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The 11th annual People’s Choice Podcast Awards are open for nominations and we have a better chance of winning now than ever before, but only with your help. If you enjoy this podcast and any of our others from Network, please nominate three of our top podcasts before May 1. It takes only couple []


A chat with Jerry Walls about Hell

I have a chat to Dr Jerry Walls about his work on Hell. We have a look at different ideas of hell, what it means, is it just and why it is necessary. Show Notes Dr Jerry Walls Heaven and Hell in Christian Thought Hell at Ask your questions or share your feedback Comment []


Hercules as Pagan Copycat – CMW223

There are many claims made that Jesus is just a copy of various pagan mythologies. Ive wanted to do an episode on this for a while but I havent found a really succinct one to use. Then I found this on Facebook So lets take a look at it. Ill be back in 6 weeks, []


The ethics of the criminally insane – CMW222

Have you encountered someone who says that morality is a purely subjective enterprise? That there isnt really any right and wrong but just what the culture or the individual. Have you considered what this would really mean if we took them seriously? Show Notes Ethical Subjectivism Nihilism Moral Realism The Insanity Defense More on the []


A Romans 1 culture – CMW221

Have you noticed that Romans 1 has a prophecy in its later half and that we live in a culture that is realizing that prophecy in spades. Ill kick that idea around on this episode of Christian Meets World. Show Notes The Revenge of Conscience An interesting article on cultural decay Punishment of a Photographer []


How John C. Wright came to Christ – CMW219

I have a chat with science fiction author John C. Wright, we chat about how he used to be an atheist and how he came to Christ. It makes for an interesting chat. Show Notes Johns Blog Ask your questions or share your feedback Comment on the shownotes Call (903) 231-2221 to leave a voicemail []


The Problem of Pomegranetes – CMW 218

We have a look at what the evidential problem of evil has in common with Pomegranates on this episode of Christian Meets World. It was posed by an atheist on a forum and I thought id have a look at it. It isnt a good argument from a logical perspective but it does pack an []


The Jesus was a Progressive Poster- CMW 216

There is a poster floating around attributed to John Fugelsand. I thought id go through some problems with it. Also Neo gave us some feedback on the last slavery episode. I dont know if John is a Christian, he claims to be follow Jesus and based on the contents of this poster im pretty sure []


Some thoughts on Slavery – CMW215

I had an interesting discussion during the week with an atheist on the question of Slavery and I thought id explore that on this episode of Christian Meets World. Hopefully the atheist in question will add some thoughts to the discussion. Show Notes Slavery The Bible and Slavery Bible references on Slavery Taxation as Slavery []


The Trinity, some thoughts – CMW214

What is it? What isnt it? And why might be it a round about proof of the truth of Christianity? These are the ideas I kick around on this episode of Christian Meets World. Show Notes The Trinity Trinitarian Heresies The Athanasian Creed Arius Ask your questions or share your feedback Comment on the shownotes []


The Bible as Magical Book? – CMW213

What would happen if the bible was a magic book? Would that work better than what we currently have? Show Notes Biblical Inspiration Biblical Inerrancy Indulgences The Reformation Luthers 95 Theses Counter Reformation Chicago Declaration on Biblical Inerrancy Ask your questions or share your feedback Comment on the shownotes Call (903) 231-2221 to leave a []


Jesus, The Gospel and Space Aliens – CMW212

What would happen if Space Aliens turned up on earth? Would it make any difference to Christianity? I kick that idea around this time on Christian Meets World. Show Notes Drake Equation Fermi Paradox The Space Trilogy Ask your questions or share your feedback Comment on the shownotes Call (903) 231-2221 to leave a voicemail []


Divine Hiddeness – CMW211

Divine Hiddeness, Is this a good argument against the existence of God? We consider that question on this episode of Christian Meets World. Show Notes The basic form of the argument taken from here There is a personal and perfectly loving God. There are creatures capable of having a relationship with this God. A perfectly []


Is love a choice? – CMW210

Tonight we ask the question, Is Love a Choice? This episode was inspired by a facebook discussion and an interesting division of opinion that emerged. One observation was that the divide was an atheist/Christian but I dont think that is the case, I actually think is was an ancient/modern divide. Show Notes The Greek Words []


Vicious or Vacuous – CMW209

Vicious or Vacuous, that is the question under investigation on tonights show are a conversation with an atheist recently. Show Notes The podcast I appeared on A google search for Jesus Borthday and the 25th of December An exploration of Pagan Copy Cat ideas Ask your questions or share your feedback Comment on the shownotes []


Some more thoughts on Atheism, Lack of Belief and Evidence for God – CMW208

I got a curious email from a listener after the last show so I thought id offer some further thoughts on the topic. I hope I didnt talk to fast! Show Notes Aquinas 5 ways Ontological Arguments including Kurt Godels and Anselms Logical Problem of Evil Ask your questions or share your feedback Comment on []


Atheism as “Lack of Belief” and other things – CMW207

Ive recently encountered atheists who like to claim that they lack belief in God and that they are not making any particular claim to knowledge. Although I think aspects of this position are reasonable, it seems to be used as a get out of justification free card and it definitely isnt that. So I thought []


Scott’s Adams recent Death Wish Post – CMW206

Dilbert author Scott Adams recently lost his father and it prompted him to write a rather impassioned blog post extolling his dislike of those who oppose euthanasia. I thought it was worth exploring this idea a bit. Show Notes Scott Adams original post Euthanasia Groningen Protocol The Oregeon case I mentioned Ask your questions or []


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