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Parenting for Faith exists to equip and encourage parents to raise God-connected children and teens. In the podcast, Rachel Turner offers ideas and tools, answers questions, reviews books, hosts interviews and panel discussions. Discover our free course for churches and more at Parenting for Faith is part of the Bible Reading Fellowship, a registered charity.

Parenting for Faith exists to equip and encourage parents to raise God-connected children and teens. In the podcast, Rachel Turner offers ideas and tools, answers questions, reviews books, hosts interviews and panel discussions. Discover our free course for churches and more at Parenting for Faith is part of the Bible Reading Fellowship, a registered charity.


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Parenting for Faith exists to equip and encourage parents to raise God-connected children and teens. In the podcast, Rachel Turner offers ideas and tools, answers questions, reviews books, hosts interviews and panel discussions. Discover our free course for churches and more at Parenting for Faith is part of the Bible Reading Fellowship, a registered charity.




#61 Bonus Episode: Faith and coronavirus - what do we tell the kids?

This is the recording of our Facebook Live event on how to talk to your kids and teens about faith and the coronavirus. To watch the original video and read the notes, go to If you want to help keep families connected to church and to each other at this time, head to For help and advice on running the Parenting for Faith course online while socially distancing, go to To...


#60 Sisyphus the Greek King, explaining the call to prayer and additional needs support

Rachel delves into her teenage nerdyness of Greek mythology to give us some encouragement! She reflects on how helping our child to meet and know God isn't a goal to complete but a journey of coming alongside them. Our question today comes from a parent who lives in an Islamic country and wants to explain the call to prayer to her four year old. In our wildcard section, we introduce a new resource that we've produced in partnership with Naomi Graham, Kay Morgan-Gurr and Mark Arnold to make...


#59 God answering prayers, dating as a single parent and ruthlessly eliminating hurry

We kick off this week, by looking at a question we often ask 'Has God answered our prayer?' and explore some alternatives. In the Q and A section, Rachel explores a question from a single parent about how to frame for their child their relationship journey as they start dating. You can watch the Facebook Live videos about boyfriends and girlfriends at . The wildcard section this week is a 'book that you don't have time to...


#58 Hitting dead ends, the world's view of failure and Allstar Kids Club GO

Rachel shares from her personal experience of life and ministry, some ideas to help you get 'unstuck' when you hit a dead end in helping your kid meet and know God. She answers a question from one of our Facebook Live events on how to help our kids learn to fail well when they live in a world that punishes failure. Anna interviews Simon Parry about the new streaming channel Allstars Kids Club GO. Check it out at


#57 The Chosen TV series, choosing a school and podcast clubs

We kick off by talking about The Chosen ( multi-season show about the life of Jesus and how we can use different representations of Jesus to chat about how we see Him. Our question this week is from a parent looking at choosing secondary schools. How do we balance the different merits of faith schools, letting the child be key in the decision making and maintaining friendships? Anna chats to Sanna about podcast clubs. Sanna shares how she got started, how it...


#56 Types of prayer, equipping kids to find answers in the Bible and explaining death and funerals

In this episode, we explore different types of prayer, such as intercession, corporate prayer and chat and catch. How do we describe these to our children in a way that enables them to engage with it? Olly Goldenberg from Children Can, answers a question about how to equip our children and teenagers to find their own answers in the Bible. Annie Willmot from Honest Conversation shares from her experience as a funeral pastor, about how to talk to children about death, dying and funerals.


#55 Framing the new year, the taste of communion and At Home with God with Olly Goldenberg

Rachel kicks of the New Year by asking how we can frame for our kids what is coming up this year. She unpacks the idea of the law of first mention and what it means for spiritual parenting. She answers a very practical question about what to do if your kid doesn't like the taste of communion. In the wildcard section, Anna interviews Olly Goldenberg of Children Can about the new series of At Home with God. For more details, see


#54 The power of the apology, how to handle Herod and birds in the woods

In today' episode, Rachel digs into the power of apology and how to apologise, just in case we need to, over the Christmas holidays! She talks about how you to talk to your kids about Herod and his role in the Christmas story. Finally, Becky shares a reflection from the woods and what birds have to do with Parenting for Faith.


#53 Christmas Special: Nativity characters, under fives in church and unwinding

In this special Christmas episode, we look at different characters in the nativity and how they found and met Jesus. We answer a question about how to help kids who are free range during church on a Sunday. In the final section, we look at different muddled views of God that children can get at Christmas and how to unwind them.


#52 A 'should' free Christmas, dealing with rejection and what our children really need

Today's first section is all about remembering that you don't have to! There are so many spiritual opportunities at Christmas and Rachel explains why you don't have to take all of them. We answer a question about how to help our children when they are being Christ-like and are rejected for it at school. Finally, Becky shares a powerful reminder of what God has for children in her reflections on a recent trip to Uganda and North and South Sudan.


#51 Praying 'the prayer', divorce and milestones

How do you lead your kids in a decision to follow Christ whilst you're at home? Should we encourage them to pray a specific prayer or wait for them to approach us? Is this a one-off event or an ongoing journey? Becky answers a question about how to support your child through parental separation or divorce. In the wildcard section, Rachel talks about milestones.


#50 Your journey of chat and catch, toddlers and Redeeming Advent

We kick off this week's episode by exploring your journey of chat and catch. Rachel answers a question about a toddler who doesn't believe God is real. Anna interviews Lucy Rycroft, author of Redeeming Advent, about how to bring our focus back to God as we prepare for Christmas.


#49 Talking about God without asking questions, RE lessons and talking with teens

Rachel explores how to create opportunities to talk about God without always asking questions. She answers a listener's question about how to help their child deal with peers being aggressive in RE lessons. In our wildcard section, we welcome back Crystal Chiang to get some top tips from her on talking to teenagers.


#48 Responding to the good stuff, lying and why do people like being scared?

Rachel kicks off by talking about how to respond to the good things going on - we talk a lot about how to help your kid with difficult situations but what about when things are going well? She answers a question on how to talk to your kid about lying. The wildcard section is to help you frame Halloween, and discuss why some people take joy in the darkness and being scared. Halloween 1 - What’s with the joy of being scared?


#47 Fun in faith formation, nothing for little ones and annoyed at school.

We start by asking how important is fun in faith formation? Sarah Hogben, Children's Work Team Leader at Gateway Church in York answers a question about what to do if you go to a church with no provision for under threes... and you have some with you! In the wildcard section, find out why Rachel is annoyed at her kid's school.


Halloween Bonus Episode

In this bonus episode, we pull together content from different places on Halloween. It explores: - how to decide what you personally think about Halloween and how to explain that to your child. - how to find the right fit for your family and tailor your response to them - how to engage or deal with films that talk about the afterlife such as Coco - how to help your children find comfort in the darkness with a sample chapter from Rachel's book.


#46 Shame, different rules for different families and a Norwegian wedding

This week, Rachel asks how can we help our kids deal with shame? She answers a question about how to handle the situation where your kids aren't allowed to see or hear the same things as their peers. In our wildcard section, Anna shares what it was like to attend an event and church service in a different language and culture. This sparked four ideas for how to help our kids and visitors navigate a church service.


#45 Homegrown, being kind to ourselves and Rachel's teen years

Anna asks what are we growing in our kids and shares how to get involved with the Homegrown online conference on Tuesday 8 October, for more see . We take our question this week from a parent who asked 'How can we be merciful to ourselves?'. We hear lots of great ideas and advice but sometimes it can just feel overwhelming and we can beat ourselves up or feel too scared to start. Rachel shares what to do if you find yourself in that rut. For our wildcard section...


#44 What Saul did right, explaining concubines and heading off to uni

This week, we kick off by looking at the story of David and Goliath(1 Sam 17)and asking what Saul's role was. What did he do and what can we learn from it? During our Facebook Live events (, we encourage you to ask questions about anything. We were asked one about how to explain Bible stories that include non-monogamous relationships, for example concubines. Discover how Rachel tackled it in our Q and A section. In our wildcard section, Anna...


#43 Different worldviews, not holiday club anymore and gender neutral toys

Becky kicks off with some thoughts on the gospel and different worldviews. Rachel answers the question 'Why isn't the church more like holiday club?' The wildcard section is an exploration of gender neutral toys, do we think they are a good idea or not?