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The stories are yours. I just click record.

The stories are yours. I just click record.


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The stories are yours. I just click record.








Unscripted with John Humphrey - I Am Second

John Humphrey serves as Vice-President of I Am Second providing strategic, operational and tactical direction to the organization and is Executive Producer of I Am Second film projects. Prior to joining I Am Second in 2008, he created, produced, and marketed projects with major sports media companies, television networks and non-profits that told the personal stories of high-profile athletes. (Source) For more visit I Am Second at their website - https://iamsecond.com


Unscripted with Gene Pryor - Univ of Hawaii

My guest today wins the award for the longest distance for a guest. While I wish I could have jumped on a plane and gone to Hawaii for the interview, we had to do it over zoom. Gene Pryor is an offensive lineman for the University of Hawaii. I think you will enjoy his story and journey to get to Hawaii. His last two seasons statistics are below: 2020: 2019 (Junior):


Unscripted with Mark Price - Cleveland Cavaliers

The year was 1987. In Bedford, Ohio, a high school junior who had never played sports was invited to a drug awareness retreat at a local recreation center. During a break in the retreat, he would walk over to a basketball and a hoop and begin to shoot baskets. When he got home from the retreat, he told his mom “I think I want to play basketball.” His mom simply said “well, then watch the games on TV.” From that retreat to this very day, that kid from Bedford Ohio has loved the game of...


Unscripted with Kaitlyn Coffman

Kaitlyn Coffman is a senior softball player at The Ohio State University. She has played in nearly 100 games in her career at OSU. Kaitlyn grew up in California and committed to Ohio State as a freshman in High School. Like so many athletes, she lost her sophomore season to the COVID shut down and was unfortunately dealt an injury her junior year. She was recently cleared to begin practicing and looks to bounce back for her senior year. Kaitlyn is the very first Unscripted Athlete and is a...


Unscripted with Libby Gierach - Hilliard Chamber of Commerce

For 28 years Libby Gierach has been involved with the Hilliard Area Chamber of Commerce. She served as an Assistant and for 21 years has been the President and CEO. The Hilliard Area Chamber of Commerce Mission is as follows: We believe the success of our community is based on the strength of the vibrant businesses we serve. The first Chamber meeting was held in 1972 with 12 members. Today we serve nearly 500 businesses who believe in our mission, values and vision for the future. We have...


Unscripted with Tyler and Joanna Hamilton

A family rooted in love deals with the aftermath of a horrific car accident that left their eight year old daughter paralyzed (chest down). And, we have an opportunity to provide hope. Dot’s Tots Foundation is seeking to raise $30,000 to cover the cost of a lift to/from the family’s basement to grant Naomi access to all parts of the family home. And, to retrofit a bathroom to handicap accessibility. Can we count on you? Source -...


Unscripted with Bear Bailey

Do you remember where you were because I sure do. I was sitting at my desk and a tweet came in the feed. Then another and another and another. All of them with this man singing in a gas station. The voice. The guys in the background. I believe the tweet said something like... "Let this bless your timeline today" That it did. My guest for Episode 107 of the Unscripted Podcast is none other than the man in the viral videos and TikToks. Bear Bailey joined me tonight to share his story and I...


Unscripted with Tee Foxx - Foxx Entertainment Group

Foxx Entertainment builds brands. A sports and entertainment marketing agency based in Atlanta, their clients are as diverse as they are – professional athletes, entertainers, musicians, and actors – difference is also similarity: their clients are dynamic and enthusiastic. And so are they. Tee Foxx is the Founder and CEO of Foxx Entertainment. In todays episode she shares her story of early beginnings in radio and television, building relationships, working with high profile clients and...


Unscripted with Erica Wiggenhorn - Letting God Be Enough

Everyone thinks you've got it together. But inside, you're asking, "Am I enough?" No matter how good we look to others, the nagging voice of self-doubt is hard to shake. We ask questions like: If you find yourself having thoughts like these, Erica Wiggenhorn wants to lead you to freedom. Drawing from the story of Moses—the greatest self-doubter in the Bible—Erica shows how self-doubt is tied closely to self-reliance. It's only when you cast yourself on God that you find the true source of...


Unscripted with Joaquin Guerrero - Remembering 9/11

On this 20th Anniversary of September 11th 2001, I am so honored to go Unscripted with my new friend Joaquin Guerrero. Joaquin and his K9 left everything to go be a part of the recovery efforts after 9/11. In Saginaw, Michigan--a city plagued with gang violence--Officer Joaquin Guerrero sensed God's call to work the dangerous night streets with his K9 partner, a ninety-pound German shepherd police dog named Rookie. On 9/11, Guerrero and Rookie responded to Ground Zero to help in the search...


Unscripted with Garrett Walston - UNC Football

Garrett Walston, Tight End at the University of North Carolina, is teaming up with LAA to create a suicide prevention campaign on behalf of his dear friend, Riley Estes, who tragically took his own life this year. Head Coach Mac Brown has allowed Walston to dedicate his season to Riley with a sticker on his helmet in Riley's memory. Our goal is to raise a minimum of $1 Million to donate to the RILO Foundation and create a local and national movement spotlighting mental health awareness. The...


Unscripted with Lily Meschi - Iran Alive Ministries

Lily Meschi was born and raised in a Muslim family in Tehran, Iran. When she was 16, her parents decided to migrate to Europe to escape their bankrupt business. As a teenager, moving from Iran to Germany was a total culture shock. Learning a new language, adopting an unfamiliar lifestyle, making friends, and trying to fit in the German crowds caused an enormous amount of insecurity for her. She felt inferior to the other German kids and struggled with the fact that she was just another...


24 Unscripted Hours in Orlando with Gary Miracle

A rare and brief episode today. I say rare because it's just me. No guests. After my amazing trip to Orlando, Florida, I asked the socials what platform would be best to share the story. The major response was "A solo Unscripted Podcast." As I say in the episode, you'll likely understand why I usually just click record and get out of the way after listening to this one. I did my best to tell the story of my 24 hours in Orlando. Supporting media and pictures can be found at the link below....


Unscripted with Darren W Carter - Carter's BBQ

Unscripted Podcast features the return of my friend, my brother and former classmate at Bedford High School. In our first episode, Darren and I covered a lot of ground about a lot of topics. Todays episode is all about his new business and passion - Carter's BBQ. There is a lot of very interesting information in this podcast. We started with just talking about where it all started and then talk about packaging, food trucks and how food brings us all together. For more information visit -...


Unscripted with Joel Penton - LifeWise Academy

Joel Penton is a graduate of The Ohio State University and played 5 years of football for the Buckeyes. He was a member of 3 Big Ten championship teams, a member of the National Championship team, and a 4-time Academic All-Big Ten selection. In his senior year, Joel received the prestigious Wuerffel Trophy, also known as the HUMANITARIAN HEISMAN. The Trophy is a national award that recognizes the one college football player in the entire country who best combines exemplary community service...


Unscripted with Joel Penton - Lifewise Academy

Joel Penton is a graduate of The Ohio State University and played 5 years of football for the Buckeyes. He was a member of 3 Big Ten championship teams, a member of the National Championship team, and a 4-time Academic All-Big Ten selection. In his senior year, Joel received the prestigious Wuerffel Trophy, also known as the HUMANITARIAN HEISMAN. The Trophy is a national award that recognizes the one college football player in the entire country who best combines exemplary community service...


Unscripted with Kim Emch - Festa Ministries

Kim is a servant of God because He rescued her. By the time she was 17, she had lived through five divorces by two parents: one being an alcoholic, and one having an affair. She didn’t grow up facing financial poverty, but her home was filled with chaos and pain. But God did not forget her; He rescued her. He sent people from a local church who invited her every single week to a youth program they hosted. It was full of joy and peace. It was a safe refuge. They cared about her, loved her,...


Unscripted with Kevin Malone - Former MLB GM of the Year

Kevin Malone, named “the Best General Manager in the Game,” retired from professional baseball in 2001 after serving as the Executive Vice President and General Manager of the L.A. Dodgers. During his illustrious 17-year career, Kevin learned all aspects of the business of baseball after being drafted by the Cleveland Indians to play in the NY-Penn League, working for the California Angels, Minnesota Twins, and Montreal Expos, and then serving as Assistant General Manager of the Baltimore...


Unscripted with Anna Buehl - CancerBridge

Anna Buehl is the Business Director for CancerBridge. She is an experienced manager and entrepreneur with a demonstrated history of working in healthcare leadership. Skilled in Acute Care, Electronic Medical Record (EMR), Nursing, Inpatient Care, Outpatient Care, and Hospitals. She is also my friend. CancerBridge provides information specific to your cancer inquiry, expert cancer navigation, and insights into treatment options. CancerBridge is not able to provide medical advice, diagnoses,...


Unscripted with Roy Hall Jr.

Roy Hall is a motivational speaker, executive coach and former NFL wide receiver. He was drafted by the Indianapolis Colts in the fifth round of the 2007 NFL Draft. He played college football at Ohio State. Roy is currently a motivational speaker, executive coach and podcast host inspiring people in a corporate environment through lessons learned within his football career. Roy Hall is also Executive Director and co-founder of the Columbus, OH-based non-profit Driven Foundation, established...