposed, they will succeed. As Christians, we need not be intimidated or feel powerless to see things change. We must rally together to restore faith, family, and freedom to our communities and to our government! Nothing less than a unified effort will do. Let’s learn how to make a real difference in the state we call home!


A Real "Ah Ha"!

We had a wild time at our D.C. event recently but now I'm travelling again to Andrew Wommack's "In God We Trust" Rally. I'm going to let you in on how Colorado was used as a blueprint for the leftist takeover of America and how 4 multimillionaires used that blueprint to flip Colorado at all levels. They took it from one of the most conservative states to one of the most confused!


Remembering 9/11

I was with World Trade Center employees on the day the towers fell. I heard some amazing stories that I'm going to share with you. Like how that day, out of everyone trapped in an elevator in tower two, a window washer was the one who had the emotional intelligence to save them all - not the people with the ivy league educations who made the huge salaries.


Amazing close with Congressman Bob McEwen

Our latest dream trip in D.C. was fantastic and to finish it off, Congressman Bob McEwen joined us! Don't miss the powerful synergy that happened in Washington D.C. Sign up for our livestream replays here:


Mario Murillo Live At Dream Trip DC!

Don't miss the powerful synergy that happened in Washington D.C. Sign up for our livestream replays here:


Interview With David Harris Jr.

Check out this great interview I did with David Harris Jr.!