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"Discovering Jewels of Wisdom in God's Word" - Josie Miranda shares the gems she finds in her S.O.A.P. Bible devotions.

"Discovering Jewels of Wisdom in God's Word" - Josie Miranda shares the gems she finds in her S.O.A.P. Bible devotions.


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"Discovering Jewels of Wisdom in God's Word" - Josie Miranda shares the gems she finds in her S.O.A.P. Bible devotions.






"Psalm 138" - Episode 09

Today's Soap Devotional is based on Psalm 138. Pastor Wayne Cordeiro Sermon (includes overview of the SOAP Bible Study Method) The Divine Mentor (Book) Life Journal Podcast Facebook Page:


"Solutions & Instructions" - Episode 08

Today's devotion is based on Exodus 16. God is more than capable of providing solutions for our circumstances, but sometimes we ignore the instructions that come with His solutions. I would love for you to visit and like my facebook page:


"Boundaries" - Episode 07

Today's S.O.AP. devotion is based on Exodus 20:18-21 God's people had just heard the 10 commandments for the first time and they were terrified! Moses was there to give them some insight and encouragement. Here is your "$10 off promo code" good towards any Horatio Printing purchase. This is where I have purchased my "Seasons of Soap" Devotionals. They also have a new Easter Devotional so go check them out: "Made A Way" Series at Church on the...


"Enduring Fruit" (My Tikal Story) Episode 06

John 15:9-16 has so much to unpack! I could have written 3 devotions on these verses. This devotion was very personal to me and my walk with God. I share the story of when God told me He, His Word was the enduring thing I was longing for. Check out my facebook page, I might just post some pictures from our trip to Tikal in 2015!


"Come As You Are" - Episode 05

In this episode, I share my S.O.A.P Bible Devotion on the Pharisee and the "sinful woman" in Luke 7. S.O.A.P Bible Study Overview Instrumental Worship Music for prayer and meditation. I usually have some of this music playing while I'm doing my SOAP devotions in an effort to keep me focused on bible study and to set an atmosphere of worship. Dappy Keys Youtube Channel: Purchase your Life Journal...


"God Is Not In a Hurry" - Episode 04

This is a short and sweet devotion about God's decision to lead the Israelites out of Egypt through the long way instead of taking the shorter route. God was not in a hurry for Israel to get to their promised land, he was more concerned about their heart. Here is the link to the Sermon Series I mention in this episode: "Made A Way" Sermon Series - Church on the Hill - San Jose, Ca How to Use the S.O.A.P. Bible study...


"The Other Mary & Martha Story" - Episode 03

In today's episode, we read the "other Mary & Martha story" where they are faced with the death of their brother Lazarus. There are many lessons we can learn from the response of Mary, Martha as well as Jesus. Here is a video I recorded with an overview of the S.O.A.P Bible study method and the different ways I've used it. Here is the link to the new sermon series "Get Growing" by my pastor Scott Simmerock - Church on the Hill - San Jose,...


Is God Good? - "Abraham's Worship" - Episode 02

I wrote this in September 2020. This story is such a great example of surrender and obedience to God, but God is also a main character in this story. I explore that a bit in this devotion and tie it into what Worship really is using Abraham's example all while asking a fundamental question: Is God Good? Here is the link to the youtube video where I share my experience in detail with the S.O.A.P Bible study method.


Intro Episode - Mary's Response

This is the 1st episode of the Treasure JEM Podcast. I have been using the S.O.A.P. Bible study method for a few years and it has been of great value for my spiritual life. My goal through the podcast is to share the beautiful gems I have found in my bible devotions with the Lord and to encourage you to seek those gems for yourself. Thank you for watching my first episode! Here is a youtube video where I show you more detailed information on the different ways I have used this...