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30 Minute Discussions Of Bible Subjects






What Does The Bible Say About Choosing Those In Authority

It's that time in the USA to vote for our national leaders. Other nations don't necessarily get to choose their leaders in this way. Some don't get to make the choice at all. Arnie and Fred discuss what the Bible says about the selection, choosing and cooperating with government officials. The discussion centers around the specific inspired passages in the Bible that deal with this subject. Not surprisingly, specific individuals are named in these passages with the specific actions taken by...


What Does The Bible Say About Judgment Day

The word meaning "to judge" appears many times in the original language in the New Testament and in a number of contexts. Jesus frequently mentioned things pertaining to judgment at the end of time. He did this because His purpose for coming to earth was to save men from God's condemnation of them because of their sins and God's final judgment of them. Most of the Lord's references to the judgment are brief and Arnie and Fred will discuss these including His longest one in Matthew 25. We...


What Does The Bible Say About The Name "Christian"

The Bible records that Christians have been persecuted in many countries in every age since the First Century. They have been verbally abused, defamed, vandalized, with their property being stolen. The teaching and practice of their faith has been outlawed, their children taken, harmed physically, imprisoned and even put to death. What is it about the name "Christian"? Arnie and Fred discuss Saul of Tarsus, a notorious persecutor who became the primary teacher of the gospel to the Gentiles....


What Does The Bible Say About The Word "Church"

In this episode Arnie and Fred discuss the word "Church" and the fact that its use is unique to the New Testament. We discuss the word's use and its meaning in the New Testament by noting all of the passages it is used in. We note the misuses of the term which we find throughout conversations and writings today. Take a listen to this 30 minute discussion in which you may learn something about this very familiar word.


What Does The Bible Say About Works Of The Flesh

Arnie and Fred discuss the various works of the flesh that are named in the Bible. The discussion kick of by noting the various festivals that are engaged in before what is known as Lent. Noted is the fact that in the days of the New Testament, there were similar festivals in Rome and other cities such as Saturnalia, Lupercalia and other sexually charged pagan fertility festivals. Once knowing that fact, it is easy to understand why the Bible writers warned so much about the works of the...


What Does TheBible Say About The Lord's Prayer

Arnie and Fred discuss a question a listener posed about the Lord's Prayer. The listener states, "Most churches I am familiar with recite the Lord's Prayer as part of their worship services, but I understand churches of Christ do not. If not, is that because you do not believe in it, or for some other reason?". We discuss the fact that there are two forms of the Lord's Prayer recorded in the New Testament. We discuss what Jesus used the prayer for and the occasions that the Bible writers...


What Does The Bible Say About Being In Christ

Arnie and Fred discuss the two words, "in Christ" that we find throughout the New Testament. We discuss the fact that those two words tell us that in this life God will basically grant us a "do over". We talk about what it means not to be "in Christ" and the fact that there are eternal consequences for that condition. We then note the benefits that being "in Christ" are enjoyed. Finally, the discussion ends with how God tells us we can get "in Christ".


What Does The Bible Say About Jesus' Baptism

In this episode, Arnie and Fred discuss why Jesus was baptized. The discussion begins with John the baptizer who was selected by God to prepare the way for the promised Messiah. In doing so he preached that people needed to repent of their sins. They responded in large numbers to the extent that all those in Judea and Jerusalem obeyed John and he baptized or immersed them in water. Before dealing with Jesus' baptism, we need to know some things. The bible says that all accountable people...


What Does The Bible Say About Worship

In this episode, Arnie and Fred discuss what the Bible says about worship in spirit and in truth. We note that improper worship is common among many people, religions and cultures. We begin with Jesus' discussion with the Samaritan woman at Jacob's well. We note the experience of Cain and Abel where right and wrong worship is illustrated. Worship by the very first Christians guided by the inspired apostles is examined closely, noting the elements in their worship. Finally, we note again that...


What Does The Bible Say About When Life Begins

Arnie and Fred discuss what the Bible says about when human life begins, not what the opinions of uninspired men are. The Bible does discuss this subject related specifically to named individuals in the Bible. David discusses his pre-birth development in one of his Psalms. We discuss the proven features of genetic science relating to when human life begins. We discuss six individuals named in the Bible whose destinies in life are noted before they are born, even when they were conceived. We...


What Does The Bible Say About The Old Testament

Arnie and Fred discuss a question we received who asked if we are obligated to keep the Law of Moses in the Old Testament. We discuss the fact that Moses Law was not universal. It was never intended for Gentiles and was not delivered to them. We discuss the fact that the Bible says Moses Law is obsolete. We discuss the fact that the Bible says the Old Testament was replaced by the New Testament. Finally, we discuss the fact that the Bible says that we are now under the Law of Christ.


What Does The Bible Say About Jesus' Deity?

In this 30 minute study, Fred and Arnie discuss what the Bible says about Jesus being God. There are a number of religions and people who deny what the Bible says on this subject. There are numerous passages that say that Jesus is God, the Creator and Judge of all mankind. We discuss the passages that quote what Jesus said of Himself being God as well as those that the witnesses said the same. The discussion ends with the significance of Jesus being God. Why is it important for us to know...


What Does The Bible Say About The Accepted Time

This year is about to come to an end. People make resolutions for the coming year. The bible repeatedly reminds us of how swiftly time passes. It also discusses the shortness of life and our lack of knowledge when it will end. Likewise, the Bible discusses the return of the Lord and the fact that we don't know when that will be. We are warned a number of time of the importance of being ready for His return. It discusses the fact that the Lord will destroy all the material creation upon that...


What Does The Bible Say About Jesus' Birth?

Arnie and Fred discuss a question received concerning when Jesus was born. The questioner notes that some friends observe Jesus' birth on various dates in January and some in March. He wants to know when exactly was the first Christmas and what doe we know of Jesus' birth. We begin the discussion with the known facts that we find recorded in the Bible. Then we discuss some of the details that people assume to know but are actually not known. Finally, we discuss the current celebration of...


What Does The Bible Say About Baptism Cont'd

There is one question we were asked about baptism that we need to discuss. The questioner asks whether in the Bible baptism refers to sprinkling, pouring or immersion or any one of the three. The questioner states that this is important because "my parents had me christened as an infant". Arnie and Fred discuss three things related to baptism in the Bible. Who requires it, if anyone did. Who in the Bible were baptized, if anyone was. And finally, does the Bible specifically tell us what...


What Does The Bible Say About Baptism Cont'd

Arnie and Fred continue discussing several questions that were asked about baptism. In this episode, we discuss the first question, "What does it mean to be 'in Christ", and "How can someone 'get into Him'". We also answer the following question which was "I am concerned to learn that you refuse the sacrament of baptism for infants and young children, and do not cleanse them from the stain of original sin, as Jesus' Apostles did when they baptized whole households." This question involves...


What Does The Bible Say About Baptism

In this episode Arnie and Fred discuss what the Bible says about baptism. We will discuss two questions posed by listeners. We have been asked why we teach one must be baptized in order to be saved when most people believe we are saved by faith and join a church through baptism. The second question posed by a listener is that they note correctly that sin is a spiritual condition, but water used in baptism is a physical substance. They want us to explain how physically washing with water...


What Does The Bible Say About Saving Yourself

Over the years there have been numerous people who have espoused various ways that an individual is saved. The fact is that Jesus offers salvation to every accountable person. However, He places conditions that a person must meet in order to be saved. In this episode, Arnie and Fred discuss what the Bible says an individual must do in order to be saved. Since Jesus says in John 12:48 that we will be judged by His words, We need to make sure we have done what He commands us to do. In the end,...


What Does The Bible Say About The Great Commission

Arnie and Fred discuss what is commonly known as The Great Commission which is related to Jesus final instructions to His apostles to go into all the world and make disciples of all nations in Matthew 28:18-20. We discuss what a disciple is as well as the meaning of "baptism" which was a part of the teaching they were to accomplish. The contents of Mark 16:15 and 16 are part of the discussion. Luke has a record of some of what the Lord told His apostles which included some of the Old...


What Does The Bible Say About When Miraculous Gifts Ended Cont'd

Arnie and Fred continue the discussion of when the miraculous gifts in the New Testament ended, We again note that at the end of Mark 16 after the Lord ascended we are told that He worked with them as they preached the word confirming it with signs following. We discuss other passages that indicate the purpose of the miraculous gifts and their duration. We note that now we can know what the apostles preached by referring to the confirmed words in our New Testaments. The means that these...