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Working With The Voice is about tuning in to the Holy Spirit to bring about the extraordinary life! Experience God’s guidance and direction to find and act on your purpose.

Working With The Voice is about tuning in to the Holy Spirit to bring about the extraordinary life! Experience God’s guidance and direction to find and act on your purpose.


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Working With The Voice is about tuning in to the Holy Spirit to bring about the extraordinary life! Experience God’s guidance and direction to find and act on your purpose.








021: Mathew 9:1-8 Healing While Under Investigation

This episode contains only one story, but the details show that it isn't about what it seems. The Sanhedrin have begun their investigation that will result in a decision; is Jesus the Messiah or not?


020: Excuses, Costs, Storms, and Misunderstandings

We begin to emphasize the teachings as a progression of consciousness. We use the second part of Matthew Chapter 8 to describe a process that people go through after hearing the message in the Sermon on the Mount. These are building blocks for action, not just stories. It's all just a bit different than it seems on the surface...


019: Three Healings

One of the most controversial, misunderstood, abused and exploited teachings in Christianity is about healing. A person who has a need for healing is also one of the most pressing reasons that people want to be able to speak with the Holy Spirit directly. This has led to many people being misled or exploited by all sorts of people in the church, in the medical community, and through many other avenues. Being in the need of healing is normal because we have human bodies that are not perfect....


018: Sermon on the Mount Part 6: The Road and The Rock

This episode concludes the Sermon on the Mount and gives us the final understanding of how to make the words of Jesus practical. Choose the right road, build your house upon the rock, watch out for those who are pretenders, and you will withstand the storm!


017: Sermon on Mount Part 5: The Way Out

The middle section of the Sermon on the Mount contains a way out of the vicious cycles that the normal life offers. It gives us transforming initiatives to get to the extraordinary life!


016: The Context of Jesus's Teachings

This is a history lesson to help understand the intersection of the Pharisees, Sadducees, and Zealots with one another as well as with the Roman government. It helps us see why each group had the concerns that they did about Jesus. We will discuss how the disputes between the written Torah and the oral Torah would ignite the world’s first religious war, the Maccabean Revolt. The oppressive rule of the Greeks and Romans over the Jewish people led to the building of the magnificent Holy Temple...


015: Sermon on the Mount Part 4: Hypocrisy, Possessions, and the World

The end of Matthew Chapter 6 includes warnings about the way of the world, possessions, our tendency to be hypocrites, and worry. There is direct information about the good news that can come if we can keep our natural selves in check!


014: Sermon on the Mount Part 3: Giving, Praying, Fasting

In this section of the book of Matthew, Jesus gives us guidance on three pillars of Christian practice, giving to charity, praying, and fasting, with an emphasis on not being a hypocrite!


013: Sermon on the Mount Part 2: Salt & Light & the Antitheses

We dig deeper into the Sermon on the Mount and find out how this collection of words has changed our world.


012: How We are Changed and Judgment

This is a special episode where I outline some of the processes I have experienced while being changed by the Holy Spirit.


011: Sermon on the Mount Part 1: The Beatitudes

The beatitudes are the very first part of the Sermon on the Mount. They provide us with a list of eight things we should try to achieve within ourselves to begin the process of understanding how God wants us to act.


010: Spiritual Transformation

This episode on the elements of spiritual transformation clarifies the process and the landmarks on the path to true communication with the Holy Spirit. It explains why we need faith, where we can get the courage and energy to change, and how the process of sacrifice alters our experience once we have the vision of where we are going and the diagnosis of what has gone wrong.


009: Evil

The power of evil is one that we have to investigate in our spiritual transformation. Where does temptation fit in? Is this a power outside of us or in us or both? In this episode, we go both to the Bible's story of Jesus's temptation in the wilderness and to the understandings of evil by a Jungian genius, Robert Moore, PhD to look at this pervasive issue: Evil, the Opposition to God.


008: Commentary on Matthew 1-4

The book of Matthew presents the story of Jesus from the perspective that he was the Messiah promised in the Old Testament. This commentary will shed light on the life of the most influential person in history.


007: Matthew 1-10

The New Testament begins with the book of Matthew and the birth of Jesus. These stories provide the basis for the commentary that follows. Its perfect to start with Matthew rather than Mark, which was written first. Matthew's message is the Jesus really is the Messiah. This is the first understanding we need to truly believe in His life as our example.


006: Supervise Yourself Through Daily Practice

In this episode, we will go over each part of the Daily Practice. The Daily Practice is the foundations of the Working With The Voice process. Learn how to begin the full process of hearing the voice of the Holy Spirit by placing your spirit first.


005: Co-Creating with the Holy Spirit

This is the last episode of the preliminary material, so a review is in order. We'll spend the first ten minutes going through the high points of the content from the last four episodes and then we will begin looking at the final points that still need to be made before we devote ourselves to the Daily Practice and understanding the life of Jesus through the gospels. We will discover the cycles involved in the process of co-creating our lives with the creator, and directly how communication...


004: Manifesto on the Holy Spirit

We finally get to the initial important concepts about the Holy Spirit in this episode. We'll discuss a model that explains how we are similar to the creator and begin to diagram the process for moving forward into the Extraordinary Life. This episode has a line you may choose not to cross! Let's see where you end up once you've heard all of this today!


003: Self Delusion with David McRaney

Today's episode takes a deep dive into all the easy ways that we are consistently wrong. If you are going to actively work to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit, you've got to learn how to discern different methods of thinking and hearing. Metacognition is thinking about thinking, and our guest today, David McRaney of the You Are Not So Smart podcast is a great person to teach you about how we can become more right and less wrong about our thinking, even if we can't ever be 100% sure of...


002: The Science Behind Voice Hearing with T.M. Luhrmann

Are you skeptical about being able to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit? Where's the proof and what's the difference between healthy voice hearing and pathology? Our guest, T. M. Luhrmann, an anthropologist trained in psychology and the author of "When God Talks Back", explores her studies on prayer processes that lead to a place where God is profoundly real and His voice can be heard amid the clutter of everyday thoughts. Discover what information is out there about rational, sensible...