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Israel and Trump vs The World

BR Radio 5-17-18: On this edition of Beyond Reason Radio, Yaffee gives his take on the Israeli-Gaza conflict and why we need to side with Israel. AND Why Trump's foreign policy is shaking things up for the better! ALSO Seattle's new BEYOND REASON head tax! PLUS Stories so BEYOND REASON you just can't make them up! Listen to the latest episode here now!


FRT This Week: Patrick K. O'Donnell

Florida Round Table 5-17-18: On this edition of the Florida Round Table Reagan and Yaffee interview military historian Patrick K. O'Donnell on his new book The Unknowns: The Untold Story of America's Unknown Soldier and WWI's Most Decorated Heroes Who Brought Him Home. You'll also get our our extended take on Florida politics in the Sunshine State and beyond.


Trump Does Foreign Policy

BR 5-10-18: On this edition of Beyond Reason Radio Yaffee talks about Trump's latest foreign policy moves. Will his upcoming summit with North Korea be successful? AND Yaffee tells you why Trump was right to pull out of the Iran nuke deal and also points out the hypocritical reactions to Trump's decision. PLUS why Evangelical Christians are still supporting Trump. Listen to the latest show here now!


The Beyond Reason Starbucks Controversy

BR 4-19-18: On this edition of Beyond Reason Radio Yaffee talks about why the reaction to the possible racial profiling at a Philadelphia Starbucks has gotten BEYOND REASON. While there is a chance racial profiling occurred, there is little evidence that it was the coffee chain's fault in any way. AND Justice Neil Gorsuch sides with the left side of the court on immigration. ALSO a lot of the media is overreacting to the fact that Hannity sought some legal advice from Michael Cohen. PLUS...


You Really Want Senators Controlling Facebook?

BR 4-12-18: On this edition of Beyond Reason Radio Yaffee tells you why it is BEYOND REASON that anyone would want Congress to regulate, take over, or break up Facebook. He explains why this whole controversy has been blown way out of proportion. AND Paul Ryan is retiring and the Left is full of glee. ALSO Yaffee is the voice of reason when it comes to what to do in Syria after their chemical attack. PLUS Should we split the nation in half and create two separate countries? Listen to the...


The Beyond Reason Facebook Debate

On this edition of Good Morning Orlando Yaffee fills in for Bud and joins Deb to talk about the latest news! Mark Zuckerberg grilled on Capitol Hill over Facebook data breaches AND censoring conservative speech. AND The aftermath continues over the FBI raid of the offices of Trump's personal lawyer Michael Cohen. ALSO Leon County Florida passes gun control ordinance that forces private sellers to do background checks. PLUS Trump could use rescission tool to cut government spending. BONUS:...


Beyond Reason Mueller Probe

On this edition of Good Morning Orlando Yaffee fills in for Bud and joins Deb to talk about the latest news! President Trump is upset over the fact the FBI raided is personal lawyer's office and continues to call the Mueller probe a "witch hunt". AND The Trump administration weighs its options on how to respond to the Syria chemical attack. ALSO Governor Rick Scott announces that he is running for Senate in Florida against Bill Nelson. PLUS Yaffee interview Vicky Matthews who is the...


Beyond Reason Chemical Attack

On this edition of Good Morning Orlando Yaffee fills in for Bud and joins Deb to talk about the latest news! Syria's Assad said to be responsible for a chemical attack against opposition forces. How will Trump respond? AND Some South Carolina legislators put forward a bill that will allow talk of succession if the Federal Government tries to take away guns. Are we headed toward another Civil War? ALSO Parkland victim and survivor is released from the hospital and calls out the Broward...


Securing the Border in Not BEYOND REASON

BR 4-5-18: On this edition of Beyond Reason Radio Yaffee gives his take on Trump sending National guard troops to the border and talks about why wanting to build a wall to secure the border is in our country's best interest. AND the BEYOND REASON Trump vs Amazon feud. ALSO Yaffee talks about why the Sinclair broadcasting story is WAY OVERBLOWN. PLUS A history lesson on the Second Amendment. Listen to the show here now!


Repealing the 2nd Amendment would be BEYOND REASON!

On this edition of Good Morning Orlando Yaffee fills in for Bud! Former SCOTUS justice wants to repeal the 2nd Amendment. AND Census in 2020 to ask if your are a citizen. ALSO Latest on the Noor Salman trial as closing arguments start today. PLUS Trump approval rating goes up despite "scandals".


Beyond Reason Anti-Gun March

Yaffee fills in for Bud on Good Morning Orlando! President Trump signs the $1.3 trillion spending bill even though he doesn't like a lot of it. AND More people are calling for government regulation of Facebook. ALSO Thousands go to gun control marches over the weekend. PLUS Yaffee takes calls on ANY TOPIC for Open Mind Monday!


A Good Guy With A Gun

BR 3-20-18: On this edition of Beyond Reason Radio Yaffee reacts to the school shooting in Maryland where an armed school resources officer stops the shooter and possibly saves many more lives. AND Do we really need legislation to help dogs on airplanes? ALSO More proof that Trump LOVES the chaos surrounding his administration. PLUS YouTube star talks about why should could not go through with having an abortion. Listen to the show here now!


Does Trump Actually LIKE the Chaos?

On this edition of Beyond Reason Radio Yaffee gives his take on the chaos in the Trump administration and wonders if Trump actually LIKES the chaos and the attention. AND Bridge collapses at FIU. ALSO the number of young people with sexually transmitted diseases on the rise. Why is no one teaching abstinence? PLUS Trump hires a free trader even though he continues his tariff policy. Listen to the show here now!


Should Trump Meet with Kim Jong Un?

BR 3-14-18: On this edition of Beyond Reason Radio Yaffee gives his take on Trump firing Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State. Was it all about North Korea? AND Yaffee tells you why Trump SHOULD meet with Kim Jong Un even though some conservatives are telling him not to. ALSO Mike from Arms Room Radio joins the show to give his take on Trump's new gun and school safety plan. PLUS Why the U.S. does NOT want to be like Norway! Listen to the latest podcast here now!


Yaffee World! 3-13-18

Yaffee and Bud have a conversation about the "cesspool" that is Twitter. Is there a way to clean it up? Should it be cleaned up?


Peace with North Korea?

BR 3-8-18: On this edition of Beyond Reason Radio Yaffee gives his take on the potential between President Trump and North Korea dictator Kim Jong Un and how many Trump's unorthodox approach might have actually WORKED! AND Florida to post signs that say "In God We Trust" in public schools. ALSO Op-Ed suggests that we should give Socialism a try, which Yaffee points out is BEYOND REASON. PLUS Trump implements his steel and aluminum tariffs. Listen to the show here now!


More Beyond Reason Division

BR 3-6-18: On this edition of Beyond Reason Radio Yaffee reflects on the deep divisions that still exist in this country and how it seems everyone just wants to "win the argument" rather than actually listen to each other and come up with real solutions. AND Was Trump right to talk tough against North Korea? Looks like maybe yes! ALSO Yaffee gives his take on Trump's BEYOND REASON tariffs! PLUS Is the Right winning the gun control debate? Some evidence says yes while other evidence says...


End the Mob Mentality

BR 2-22-18: On this edition of Beyond Reason Radio Yaffee talks about how the country needs to avoid the mob mentality and the vilification of the other side even in times of crisis. At the CNN town hall on guns people vilified Rubio and the NRA instead of trying to find real solutions to problems. AND Rubio shows that his is a voice of reason on the issue of the Second Amendment. ALSO Trump pushes for some trained teachers to be armed as a deterrent to mass shootings. PLUS VP Mike Pence...


How Do We Stop Shootings AND Keep Our Freedoms?

BR 2-20-18: On this edition of Beyond Reason Radio Yaffee talks about the debate going on in the country over stopping mass shootings. Yaffee gives some perspectives on the Second Amendment and possible solutions to the problem. AND 13 Russian indicted over election meddling. Does this prove Trump-Russia collusion? PLUS Things that made Yaffee laffee!! Listen here now!


Food Stamp Madness!

BR 2-13-18: On this edition of Beyond Reason Radio Yaffee talks about why Trump's food stamp reform proposal is a BAD IDEA that would just end up being another big government boondoggle! AND Yaffee gives some perspective on why our rights come from God and not from government. ALSO Controversy over identity politics and the Black Panther movie. Listen to the podcast here now!


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