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Please stop hoarding kindness.


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The Cure for Samness?

Sam, Ranjan, and Becky address a religious statue they actually are fine with, and the staggering credulity that prompted Trump to retweet a satire site as news. Then, Sam tackles an explanation of his absence by revealing an unexpected diagnosis and the start of a YouTube channel that documents a new project. Sam’s new YouTube […]


Ask A Trailer Park Atheist

Becky of AaA and Tucker Drake, the Trailer Park Atheist, do a cross-over episode where they discuss a blasphemous T-Rex, the Talmud, school & workplace COVID (un)safety, Biblical authorship, momentous points in history, and more!


A Description of the Errands I Ran Today

This just sort of came out of me. Is this verse? Or merely how I murder Ask an Atheist?


Comical Gloom

Becky and Josh review a theist’s strawman portrait of our beliefs, a provocateur’s Satanic conspiracies, another provocateur’s Instagram scandal, and everything wrong with a Christian crowdfunding campaign for a domestic terrorist. Tham tellth why he ithn’t on the epithode. News Jerry Falwell falls from leadership of Liberty University, lands well with $10.5m Dilbert creator thinks […]


Sam Wants to Buy an Ambulance

In this belated (non-)episode, Becky and Sam discuss what they’ve been up to, say hello to our new KTQA listeners, and then actually do something that sounds like Ask an Atheist involving atheist groups, bleach, and RC cars. No, not together. News Atheist Alliance International Suspends Director for 2 Months for Being Hateful Bonehead MMS […]


The Front Fell Off

Sam explains the extended gaps between recording sessions and teeth. He and Becky discuss cognitive dissonance, Roman history, dogmatic thought, and data backups as they respond to listener feedback. Feedback In the same way that Hitler is dishonestly labeled as a atheist, I know for a fact that modern Christians will also do the same […]


…or I might be full of shazbot.

On the precipice of a full decade of Ask an Atheist, Sam talks about the show and his increasing disillusionment with being a public atheist. Then, we talk about real-life Scooby Doo ghosts. Liberty It’s getting increasingly difficult to talk about atheism these days, and I’ll explore some of the reasons over the next few […]


Sparky On Ice

Sam and Becky talk with Robert Ray, a frequent guest on Ask An Atheist over the years. He’s a Humanist Celebrant, podcaster, father, and electrician who is recently back to the US after spending a year in Antarctica. Then we talk about A Car Tunnel of Not Fire. News Preacher has No Fire Tunnel– Just […]


Extra: I Can Smell Through Time

We’re doing alright– and we explain a little of that in this Podcast Extra. We talk about what’s going around the house, what projects we’ve been up to, and why we don’t have a show today. How are you? Things We Mention Here’s where you can find the KTQA Daily Briefing, that thing we’re working […]



Sam and Becky remotely welcome Johnathan Arriola as they talk about hotdogs, religion in the era of social distancing, and the mystery of Trump’s religious affiliation. News Half of Americans don’t think Trump is Christian PA pastor “apologizes” for holding services despite social distancing orders Vicar, struggling to livestream service, accidentally sets self on fire […]


Era Dust

Sam & Becky, from the safety of their home, welcome remote guest host Shujin Tribble as they contemplate parody ceremonies for cats, criticize craft store antics, and say bye (finally?) to the saga of Coach Joe Kennedy. Also: hotdogs. News Atheists, agnostics, Black Protestants, least confident in Trump; Hispanic Catholics most scared of COVID-19 Museum […]



Josh and Becky swat down charlatan cures for COVID-19, talk with Thomasin Satanlad about The Satanic Temple’s infernal ritual at the statehouse steps, and answer some listener questions. News Absurd claims about COVID-19/novel coronavirus cures and preventions abound Feedback How [do I] kindly respond (or not?) to loved ones who post religious faith statements and […]


Leadership Track

Becky returns from Camp Quest NW’s inaugural teen leadership retreat, Dan previews his tour of summer camp biomes, Justin fills us in on Russian election interference developments, and we all take a look at political perceptions. News Iowa lawmaker’s bill aims to make adults disclose sexual preferences on marriage applications Socialism, atheism still political liabilities for […]


Tastebud MMA

Dave and Josh help Command-line Deity Sam celebrate a numerically interesting birthday. They talk sports, booze, virulence, and Christian lawmakers, and mourn the untimely passing of a stunt-obsessed flat-earther. News Jagermeister can put logo on non-booze items Flat-earther stuntman perishes in rocket crash Christian lawmakers lament atheists, Satanists, crashing twitter poll Covid-19 spreads among South […]


Sweeping Graham Cracker Crumbs

Becky, Dan, and Luke discuss hoaxes, state legislation, college, Salish Sea conservation, rebuffed preachers, and mo(o)re. News Broom challenge hoax sweeps social media Franklin Graham left scrambling after UK venues cancel his events Roy Moore installs 10 Commandments legally at foundation HQ Wealthy retired academic creates endowment for secular studies Christian university to purge non-Christian […]


Of Faeries and Fish

Becky, Justin, and Dan ponder the important questions of whether Jesus would beat up Bolton, if witchcraft brought down Kobe’s helicopter, whether your D&D group is a Canadian church, and the extent to which steel melts water fairies. And also coming out to religious parents, and the problematic nature of farmed salmon. News Salmon farm […]


…with Sam Mulvey

Dave facilitates a discussion between Sam and his father, Sam Sr., who’s visiting from out of town. Topics range from mid-west talk show history, Ed Wood films, pizza, public art, Chicago, travel, automobiles, and Mulvey family history. In short, this is Ask an Atheist with Sam Mulvey, with Sam Mulvey.


Space Forced

Sam, Luke, and Dave open with politics and sports, talk uniforms of sporting and military natures, laptops, psychics, scammers, grammar, and SPAAACE. News Space Force official bible gets blessed at Nat’l Cathedral Space Force introduces uniform name badges One Million Moms protest burger ad‘s use of “damn” Massachusetts psychic scams client out of $71k Feedback […]


Wag the Cat

Becky, Josh, and Justin talk pets, snow, Roe v. Wade, and further developments in the gay-Jesus Netflix “scandal.” Justin breaks down the impeachment into something understandable. News Brazilian judges censor, then allow, Gay Jesus Netflix special Atheists own cats at higher rate than Christians do Hundreds of congressional reps urge SCOTUS to overturn Roe v. […]


Amoral Compass

Justin helps Dan and Becky make sense of the lead-up to the Suleimani assassination. Becky and Dan interview former CQNW camper Bailey about atheist adolescence, and we all chuckle at holy crop dusting. News US Military takes out key Iranian figure Pastor urges congregants to attend Trump re-election rally Priest crop-dusts diocese with holy water […]