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The Battle Conditions of Modern LIfe that beat you down

YR2 | EP23 THE BATTLE CONDITIONS OF MODERN LIVING THAT BEAT YOU DOWN! I recently watched two tv dramatizations of war all the way through. The first was Band of Brothers and the second was Pacific. Why? Because I wanted to understand something in myself. I'm no hero. For these people certainly were heroic in all they faced and went through in an intense period of time. But today is delivering up conditions similar inside the head, hands and hearts of people all around the world. What am I...

Inside the Unknown Book

Yr2 | Ep22 The Powerhouse of Literature regardless of humanities views about it! 1, THE MOST UN-RELIGIOUS BOOK IN THE WORLD Most people who own a copy and pull it down from the shelf from time to time to read aportiondon't know what they have in their hands. This is no mere religious book, not at all. In fact it is a powerhouse of literature covering all the topics of humanity, and covering them completely. First things first though is always the author. You have to consider the writer of...

Engaging Mindy Kuth: let’s go deeper…

Sustainability meets Business Mindy Kuth Yr2 | Ep21 Specialties: Social entrepreneurship, sustainability, community impact, and eco-tourism development Innovative business professional with expertise in sustainable business practices and strategic planning in the public, private, and non-profit sectors. International development experience with strong cross-functional business skills including strategic planning, financial analysis, communications, and organizational development....

LIfe’s process: preperation, perception and performance

Yr2 | Ep20 This gift of life is yours to make the most of it, will you? Today on the show I am going to go into the process that creates a life. How about that for a topic. Everything comes with a manual. Most people don't use them but hey they are there anyway. Just in case, right? So... I talk about navigating the human condition, what do I mean? I also talk about coming to terms with the purpose of life, again what do I mean? Lets go deeper on these two things and bring some clarity to...

The Lamb, the story of the Unknown Book

Yr2 | Ep18 The Lamb that lived... The lamb, the shepherd and the sheep. The Bible is a whole, and in its own interpretation there lies a first principle. That first principle guides us through many places and things. It never lets us down. Like all great narratives the story develops over time. In this case the story takes thousands of years, but what a story! Shall we begin then? In the opening statements of man’s fall and the beginnings of his redemption: the purchasing back of what was...

Who taught you that?

Yr2 | Ep 17 Within the human condition there sits a series of common retorts to some of the issues and questions of life. When conversation turns to spiritual things, or the views you believe are held up to a ridicule in a common retort. Answers for these moments are often wanting. Why? Most people just aren't prepared for them, and often are quite taken aback when they happen. Here are some of those retorts, often thrown into the conversational mix as a provocitive statement or intended...

I accepted my story, this happened…

Yr2 | Ep16 How learning to accept the story I am living made me realize what I had to do with my life. The problem your story creates. I watched a video by Chris Lema, a wordpressaficionadoof high repute and he was talking about telling your story. It made a lot of sense to me after years of considering the way I was treated by those around me. I have always been regarded as smart, capable of doing anything. I have also been hard working. Not afraid to try new things and not afraid to...

Educated by the Unknown Book not a school!

Yr2 | Ep15 How to get a real education from The Unknown Book,that is worth the cost, without uprooting your entire life and livelihood! This episode of fresh-oil is going to go into how I am setting up a way to learn The Unknown Book. Learningit in such a way that you will not have to leave home, job, family and friends to get it. Now if you are young, have the money, want the adventure,prestige; and want to see a bit more of the country, you could do all the traditional things. First......

Engaging Bill Haas: let’s go deeper…

Bill Haas Yr2 | Ep14 At the intersection of commerce and culture and life and living there are people you need to meet. Bill Haas is another one of those people. I've known Bill for more than 36 years. He is unique, a one off. A man of skills and daring do. A Minister Called to preach at the age of 14. Did some preaching in my teenage and early adult years. 30 years of ministry since 1984. Planted churches in Canada, Cambodia, and in Native American communities. Served on the Board of...

Down the political helter-skelter

Yr2 | Ep13 Down the Political Helter-Skelter What is a Helter-Skelter? It is a slide popular in England from days gone bye. In our image we see a depiction of one. You climbed stairs inside the device and slide down on a mat to the bottom. Nothing like today'smaniacalheart pounding rides. But it serves to show the human condition when it comes to politics. Let me tell you more... I grew up in a very politically charged environment, Belfast Northern Ireland. To observe and participate in...

Engaging Molly Gordon: let’s go deeper…

Molly Gordon Yr2 | Ep12 Let's meet Molly Gordon. At the heart and the biggest corner of Commerce and Culture there are people we need to bump into. Molly Gordon is such a one. On the podcast today Molly lets us go deeper. It is worth the visit and your time. There are some doozy answers here to the raft of common questions I pose to guests. Molly provided an honest take on being alive and what that means to her. Are you ready? Then lets go deeper. It began with the old song: Sh-boom,...

Begging for Love: the human experience

Image by Banksy Yr2 | Ep11 Begging for love: the human experience. Don't even think this isn't about you, and me! For it is, and it always will be. We need this condition showered upon us and often never know its blessing. Instead we are required to seek it at a some inflated price, that never meets our expectations. Here's a question. Where does love come from? In this human experience people hunt for it everywhere. No limits are known or expense spared in the finding and getting of this...

It’s God’s fault! So what did He do about it?

Man's Fall and Rise, The plan isn't what you think it is! If you want to place blame for the mess we are in today. Before you ascribe that blame to God. Then you better get the facts, all the facts to the problem. Before you decide. Because blame has been assigned, all that is left is the ignorant acceptance of this error. But you need to know all the story... What you are about to read, or listen to is the whole story. Unfiltered and without bias from The Unknown Book. Not the opinions or...

Jack-of-all-trades, master of one!

Fresh-Oil Episode #10 IS THIS A SPECIALIST LOOKING FOR A GENERALIST? ORA GENERALIST LOOKING FOR A SPECIALIST? It will depend upon who is sitting at the computer! That will determine who the people in the background represent. Why Generalists and Specialists need each other. LIfeserves up an interesting conundrum. Should you be a specialist or should you be a generalist? The question was posed on a podcast that caused the hosts to ponder the answer. "Why is this episode going off the...

Why Love is faster than knowledge?

LOVE IS FASTER THAN KNOWLEDGE Jack Wood said that. I never forgot it. Jack Wood was many things during his lifetime. One of them was friend to people. He was a friend of mine. He had compassion for the needs of people. That sticks with me to this hour. This is not a religious examination of a few words here. I am not a religious man. At all. I do aspire to be a spiritual man. That is acceptable in this world if your spiritual aspriations are etheral, remote, internal even. What isn't...

Engaging Jaymee Soulati let’s go deeper…

by Meet Jayme Soulati… Hi, All! I am Jayme Soulati, and I hail from Chicago’s public relations firms. As a Message Mapping Master and Public Relations Marketer, I help businesses position with a human perspective from the heart. This happens when we […]

Are you living through the looking glass instead of living life?

by Today Alice doesn’t go down the hole into wonderland, she goes online instead! Then it’s bye bye… ————————————————– The problem with the looking glass is that it is the looking glass, not the living glass! A while back I was attending a social media event. It was my first of this kind. […]

7 steps to navigating the human condition!

by Meet Cartoon Me: Billy Delaney Drawn by:FRITS AHLEFELDT The business of navigating the human condition. Episode #005 You either understand how to or you do not. There is no try, no college educated effort. It is always you do or you […]

The Unknown Book, it’s place in your future?

by THE UNKNOWN BOOK Episode #004 What is honored in a country will be cultivated there. -Plato. While this is an exercise in demonstrating that the inside of this Book is largely unknown. It’s existence, influence, power, literary brilliance, reach, effects, appeal, and wonder are universal. What we are speaking about today is the ignorance […]

Engaging Mark Schaefer, let’s go deeper…

by Podcast Episode #002 Mark W. Schaefer Mark W. Schaeferis a globally-recognized author, speaker, educator, and business consultantwho blogs at {grow}— one of the top marketing blogs of the world. He teaches graduate marketing classes at Rutgers University […]