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Heartfelt, honest, God-centered advice for women on faith, family, business and more from motivational coach, minister, and mental health counselor, Diathe Garnes! Be About the Business of Living Your Best Life!

Heartfelt, honest, God-centered advice for women on faith, family, business and more from motivational coach, minister, and mental health counselor, Diathe Garnes! Be About the Business of Living Your Best Life!
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Heartfelt, honest, God-centered advice for women on faith, family, business and more from motivational coach, minister, and mental health counselor, Diathe Garnes! Be About the Business of Living Your Best Life!






Season 2: Episode 20: The Power of God’s Protection!

Being under God's protective hand is such a privilege! Being without His protection is such a difficult and lonely place to be, but it's up to us which way we decide to live. We often inadvertently work against the things that God is trying to do to protect us. This will lead us to painful life lessons that could have been avoided. When we decide to live under the amazing power of God's protection, we still encounter pain, but we are gifted with peace and strength to endure it. What will you...


Season 2: Episode 19: Hello Queen! It's Okay...

Sometimes we simply need to hear that things are okay... that we are okay just where and how we are. Not because we're perfect, but because we're beautiful works in progress. This message is for you because you are becoming better each and every day! And about all of those mess ups? Hey, keep on working, and pushing... and trust me when I say... it's okay! You are okay!


Season 2: Episode 18: Your Heart Will Heal…Again

Life is full of cycles of difficult experiences that require us to recover again and again. In the midst of the pain it can feel like healing is an impossible task. The worst part is that we often find ourselves in these painful situations due to our own decisions and missteps. We must work harder at protecting the most important and sensitive parts of ourselves. But, thankfully, resiliency is a part of our human DNA... and even when it doesn't seem like it, your heart will heal...again.


Season 2: Episode 17: Don't Give Up! It's Time to Cash Out Your "Sweat Equity"!

It can be very tempting to allow your circumstances to define your life. It can also be very tempting to give up when our circumstances seem difficult to bear. But, I believe that every time we push through and refuse to give up we gain "sweat equity" that will pay off for us later. Don't give up now! You're almost there!.


Season 2: Episode 16: Labor Pains: Journeying Through the Situation Room of Life Part 2

The situation room is basically symbolic of the people who are most intimate with us, or our inner circle. These people often have access to the most important, secret, vital, information about our lives and are often aware of our decisions, goals, dreams, and even our trials and the difficulties we face. When we are birthing the visions for our lives, there will be labor pains. Understanding who's with you in "the room" while you're birthing can make labor easy or hard and can determine...


Season 2: Episode 15: Birthing Your Vision: Journeying Through the Situation Room of Life

When you're giving birth to a vision, you have to be careful about who you allow in the birthing room. The situation room is symbolic of the circle of those who most closely walk with you on your journey. It's a place of intimacy, where the biggest and most important things in life are discussed. Have you ever honestly considered who you have around you or considered their purpose in your life? Learn more on this episode!


Season 2: Episode 14: Knowing When to Open Up and When to Shut Up!

Unfortunately, as women, many of us have this habit of opening up way too much... when shutting ALL the way up would have been the better choice! Some people love it when we over share because it gives them juicy stuff to discuss about us or about other people. It's so important that we use discernment to guage when we should open up, with whom we should open up, and where we should open up. Most importantly, it's good to have the gift of shutting up! Do you have it?


Season 2: Episode 13: Having Peace Where You Are!

Regardless of what stage, position, or situation you're currently experiencing in life, peace is not only possible, but it's also necessary. We've previously talked about distinguising the seasons of life and we know how important that process is. But, even without knowing what season you're in, just learning to be at peace regardless of what's happening around you, or within you is key for very best life living! Think it's easier said than done? Listen to this week's episode and find out...


Season 2: Episode 12: How I always win, and how you can too!

You know, life can hit hard and it can hit often! Many times it can feel like a losing fight... but I have decided to be a winner even when I lose and you can too. It's not because life doesn't hurt or because of having a perfect life, which none can claim. Despite the challenges you may face, you can win even when you lose...find out how on this episode!


Season 2: Episode 11: Recognizing and Loving the Season You’re In

One of the most amazing things about life are its seasons. We experience natural seasons in our environment and spiritual seasons within our lives. Like a tide hitting sand, seasons come and go, often hitting us hard and fiercely, and at other times, soft and gently. In order to make the most of the season you’re in, you must first be able to discern it. Imagine not knowing the difference between winter and summer. You would be ill prepared to operate in a way best suited for your...


Season 2: Episode 10: 65 Powerful, Living Your Best Life Affirmations!

When is the last time you took the time to affirm the things you want to bring forth in your life? Affirmations are basically positive statements that can help you overcome such challenges as self-sabotaging, negative thoughts, a lack of motivation, a lack of focus, and a lack of hope and faith, just to name a few. There's evidence that suggests that affirmations can help you to perform better in all areas of life including your work life and personal life. Even though repeating affirmations...


Season 2: Episode 09: Own Your Power

Often we live our lives as if we are powerless over the things that happen to us. We allow people, circumstances, situations, and even our own negative beliefs to steal our God-given power. Being made in the image of The All Powerful, we were created to have dominion. We were made to be powerful! For all the time you've spent giving away your power, it's time to make aplogies and serve notices! It's time to own your power!


Season 2: Episode 08: Just Don’t Give Up!

Listen, here's the thing, life will give you plenty of reasons to give up. Circumstances will come that don't make sense, challenges will come that seem too hard to face, and obstacles will come that seem to block your path forward. There will also be people who will bring pain, drama, and difficulty. Giving up can often seem like the easiest way out. But, if there's one lesson that has impacted my life the most it was the realization that as long as I woke up each morning and persevered in...


Season 2: Episode 07: The Best of The SAB Show Episode

What is your favorite episode of The She's About Business Show? What was your favorite topic? When doing a best of show episode, it's impossible to pick everyone's favorite. So for this episode, I picked a few of the topics that got the most feedback for resonating most as helping listeners move toward living their very best lives and having the most impact! If you need a refresher on overcoming bitterness, avoiding distractions, creating your own blueprint, moving from victim to warrior,...


Season 2: Episode 06: Never give up on becoming the person you dream of becoming!

If you're like most people, you probably have the perfect you in your head. Well, she's as close to perfect as a person can be. She's confident, well groomed, with a wardrobe to die for and she's mentally, physically, and spiritually healthy. She has great relationships, and a job or business that she loves and is successful at, and is able to bounce back quickly from setbacks and trials. She sounds awesome, right! The bad news is that for most, the vision of themselves in their heads rarely...


Season 2: Episode 05: When Nothing But Action Will Work

There are some times in life where the time for talking, thinking, crying it out etc... is over and we have to take goal driven action in order to see the results that we want! Some would argue that talking, thinking, or crying are all ations, which is true. But, it's also true that you can't talk, think, or cry change into happening. Words, thoughts, or tears have their place, but when you're at a time and place in your journey when it's time to act, nothing else will work to bring real...


Season 2: Episode 04: Moving from the Vision to the Reality

Do you have a goal or a dream that you can see yourself accomplishing so clearly that you wonder why you haven't done it already? Often, God will give us the vision of what He has for us long before we are ready to step into the reality of it. It won't just happen magically, there's some work for us to do! Specifically, there are 4 steps that I call Quadruple H that will help you move from the vision to the reality! Learn more on this episode!


Season 2: Episode 03: Overcoming People PTSD

We were born to be social creatures. From the time we're born, until the time we die, we survive through interactions with other living things. We depend on these interactions for our survival and growth. The relationships we have in our lives should breathe life into us and make life all the more sweet. But, unfortunately, relationships are often abusive, destructive, and traumatic. Whenever there's trauma, PTSD can result, even within relationships. Although "People PTSD," is my own...


Season 2 - Episode 02: You’re Elevation Continues: From Functioning to Flourishing

Many people live their lives simply functioning from day to day... going through the motions, and feeling as if something is missing in their lives. If this is you, but you're ready for something different... listen to this episode! If you're ready to put in the work, make an effort, and change your mind, it's time to learn how you can go from functioning to flourishing as you allow God's elevation to over take you!


Season 2 - Episode 01: You’re Being Elevated, and some of the things you wanted no longer deserve you!

Welcome to Season 2! It's time to go harder and step into our season of elevation! You and God both know that you want that thing, situation, or circumstance really bad... and maybe you believe that it's all you deserve...But, does it deserve you? If you are ready for your season of elevation, you have to be willing to leave behind things, people, places, situations, etc... Do you want what God has for you bad enough to do it? Find out more on this episode!