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Episode 49: Delegating "The Urgent" so that you can focus on "The Important!"

If you find yourself constantly jumping from urgent situation to urgent situation, you'll never give appropriate focus to what is truly important. "Important" sounds like a lower priority when compared to "urgent," but it isn't. Developing a correct perspective of those two words can take your ministry from "stagnant" to building and maintaining momentum. In this episode, we discuss the differences between "urgent matters" and "important matters," as well as how to handle them both.


Episode 48: The Issue Of "Faithfulness" In Ministry

Having a consistent presence in ministry is simply not enough! Faithfulness isn't limited to attendance, it's about how you've handled what you've been given. Once you're present, you need to offer your gifts and talents to your organization in a way that truly benefits the Kingdom. We don't only want you to be faithful, we want you to be "good" as well. In this episode, we discuss the delicate balance of blending "faithfulness" with "ability."


Episode 47: Improving Your Worth As A Secondary or Third Level Leader, Part 2

There are two things that you can do for your leader that will increase your value instantly! In this episode we discuss the types of support that you can provide for your leader, as well as how to "blaze new trails" for your organization.


Episode 46: Improving Your Worth As A Secondary or Third Level Leader, Part 1

Just because you're not the Senior Pastor doesn't mean that you can't add massive value to the organization. No matter what level of leadership capacity that you currently serve in, you can begin increasing your value right now! In this episode, we discuss the two things that you can do to immediately increase your value to your leader!


Episode 45: The Difficulty Of Removing Leaders

As a leader, you will at some point have to fire or "remove" someone in leadership. A good question to ask is "Were they the problem, or was it me?" In this episode we discuss performance issues, hiring skills, severance packages, and whether or not YOU are the best option for occupying the dual role as Lead Pastor & CEO!


Episode 44 - The Positive Aspects of Tension

Tension is not always a bad thing. Although it may appear to be negative it can actually produce very positive outcomes. People don't usually like tension and typically try to do everything possible to avoid or eliminate it. In this episode, we discuss the positive changes that accompany tension when it is skillfully engaged.


Episode 43 - Content, While Still Contending

Let's be honest...we all want more out of life! What do you do when it seems that you're not getting it? How do you handle it when you're placed in situations that cause discontent? It's difficult to be content with undesirable circumstances. How do you attain contentment while still contending for more? In this episode, we discuss what contentment is, as well as how to find a balance between being okay with what you have and where you are, while striving to achieve more.


Episode 42 - Recovering From Mistakes, Part 2: Adjust It & Apply It!

Owning and Admitting your mistake is just the first part of the process of fully recovering from them. The real work continues in the adjustments that you make, as well as the application of them. In this episode we reveal how to successfully navigate the most integral part of your recovery process!


Episode 41 - Recovering From Mistakes, Part 1: Own It & Admit It!

Ok, so you've made mistakes! You're not perfect! We all mess up. Let's work on facing it so that we can grow through it and move forward. You don't have to allow shame and guilt to keep you from being effective in your Kingdom service. In this episode we discuss two, of the four, steps in recovering from your mistakes!

Episode 40 - 5 Keys To Improving As A Leader, Part 5: Application

Your personality should never be a substitute for skill! You've dialogued and gathered information, affirmed your staff, added value to them, and assessed certain areas for improvement. Don't destroy it all with poor application! In this episode, we discuss how to use the first 4 keys to develop the 5th key of application that will move your organization forward.


Episode 39 - 5 Keys To Improving As A Leader, Part 4: Assessment

"Remove the plank from your own eye before trying to remove the speck of sawdust from mine!!!" You can't properly measure what you don't correctly and honestly assess! In this episode, we discuss the importance of assessment as a key to improve as a leader. We'll talk about the hidden challenges of assessment, as well as when and how it should be used.


Episode 38 - 5 Keys To Improving As A Leader, Part 3: Addition

Are you just "taking" from your followers, or are you "adding" to them? True leadership is reflected by discipleship. Growth and advancement occurs when you deposit more than you withdraw. Don't "use" your followers! In this episode, we discuss how "adding" to the lives of others empower them to make contributions that benefit you in the process.


Episode 37 - 5 Keys To Improving As A Leader, Part 2: Affirmation

"If you want affirmation as a leader, you must first provide affirmation to your followers." Affirmation boosts morale and improves performance of both leader and follower. Christian leaders must keep the language of affirmation at the forefront of their conversations. In this episode we discuss the role and impact that affirmation plays in leadership improvement.


Episode 36 - 5 Keys To Improving As A Leader, Part 1

Shut up and let me talk!...I have something valuable to say also! One of the biggest challenges as a leader is learning how to develop meaningful dialogue with others. We often make the mistake of "talking At" people, instead of "talking with" them. Your followers have something valuable to contribute, so let them speak! Meaningful dialogue will position you to find solutions to problems that you would not normally be able to solve on your own. In this episode, we discuss how to engage,...


Episode 35 - Succession From the Successor's Perspective!

If you're slated to be the successor, there are many things that you should consider before taking over an organization. There are battles to be won and lost! God may have chosen you, but the people may reject you! How do you lead an organization through the "wilderness" as you strive to enter the promised land? In this episode, we will give you insight on what to look for as a successor.


Episode 34 - The Hidden Obstacles of Succession!

Succession sounds easy...until you have to do it! There are so many things that can hinder a smooth succession transition. In this episode, we discuss the hidden obstacles and challenges that threaten to destroy your organization during, or after, your transition.


Episode 33 - "There can be no success without succession!"

It's time to start thinking about what will happen to your ministry after you're gone. It's equally important to position yourself to transition out of your current position. Without a clear plan for succession, you run the risk of becoming a prisoner within your own organization. In this episode, Dr. Davis explains why it is important to develop a system of succession instead of just choosing a successor.


Episode 32 - "Changing The Culture": Session 1, 2015 Leading For Change Con

If you are not getting the results that you desire in your ministry, your church's culture may be the culprit! Your church's culture impacts how your members view, feel about, and describe your ministry. A corrupt, limited, or toxic culture can not only stagnate your ministry from the inside, but also repel new visitors. In this episode, Dr. Davis discusses the very difficult topic of leading the charge in changing the culture of your church.


Episode 31 - Balancing Ministry and Life!

What are your priorities in ministry? Are you neglecting your family while doing ministry? Is your ministry suffering in your attempt to please your family? Are you having difficulty balancing the demands of your day-job while pastoring your congregation? These are all valid questions that must be asked and answered if you desire to be effective as a Christian Leader! This episode will provide practical answers to help you balance ministry and life!


Episode 30 - The Charleston Murders: Social Justice In Today's Church

The evil and persecution that Christians face today is a very real threat. The church can no longer focus on the programs and functions that occur within the four walls of the church each week. We must increase our involvement in the fight for the safety, protection, equality, and justice for all people!