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Moncef Afkir from Your Divine Uniqueness interviews leading-edge spiritual teachers, healers, and energy experts, to support you in your spiritual awakening journey, and bring forth what only you can do and be. You can also join our live and interactive episodes on our website.

Moncef Afkir from Your Divine Uniqueness interviews leading-edge spiritual teachers, healers, and energy experts, to support you in your spiritual awakening journey, and bring forth what only you can do and be. You can also join our live and interactive episodes on our website.




Moncef Afkir from Your Divine Uniqueness interviews leading-edge spiritual teachers, healers, and energy experts, to support you in your spiritual awakening journey, and bring forth what only you can do and be. You can also join our live and interactive episodes on our website.




Starseeds! Find Out Where You're From and What Your Destiny is On Earth with Matthew John

This episode is very rich with information and guidance for Starseeds about their origins and role on Earth. Matthew John shares about: Matthew John also discusses: 1on1 Sessions + Webinars with Matthew John: Join the LIVE sessions: Our Special Programs & Offers: Matthew John is an internationally-recognized Spiritual Teacher, Spiritual Mentor, Psychic, Intuitive Healer, Starseed Guide, Energy...


Deal With Yourself — Radical Honesty, Fundamental Choices with Michael Andersen

Michael shares deep insights into what radical honesty is, and why it is so important on our awakening path. He also shares how to go through the process of waiting, with its discomfort, when nothing happens in your life. He talks about connecting and developing your intuitive abilities, to find the truth within and make the choices that support your rightful path. And more... Michael Andersen's website: Join the LIVE sessions: Our Special...


Powerful Quantum Sound Therapy audios and insights with Helena Reilly

Helena Reilly, M.A. is a pioneer and expert in the use of sound frequencies and scalar vortex technology to effect profound transformation. In this episode, Helena shares insights on Quantum Sound and how it can Cleanse, Reset and Reimprint on a cellular level, and realign you into perfection as a powerful creator, empowering yourself and others. You will also experience 5 of Helena’s powerful Quantum Sound Therapy audios. You’ll learn: You will also experience there powerful Quantum...


Ambujam Rose: Say YES to Being You! + Mini Group Power Healing

Ambujam Rose & Spirit brought very deep support and healing to saying the deep YES to being yourself! She shares how to live as an awakened human, merging our human aspect with the truth within us, to navigate the continuous personal & global shifts and the energies that are constantly accelerating... and much more... Experience Ambujam's one-of-a-kind Group Power Healing mini-session here on Your Divine Uniqueness! Ambujam Rose's website: Join the LIVE sessions:...


The Desire Factor with Christy Whitman

Christy Whitman shares inspiring insights into achieving energy mastery, and tapping into the unlimited source of all things, in order to manifest our desires so fluidly and naturally. She shares about the spiritual nature of material desire, and how embracing it help us to reclaim our full spiritual power. You'll also learn about the 7 Universal Principles that can bring any desire into physical form. Christy's Free Gift: "Watch Your Words" 30-day Training System :...


Embracing the Multidimensional You with Sunny Dawn Johnston

In this episode with Sunny Dawn Johnston, you'll learn about the different vibration levels of the spirit realm guides, and how to raise our vibration to sense from the clearest to the most subtle guidance frequencies. Sunny shares how to learn more about your specific guides, build a deeper connection with them, and allow yourself to receive their Love and support. You'll also understand why spirit teams change and how we experience this on a physical level. Sunny touches on more...


Relationships, Intimacy & Awakening with Allana Pratt

Allana Pratt talks about embodying the Master that you truly are by becoming the One instead of finding the One, which will create the ideal relationship you dream about. You will learn the purpose of triggers in intimate relationships and how to deal with them in a way that honor both you and your partner. Allana also shares about the tremendous importance of conscious communication and how it can bring you into a deep harmony with yourself and your partner. You will learn practical ways...


Fascia decompression - The Missing Link in Self-Care with Deanna Hansen

Deanna Hansen starts by sharing her amazing story, where she healed from chronic pain and issues, depression and anxiety, and dropped weight. You will learn about Block Therapy and it's great benefits. It's a self-care practice that help with Fascia decompression, promoting increased blood and oxygen flow, and therefore allowing deep healing for health issues' root cause, from minor to debilitating, and for all ages. Deanna's Free Gift: "Fascia Decompression - The Missing Link In...


Achieve Divine Success When Your Are In Alignment With Your Money Vibration with Lisa Thomas

Lisa Thomas shares about releasing epigenetic patterns that are creating limitations in our life. And she explains what is Divine Success and how it can change the whole paradigm of what we're creating in life. Her perspective about shifting from "working hard/make it happen" mindset to allowing things to come easy for us is profound and inspiring. She shares inspiring insights on shifting vocation paths, whether we radically shift our career or choose a step by step approach, and achieving...


The Compassion Key®: The Most Powerful Tool For Clearing Karma On The Planet Today with Edward Mannix

Edward Mannix explains what are the karmic imprints, their origin and how they affect one's life. His perspective helps bring relief from guilt and victim consciousness created by our misunderstanding of the distortion. You'll also learn about The Compassion Key® and how this powerful system is used to clear karma on a deep level, and help to leap forward in all areas of your life. Edward guides you on some powerful Compassion Key® Clearings related to: Edward's Free Gift: "The Full...


Our World Is Changing - Be A Wayshower with Raquel Spencer

This is a in depth call on how our world is changing, and the bigger picture of what we are experiencing. Raquel Spencer shares what's currently happening in relation to the Magnetics that allow Consciousness to be and how the old ways of all things are disintegrating. You'll lean how, in the coming years, we will be stepping into our true nature in relation to creating and manifesting... and how we are changing the magnetics and paradigm on our planet significantly. Then she guides you on...


Divine Love & Self Trust with Mira Kelley

This is a heartfelt and empowering call where Mira Kelley shares about connecting to Divine Love in a profound way, and about feeling the Union with Source, trusting it and trusting Life. She discusses karma, in a way that brings relief and at the same time empowers us to remember that we are the Masters of our life. Mira also shares how to shift a negative momentum into Love, when you feel an intense urgency to change a situation. And much more... Mira's Free Gift: "Trusting yourself,...


Opening the Door to the Fairy World with Karen Kay

In this episode with Karen Kay, you'll learn ways to start or deepen your connection to the fairies and how to call for their guidance. She discusses how to be in the receptive mode and allow yourself to receive signs from the fairies. She also talks about co-creating with them to heal our planet. And more... Karen's Free Gift: "Fairy Door Meditation" : Join the LIVE sessions: Our Special Programs & Offers:...


Chaldean Numerology: Cutting edge solution for amazing purpose discovery and seeing the big picture of who you are with Joanne Justis

Joanne Justis is an Author, speaker and Chaldean mathematician. In this episode, Joanne demonstrates the kind of information gleaned from a Chaldean Blueprint reading, which helps you to navigate your life more effectively, and to fine tune your internal navigation system. You will also learn about the different blueprint areas that play major roles in your personal growth: Joanne's website: Join the LIVE sessions: Our Special Programs & Offers:...


The Multidimensional Self with Erica VanEaton

I'm impressed by Erica VanEaton's ability to hold a safe space, by her fine-tuned intuitive gifts and her ability to channel the needed healing codes. She shares about Ascension, healing those parts of us residing in lower dimensional realms, and shifting to timelines where we hold higher frequencies. You'll learn about the Body Consciousness, and how to take care of our physical body so it holds higher frequencies and ascend with the spiritual body with more grace and ease. She also...


6 Steps to Healing with Jenny Kennedy

Jenny Kennedy is an Intuitive Healer & Teacher. Her story of healing from "incurable" stage 3C ovarian cancer in inspiring and let us believe in our true power... Jenny also explains the 6 steps of healing or transforming any area of your life. The Q&A was so powerful! Jenny beautifully held a loving and safe space for the callers and listeners. With her very attuned intuitive gifts, she found the root cause of the issues raised, and did energy clearings to release any resistance and help...


Med Bed with Light Language with Brenda Lainof

Brenda Lainof is a Light Language Channeler and Intuitive Guide. She assists in clearing negative emotions, chronic health conditions, emotional and mental self-sabotage. In this episode, she shares about the fascinating Med Bed Light Language technology that has been given to humanity by off-world ET’s, which has been revealed after being suppressed for a long time. You will learn about connecting to the Med Bed on an energetic level, how it works with physical & emotional healing and...


Loving Our Self Aspects Back into The Light with Dr Laurie Moore

Dr Laurie Moore is a Human and Animal Communication Reader. In this episode, she shares about navigating the current energies, in which it became easy to get triggered, while deepening our love to our self aspects and to others... She also shares how animals are experiencing these awakening times and what we can learn from them. You'll learn about the distractions we create, which sometimes may be expressed as simple or complex addictions, and that may lead us to less supportive paths. Dr....


Empowering Sacred Joy and Creativity with Dr BethAnne K.W.

Dr. BethAnne K.W. teaches heart-based wisdom and intuitive living to sensitive, spiritual seekers who desire to fulfil their potential and live a life of meaning and magic. in this episode, she shares about cultivating the frequency of sacred joy and creativity within, and why they are vital for our soul and sensitive hearts at this time. BethAnne shares inspiring guidance on embracing the opportunity to unify, to learn how to come together as One, and to co-create with others even if we...


Tapping into Your Optimal Well-Being with Brad Yates

Brad Yates is a Master Teacher on the Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Best-selling Author. He shows how to use EFT effectively to remove the uncomfortable emotions. He shares great guidance on releasing the frustration you feel when you don't see your desires manifested, and how to make the creation process more flowing and fun. He also shares insights into letting go of the false belief that you need to struggle or suffer to help others who's suffering. Brad guides you on an EFT...