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Everyday people doing extraordinary things. I have had the blessing of meeting incredible people in my life. Here's your chance to meet them too. With Unscripted, I go one-on-one with a wide variety of guests. I introduce them to you. Their stories will inspire, motivate and challenge you. Thanks for giving it a listen. Subscribe through your favorite platform.

Everyday people doing extraordinary things. I have had the blessing of meeting incredible people in my life. Here's your chance to meet them too. With Unscripted, I go one-on-one with a wide variety of guests. I introduce them to you. Their stories will inspire, motivate and challenge you. Thanks for giving it a listen. Subscribe through your favorite platform.


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Everyday people doing extraordinary things. I have had the blessing of meeting incredible people in my life. Here's your chance to meet them too. With Unscripted, I go one-on-one with a wide variety of guests. I introduce them to you. Their stories will inspire, motivate and challenge you. Thanks for giving it a listen. Subscribe through your favorite platform.








Unscripted with Brianna O'Connor

I first met Brianna O'Connor when I had the honor of coaching her from 4th grade through the 6th grade. Since then I have followed her career, coached from the stands and sit with her mom and dad at games. Her statistics and accolades speak for themselves. In addition her GPA is 4.1. She made the sacrifices many athletes have to make to achieve their dreams of the next level. She is now committed to attend Tiffin University in the fall to play basketball and continue her academic pursuits. I...


Unscripted with Lt. Doug Lightfoot

Lt. Doug Lightfoot is of my local heroes with the Hilliard Police Department. as stated on his twitter account (@lightfootclan) he is a "Sinner saved by grace. My faith drives my love for my family and service to others. Enjoy working out, fishing and hunting." My appreciation for the first responders and those that serve our community is something you have likely heard on any podcast. I am blessed to call Lt. Lightfoot my friend. In this episode we discuss a wide variety of topics...


Unscripted with Doug Bender - I Am Second

Today I welcomed back my friend Doug Bender from I Am Second. In this episode we breakdown and review their film "Loud Krazy Love." This film follows the story of Korn band member Brian "Head" Welch and his daughter. This film is raw, real but so worth your time. We spend a lot of this episode discussing what love really is, what it does and what it means. I'm so thankful for Doug and the entire team at I Am Second. Take time today to love someone. Express your love for someone. Ask...


Unscripted with Ben Tanner

Ben Tanner is the Founder and Editor at Strummingly.com. Strummingly.com specializes in helping beginner guitarists make steady progress towards their goals. They understand that learning an instrument can be difficult or frustrating, and most people give up early on in the process. That’s why they break things down into bite-size steps that are simple to understand, while trying to help you stay consistent, so your guitar won’t just collect dust in a corner. In this episode we cover a lot...


Unscripted with Brian Timm

Brian Timm is currently the Director of Sales for M2 Marketing in Columbus, Ohio. Prior to joining M2, Brian has worked with the Pittsburgh Pirates, WBNS Radio and the Columbus Sports Commission. In this episode we discuss a career in sports, sales and building relationships. We also do a deep dive into the services that M2 Marketing offers companies both big and small. With the ever evolving landscape of technology, businesses need a partner like M2 to achieve and streamline their marketing...


Unscripted with Luciana Gilmore

Luciana Gilmore is an educator, author and mentor for adolescent girls looking to change the future. She wants to repair and strengthen relationships between mothers and daughters through her Gilmore Girls program and FA(I)RE (pronounced FAIR-ee) app In this episode of Unscripted Gilmore, we went one-on-one to discuss her three main companies and the parent company - Novaturient Industries. Luciana is the Chief Executive Officer of Novaturient. She left a "safe" career as a school Principal...





Unscripted with Annette Lovrein Duncan

Annette Lovrien Duncan has taught English and Critical Thinking at Carthage College in Kenosha, Wisconsin for 33 years, also serving as Title IX Coordinator and Leader of the Academic Senate. While her stage acting and musical theater experience spans the past three decades, in the past two years she has stepped into the world of film and television, appearing in television productions such as People Magazine Investigates, in commercials and print products for companies such as Stainmaster,...


Unscripted with Fatima C. Oliver

Fatima is a Wife, Mother, and Author, and an extreme lover of chocolate. She also has a passion for helping other's. Using what she calls, a "Baby Step" approach, Fatima has been able to embrace the work necessary to heal from childhood trauma, heartbreak, and abuse. Much of her life's journey is shared in her new book, "The Prescription is in the Dirt". Now available on Amazon.com. At an early age, Fatima became convinced pain and family was synonymous. Living with the trauma from physical...


Unscripted with Ty Manns

Major (Retired) Terrence "Ty" Manns enlisted into the U.S. Military in 1980. In 1987 he was accepted into the Army ROTC program at Wright-State University, Dayton, Ohio. In 1989 he graduated and was commissioned, Second Lieutenant, Infantry, Regular Army. Ty served as an Army Infantry Officer in tactical assignments in Germany, Korea, and worldwide from 1989 to 2003. Writer Ty Manns created the film based on his father’s experience returning home from Vietnam. His PTSD was destroying the...


Unscripted with Justin Brown - Stay The Course Book

In this special Unscripted episode, friend of show Justin Brown returns to talk about the launch of his incredible new book "Stay The Course." The book drops this Sunday (January 31st) and I am telling you all, go get it. It's filled with stories of leaders that we have seen but not the path they took to get there. Justin has done the work. Not only has he studied and compiled these stories, he has lived it. His story is one of staying the course. I am so proud of him and full support all...


Unscripted with David Elijah

David Elijah was "living the dream" as an artist touring, singing, songwriting and even shared a tour with Katy Perry. Something was missing. Something was telling him he was made for more. This episode is an incredible story of leaving what many would chase to live for a bigger story. Gods story. So thankful for David. His passion and energy are contagious. I am inspired tonight to believe in the greater vision that God has for each one of us. He will show up when we are open and available....


Unscripted with John Stewart Hill

John Stewart Hill is a businessman, author, and award winning Entrepreneur with his Dallas based company, The Good Contractors List. He is married to his wife Cindy, who is now CEO of the company. He has 2 children, 3 step children, and 5 grandkids. He is currently Founder and CEO of Central Storehouse and working in full time ministry without taking a salary. John is also the author of the 2016 book "Loving God Without All The Answers: Hope for Even Me" His favorite term for how he lives...


Unscripted with Roger Miller

In short, Roger Miller is one of the key influences in who I am today. In High School he was one of my heroes. Someone I looked up to so highly. In this episode, Roger and I talk about our early years with some powerful discussion around influence. We talk about his live show (Tues@7 on facebook) with creatives from all over. It's crazy that after all of these years, a man that influenced me growing up and I have similar projects in different spaces. You will enjoy our reunion and our...


Unscripted with Author Michael Thompson

A few years ago my best friend sent me a text and said "You have to read this book!" I unfortunately didn't have the time to pick it up or read it and he continued to remind me. Now I know why. Todays guest is Michael Thompson, author of the incredible book "The Heart Of A Warrior." Michael Thompson is a teacher and mentor, the author of Search and Rescue, and a guide for the hearts of men and women. He and his wife, Robin, are the founders and directors of Zoweh Ministries in Durham, North...


Unscripted with Coach Matt Doherty

There are moments in our lives if we take opportunities that we have to stop and say, "wow, is this really happening?" Todays Unscripted is with former Player, Coach and Leader, Matt Doherty. Matt Doherty played and coached basketball at the University of North Carolina . He started on the 1982 National Championship team with NBA greats Michael Jordan & James Worthy. The program was led by legendary coach Dean Smith. Matt went on to coach college basketball. He was the head coach at Notre...


Unscripted with Joey Powell - Me Fine Foundation

Several years ago I began following Joey Powell on twitter. As an empath, I find deep connections with those that I follow on twitter. It's just the way I am wired. Their stories become stories I follow too. Their passions become things I am passionate about as well. Joey Powell is not only the host of multiple podcasts for Inside Carolina, he is also the Executive Director for an amazing foundation called "Me Fine." What an honor to host him in this episode. In this interview we discuss...


Unscripted with Christian Chapman

Christian Chapman is a man of many talents. A remarkable man of God that lives and preaches the word with great conviction. He has lived and continues to live life to the full. Check this out. - Graduated from Southern Wesleyan University where he was a scholarship baseball player and later became a Hall of Fame member because of some of his accomplishments on the field. - Played baseball overseas as a missionary with Athletes In Action. - NASCAR Chaplain - Won Reality Racing TV show on...


Unscripted with Doug Bender - I Am Second

Doug Bender is an I Am Second writer and small groups coach. He developed many of the small group tools found at iamsecond.com and has coached churches, organizations, and individuals to use I Am Second groups to share the message of Jesus with their friends and family. I recently sat down with Doug to discuss the launch of his new I Am Second book - I Found Love. Doug and I met about 8 years ago when I had the incredible honor of contributing a post to the I Am Second blog. One of the...


Unscripted with Coach Mike Deegan

Coach Mike Deegan is the Head Baseball Coach at Denison University but that is not all. He is a mentor, teacher, speaker and friend. From his website - "Mike Deegan’s 15-year coaching and mentoring career can be summed up by a single phrase – “pursuing excellence.” For Mike, the game is not about strategy or X’s and O’s. It’s about people. Baseball teams, like any organization, are successful at the intersection of strong leadership, a team-centric approach and a positive, organically...