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How To Find The Right Coach For You

Brief Overview “Is that coaching?” “No, that’s not coaching.” “Here’s what coaching looks like.” This is the conversation among church leaders when it comes to coaching, and it’s largely unhelpful. The truth is there are three primary ways to coach leaders and you should choose the approach that is most helpful to you right now. Types of Coaches: Mentor- Coaches who have been successful where you are struggling. Priority is on information that shows you how they achieved success.Pastor-...


Pastor, Are You The Next Bill Hybels?

To help church leaders evaluate blind spots that ruin...everything


5 Life-Changing Benefits of Hiring A Coach

Brief Overview Call them mentors, trainers, coaches - we all have people who have helped us grow into the best versions of ourselves in different parts of life. But far too many leaders don’t have coaches, leaving them operating at less than full capacity. So on this episode, Matt and Tal talk about the life-changing benefits of coaching and why the smart move for you is to hire a coach. Benefits of Coaching: Great coaches slow you down. Your life is moving fast. Your coach should...


Vic Doss on Losing 50 Pounds, Leading College Students and Why He Loves Oprah

Brief Overview Matt sits down with Vic Doss from Watkinsville First Baptist Church to talk about leading college students, what’s missing in evangelical politics and the holistic transformation that took place in Vic’s life over the past 12 months. Listen To Learn: Resources The Healthy Practices of Leaders, Volume 1Ask Matt and Tal a QuestionFive Factors Facebook Groupcom/


Should I Use A Smartphone?

Brief Overview In the last of four episodes on how healthy leaders use their smartphones, Matt and Tal answer listener questions about the challenges and benefits of smartphone use. Here are the questions Matt and Tal answer: Is smartphone addiction a real thing?What’s available to protect me from porn on my smartphone?Should I ask people in our church not to use their phone when I preach?Any tips on social media fasts? Are they helpful or just a placebo?What are the spiritual...


How To Get The Most From Your Smartphone

Brief Overview In the third of four episodes on how healthy leaders use their smartphones, Matt and Tal talk about the challenges we face in how we use our phone. Plus, they share a simple framework that you can use today to multiply the benefit you get from your phone. How To Get The Most From Your Phone Fence.Set boundaries around the time when you use your phone and stay away from your phone. Focus. Leverage tools on your phone to help you stay away from distraction and the myth...


Take A (One-Day) Digital Detox

Brief Overview In the second of four episodes on how healthy leaders use their smartphones, Matt and Tal talk through the details of taking a 24-hour break from your smartphone. They talk about why we get hooked on our phones, the benefits of taking a 24-hour break from our phones and how to take the next steps to freedom. Benefits of a Digital Detox: Freedom from FOMO:The fear of missing out (FOMO) is a problem compounded by the way our phones tap into our neurochemistry. A...


Your Relationship With Your Smartphone? It’s Complicated!

Brief Overview In the first of four episodes on how healthy leaders use their smartphones, Matt and Tal show you the possibilities of using your smartphone in a different way. In the face of increased concerns about the holistic impact of smartphone use, healthy leaders are reimagining their relationship with their phone. Benefits of Better Smartphone Use: Heightened sense of security and gratitude.Research shows that smartphone use increases the risk of loneliness and depression....


Are You Addicted To Work?

Brief Overview In this last installment of our series on work, Matt and Tal answer five questions that church leaders should wrestle with related to how much they work. We live in a world that celebrates ‘the hardest workers in the room’ but when does our hustle become a problem? What are the warning signs that we are becoming addicted to work? How do we put Pandora back in her box if our schedule is out of control and our heart is out of alignment with the way of Jesus? Evaluation...


You Are Not A Tetherball

Brief Overview Pastoral The needs of the people we serve rarely fit easily inside of a tightly wound schedule. There is a level of flexibility that we must maintain in order to be with our people where they are, yet if we’re not careful we will find ourselves only doing surface-level work with little time and energy to focus on our best work. On this episode, we help you find the right strategy to focus on your most significant work and maintain accessibility to your church. Big...


No More Saturday Night Specials

Brief Overview We all know that having a schedule and keeping a schedule are important for pastors. But far too often, we don’t make the best use of our schedules and this damages both our preaching and our health. If you want to thrive as a preacher, here are a few ideas that will help you make and stick to your schedule. Big Ideas: Scrambling increases stress that damages your health. Forced, last minute sermon preparation increases anxiety, reduces the amount of time you sleep,...


How’s Work Going?

Brief Overview Church leaders aren’t scared to work but struggle to do their best work. We feel guilty for not working harder, we’re frustrated that we’re not better at certain aspects of our work, and we feel like everyone else in our church thinks we don’t work hard enough. On this episode of the Five Factors podcast, Matt and Tal tackle those struggles head on and map out a better way to work. Big Ideas: The secret to great work is a leader who embraces their limits. Too many...


Bryan Miles on A Better Way To Build Staff Culture

Brief Overview At the heart of culture is relationships. How do people get along as they work to lead the mission of your church? Bryan Miles sits down with Matt to talk about the surprising benefit that comes when your staff has the flexibility to work remotely (at least part of the time). Big Ideas: Your next hire should be a virtual assistant. A virtual assistant increases the productivity of a pastor by 2x-4x. And great companies like Belay ( handle the...


Scott Magdalein on A Better Way To Train Leaders

Brief Overview Every church is looking for more of the right kind of volunteer leaders. But a healthy network of volunteer leaders doesn’t get built by accident. On this episode, Scott Magdalein talks with Matt about Trained Up, an online platform he built to help church leaders equip every one of their volunteer leaders. Big Ideas: The best time to train volunteers is when they get started. Help volunteer leaders take their first step when they excited about the work and eager to...


Justin Trapp on a Better Way to Build Sermons

Brief Overview Most preachers use a collection of digital tools to help prepare sermons. Until recently, there was no solution available that would provide a single resource that could help write, present and store your sermons. But Justin Trapp has created a fantastic resource called Sermonary that you should start using. Big Ideas: Pastors are pressed for time. From social media connections to internal pressure to do more, pastors find their schedules filled with tasks and meetings...


Elliot Grudem on How Pastors Build Friendships

Brief Overview Healthy pastors have friends. But most pastors don’t have friends. So I asked Elliot Grudem to share what he’s learned helping pastors make friends through his work with Leaders Collective. Big Ideas: Pastoral work can be dehumanizing. In the eyes of most people, pastors are not actual people with feelings who are flawed and fallible. Pastors are seen as a commodity, often ignored until they’re needed and when they’re needed, they are expected to be immediately...


How To Build A Counseling Network In Your Church

Biggest Takeaways You Don't Want To Miss: Be a hero-maker, not the hero.Don’t outsource what your church is capable of handling.Wisdom isn’t reserved for Christians. It takes a village to help people get healthy and stay healthy. Don’t let your ideals keep people from getting real help. Use our FREE Guide to discover how to build a counseling network. Our conversation set up the basics for you. Now build on that awareness and take action. Based on his expertise as a therapist, Tal walks...


When Large Churches Hurt Small Churches

Biggest Takeaways You Don't Want To Miss: Small churches and large churches are different.Large church pastors set the tone.A great church is a discipling churchA simple recipe for small church greatness. If you are a small church pastor who recoils at the idea of anyone thinking that your church is small, please know that churches like yours are the bread-and-butter of Jesus’ kingdom. No other church can do in your city what you and your people can do. Use our FREE Guide to discover...


No Leader Has Ever Been Encouraged Too Much

Biggest Takeaways You Don't Want To Miss: Words matter.Discouragement is deadly.Developing courage is a project. Let us help you build courage. Just grab our FREE action plan. It’s simply not enough to know that it’s important to lead with courage. You have to take what you know and put it into action. Let us help you take the awareness that you built by listening to this episode and take action. Learn more here. Links Mentioned In The Episode Feelings WheelAsk Matt and Tal a...


Mac Lake on Discipling Leaders In Your Church

Biggest Takeaways You Don't Want To Miss: Leadership Development is biblical.While ‘leadership development’ in churches has become a cottage industry over the past 30 years, developing leaders is a task seen in both the Old Testament and New Testament.Leadership Development is rooted in discipleship.In churches, not all discipleship is leadership development. But all leadership development in the church is discipleship.Mentoring is the most simple and sustainable way to develop...