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Relationships. Strengths. Purpose.

Relationships. Strengths. Purpose.


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Relationships. Strengths. Purpose.




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How Coaching Changes Lives

In this episode, Jeff, Don, Gary, and Tom describe how Journey Coaching has changed their lives as coaches and participants.


Leader’s Leading: Everything Rises & Falls on Leadership

Welcome back to the Journey Podcast! In this episode Jeff, Lianne and Annie discuss why it is so important that leader's lead in their area of giftedness.


Enjoy Discovering Common Ground

How can division (lots of that right now!) actually lead to caring for each other? What if we realized we don’t have to agree on everything to still appreciate each other?


Shaping Our 2021

In the podcast episode, “Shaping Our 2021”, Jon, Jeff and Don talk about what it will take to make 2021 a successful year. Growth, critical analysis and supporting neighbors and communities has never been more important in our daily lives.


Reconnecting Christ with Christmas

Christmas is a time for many things, like family, good food and presents. It’s also a time to reflect on the ending year, which is even more important with changes this year has brought to our lives. In this podcast episode, Jon, Jeff and Don discuss what it means to connect Christ with Christmas, and they remind us of our responsibility to care for others.


Masks; No One WANTS to Wear Them

In this episode of the Journey podcast, Masks; No One WANTS to Wear Them, Jon, Terry, Andie and Don discuss their thoughts on wearing masks while we fight this global pandemic together and work through the disagreements that arise from that topic. All while reminding us all of our common goal: the return of some normalcy and our responsibility to treat others with respect.


Problem with Porn

On this podcast episode, Jeff, Terry and Don answer questions from listeners about porn. From lying about pornography, to lack of connection because of porn, Jeff, Terry and Don offer encouragement to those struggling with porn inside their relationships.


Understanding Suicide

Suicide is not a simple thing to understand, nor is it uncommon. It affects us all on varying levels and has become even more relevant in these times of necessary social distance due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We could tell you there is hope for yourself or loved ones that may be considering some form of escape from the pains of life, but we want to do more than that.


Coming Together Through Disaster

On August 10th 2020, a portion of the midwest (including Cedar Rapids, Iowa) was hit with 140 mph straight-line winds with little notice. The destruction that resulted from this derecho was significant. On today’s podcast, guest host Jon Weih interviews Don Evens and Sarah Banowetz about their individual experiences during this storm. Listen in as we discuss how relationships were key in the initial recovery period and how Iowans pulled together to take care of each other.


How One International Student is Handling Stress

In this episode of the Journey Coaching Podcast, Beza, Sarah and Terry discuss what it took for Beza to handle the stress of not only being an international student, but also upending her life as she knew it and adjusting to an entirely new culture.


Trusting God Through Difficult Situations

Change can be a terrifying thing for numerous reasons. Whether it be the fear of the unknown or the work involved with change, change can be challenging. Today on the podcast, guest Cami shares her story of learning how to trust God in whatever happens. It’s in these moments that she realized God can be trusted and that He often provides in ways we don’t see.


Meaningful Communication

Everybody deserves to live life to the fullest. From the day you were born to the day you leave this earth, you were created with a purpose - a reason for living. Join us today on the podcast we sit down with Dr. David Clarke to discuss the reasons why growth is essential to our livelihood.


Got a Story to Share?

Do you have a story to tell of your personal growth to inspire others?


The Journey to Choosing Joy

Today on the podcast, we interview a special guest, Deveri. Deveri recounts her life story and how through it all, she was left with a choice. This choice led her to forgive.


Sarah’s Journey to Ethiopia Part II

Join us as we welcome back Sarah as she shares part II of her journey to Ethiopia. Sarah recounts the peace and the safety she felt in Ethiopia as the rest of the world was scrambling. A lot of this joy and peace was due to prioritizing relationships and viewing her time spent in Ethiopia as a gift.


On the Way to Ethiopia in the Middle of a Worldwide Pandemic Part I

Today on the podcast, our special guest recounts her story of her International trip to Ethiopia when it was announced that the United States was going to be shutting down their borders. The story of how one family reacted and the decision making processes that took place.


Physically Distant with a Strong Connection

Jeff and Don explore what it means to deeply connect, even if you are physically apart. From being intentional about what you talk about (strengths, areas of improvement and worldview) to taking the conversation deeper to discuss the matters that are closest to your heart.


Hope In The Midst

In the midst of chaos and confusion, it is essential to cling to hope. Today on the podcast, join Jeff, Don and Jerrad as they discuss the importance of choosing the emotions we dwell on as well as finding the good from the challenges we face.


Quality Relationships

Quality friendships are relationships that are safe, not easily overwhelmed and encouraging. Join Terry and Travis as they encourage listeners on how to have those relationships in their lives. From loving, listening and talking without judgement to helping others find their source of pain, we hope you will be uplifted and encouraged by this podcast.


Relationship Workshop: Disagreements

On this episode of the podcast, Jeff and Terry host a mini relationship workshop focusing on disagreements within our relationships. In this workshop, you will learn that you get to choose your response to a disagreement. They also offer insight on how to choose a response when all you want to do is react.