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Dharma talks on Zen Buddhism from students of the Village Zendo in New York City.

Dharma talks on Zen Buddhism from students of the Village Zendo in New York City.


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Dharma talks on Zen Buddhism from students of the Village Zendo in New York City.




Talk by Soten “Daisu’s Aeonic Fire”

We know these are transformative times for society. Neil Soten Theise brings up “Dasui’s Aeonic Fire” to consider how each of us might use this time to transform and awaken. Podcast audio only here:


Talk by Fusho “An Oyster Swallowing the Moon”

February 23, 2020 Fusho examines the ecological benefits of oysters and how they relate to the wisdom that emerges in zazen.


Talk by Jiryu “How Not to Panic”

You can work with fear, so long as you remember who you are and your intention to practice. Panic, however, obliterates you. It leaves you naked and alone in the dark. This talk offers two methods to prevent fear from growing into panic. Recorded January 23, 2020.


Talk by Gessho “Who Will Save the World?”

Gessho explores our relationship to planetary crisis through the koan Nanquan Kills a Cat


Talk by Jiryu “You Look So Zen”

Jiryu give the third talk of our winter retreat: The conventional image of Zen is a monk in robes, sitting in lotus position. But whoever you are, wherever you are—on retreat, at home, or even in a floating jail—you’re Zen when you improvise a response to the situation.


Talk by Yuuka “Donkey Feet and Buddha Hands”

Yuuka confronts an ALS diagnosis with the help of Baochi’s verse from Case 27 of Zen Echoes. Where is the true person without rank? (Note: The talk begins with a few moments of Noble Silence) Recorded December 28th, 2019.


Talk by Ryoshin “Buddha’s Enlightenment”

In this talk senior student Ryoshin celebrates Rohatsu, the anniversary of the Buddha’s Enlightenment, and the gift of the teachings that have been passed down to us. What did the Buddha realize after sitting for six long years under the Bodhi Tree? His realization, and ours, is that we are fundamentally free, and not separate […]


Talk by Musho “Two Reasons for Rohatsu”

Senior Student Musho gave this talk on Rohatsu, the Zendo’s annual all night meditation retreat. Musho gives two reasons for sitting all night long: First to celebrate the radical and inclusive enlightenment of Shakyamuni, the historical Buddha and founder of Buddhism. Second to save the world. Recorded December 8th 2019 The talk mentions a recent […]


Talk By Jiryu “When Buddha Met a Murderer”

When The Buddha Met A Murderer Senior Student Jiryu explains that everyone deserves the opportunity for redemption. Everyone deserves a place in our sangha so we can practice together. Recorded December 5th, 2019


Talk by Musho “Thanks for Your Reply”

In this talk Senior Student Musho enters Case 36 from the Blue Cliff Record “Ch’ang Sha Wandering in the Mountains.” There he makes a case for wandering and noticing the subtle changes all around us. Recorded November 14, 2019.


Talk by Gessho “The Reluctant Bodhisattvas”

November 7, 2019 Gesshō looks at the story of the Bodhisattvas who refuse to visit Vimalakirti while he is sick and reflects on our own reluctance to connect with suffering.


Talk by Jo An “Autumn Colors, Free from Illness”

Jo An shares how autumn has changed the boundaries of his property, clearing away foliage and making his neighbors more visible. He relates this to his work as a nurse, where boundaries of health care provider and patient are always shifting and evolving.


Talk by Jiryu “Five Ways to Establish a Rock-Solid Meditation Habit”

Meditation can transform your life, but it only works if you sit regularly. You can establish a strong, serious meditation practice by following these five methods. Recorded October 3rd 2019.


Talk by Fusho “On Trying”

Through the Vimalakirti Sutra, Dogen’s Guidelines for Studying the Way, and her own creative writing process, Fusho examines the value of effort in our daily lives.


Talk by Jiryu “How To Dissolve The Self”

September 12, 2019 Whenever you do something with full attention, your self naturally merges with your activity. Pay attention to how the self shifts and moves, and you can start to see through the illusion of ego.


Talk by Jisei “Ordinary! Supernatural! Vimalakirti’s Sick Room”

September 8, 2019 Jisei explores the Vimalakirti Sutra, pointing to the intersection of the ordinary and the supernatural–where joy and wonder are always available in the midst of suffering.


Talk by Ryoshin “This Broken World”

September 5, 2019 Given all of the seemingly intractable problems in the world today, it would be easy to lose heart or simply tune out. Ryoshin examines how the Buddha’s teachings can allow us to stay present with what’s happening in the world, and live an awakened life, right now.


Talk by Soten: “Too busy! Not busy! Which moon is this?”

Soten explores Case 21 of the Book of Serenity, “Yunyan Sweeps the Ground,” to point to the enlightening nature of our everyday lives.


Karuna Sesshin Talk 2 on the Vimalakirti Sutra by Ryoshin

August 9, 2019 Karuna Sesshin Ryoshin looks at a question asked of the Buddha in the Vimalakirti Sutra: “how can we create a Buddha land?” In contemplating this question, we see that our own life is, of itself, a Buddha land, or source of the awakened mind.


Karuna Sesshin Talk 1 on the Vimalakirti Sutra by JoAn

Senior student JoAn offers his perspective on the Vimalakirti Sutra to those in attendance at the Village Zendo’s Karuna sesshin at Wisdom House in Litchfield, Connecticut on Thursday, August 8, 2019.