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Committed to the gospel for the glory of Christ and the joy of all peoples. Douglas Church is a small house church committed to big gospel change. We are locate in the southern border town of Douglas, Arizona.

Committed to the gospel for the glory of Christ and the joy of all peoples. Douglas Church is a small house church committed to big gospel change. We are locate in the southern border town of Douglas, Arizona.
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Douglas, AZ


Committed to the gospel for the glory of Christ and the joy of all peoples. Douglas Church is a small house church committed to big gospel change. We are locate in the southern border town of Douglas, Arizona.






Acts 18:1-17 (God Saves His People; Ken Duffy; 1.22.17)

Paul is discouraged... and frustrated. He knows God is sovereign. He knows it is God's ultimate plan that is being done. But nonetheless he laments over the hardheadedness of the Jewish people as they broadly and continuously reject the gospel of Jesus Christ. In Paul's despair, the Lord gives him a comforting reminder and clear instruction.


Acts 17:16-34 | Evangelism in the First Century (Ken Duffy; 1.15.17)

In Acts 17:16-34 we journey with Paul to the great city of Athens, Greece. While Paul awaits his partners in ministry, he is greatly troubled by what he sees. What bothered Paul so much in this modern city and how did he respond? This week we get a glimpse at how Paul witnessed to a secular culture.


Acts 17:10-15 | Examine The Scriptures (Ken Duffy; 11.27.16)

Paul and Silas are in Berea, once again proclaiming the gospel. The men are met with a different group of Jews than those in Thessalonica. Rather than quickly rejecting the mens claims and seeking to do them harm, they instead put a lot of labor into searching through the Scriptures to validate their claims. As a result, many of the Berean Jews received the Lord Jesus as their promised savior.


Acts 16:11-15 | God Is Sovereign Over Everything (Ken Duffy, 10.16.16)

God's election—It is a difficult doctrine for many to accept, but one that we must because it is true. In our passage today we see yet another example of this truth when God saves Lydia. While studying this passage and being reminded of the sovereignty of God over all things, we apply this truth to an important time in our history... the 2016 Presidential Election. God is either sovereign or he's not. Will you bless God your words and actions in the coming weeks?


Acts 15:36-41 (Disagreement Within Leadership)

The great breakup. It seems like a troubling situation between Paul and Barnabas as they have a dispute between each other and split ways. This week we try to unpack the situation and understand more of what's going on. There aren't too many details we have to go off of but we can make some reasonable assumptions and also learn from this situation between the two men.


Acts 14:1-7 (Straightening A Crooked Path)

The mission continues. Paul and Barnabas are continuing their missionary journey, proclaiming the gospel everywhere they go. In the beginning of Acts 14 we see this work continue, along with the expected opposition that accompanies their work. Attempts were made to distort and confuse the minds of the people who were hearing the truth proclaimed by the apostles.


Acts 12:1-19 (Dead World. Living Joy.)

Acts 12 begins and ends with the clear and accurate contrast of the death and reign of destruction, to the joy, hope, and life that is in Christ. We also see a very purposeful plan of God for the Church to be saturated in prayer so that they may rejoice when he clearly answers their prayers.


Acts 11:1-18 (One Baptism)

In the beginning of Acts 11 we look at the work of baptism and what mans role is in it. Peter is explaining to the church in Jerusalem why he went to the Gentiles with the gospel. A significant reality we observe in this event is that Peter was simply obeying God's instructions. God did all the saving work but used Peter for it. In this passage we look closely at the work of baptism, what it is, what it does, who does it and how.


Acts 10 (The Sin Of Partiality)

In Acts 10 we see the gospel begin to reach the Gentile people. It is the good news of Jesus starting to reach the rest of the world. Peter is shown by God that God is not a God that shows favoritism. The work he has planned is good news for the entire world. The partiality shown by the Jewish people of Israel has been radically done away with by Peter's vision and the accompanying work of the Holy Spirit coming upon the Gentiles.


Acts 9:32-43 (Be Healed. The Bigger Picture.)

At the end of Acts 9 we observe two, what appear to be random, miracles by the hand of Peter in Lydda (Lod) and Joppa. However, a little insight reveals that two important things were accomplished here: 1) Peter's ministry was validated by God to the people and 2) the prophet Isaiah had spoke of this remnant coming to Christ in Isaiah 33. We then visit the important truth of all of this. God's healing isn't some trivial bodily and temporary healing as we witness in many miracles in the...


Acts 9:10-19 Part 2 (Suffering Is God's Design)

In the beginning of Acts chapter 9 we first looked at the radical conversion of Saul and Christ's identity with the Church. Now we look closer at why God saved Saul (Paul) and what his purpose is as a redeemed disciple of Jesus. More radically, we look at the reality of God ordaining suffering for his Church. Why do we suffer? Does God allow it? Can he stop it?


Acts 9:1-19 (God's Election. God's Will.)

In Acts 9:1-19 we see a clear divine intervention in Saul's life. Saul (Paul) was redeemed by God in his grace for his specific plan and purpose. The Lord's sovereign election is no different today. We are rescued by grace through faith, it is not our doing.


Acts 8:26-40 (Philip's Ministry)

In Acts 8:26-40 we look at the ministry of Philip, one of the first deacons, as he is on mission to proclaim the good news about Jesus. Philip must listen to the guiding of the Holy Spirit as he does the work of an evangelist.


Acts 8:14-25 (It's God's Work)

We depend on God to accomplish anything. Without him at work we do everything in vain. In Acts 8:14-25 we see how being part of God's program allows us to do miraculous works in the name of Jesus.


Acts 2 - The Church

The beginning of the church as observed in Acts chapter 2.


Acts 1 - You Will Receive Power

This sermon is on Acts chapter 1.