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Welcome to Oh No, Ross and Carrie, the show where we don’t just report on fringe science, spirituality, and claims of the paranormal, but take part ourselves. Follow us as we join religions, undergo alternative treatments, seek out the paranormal, and always find the humor in life's biggest mysteries. We show up - so you don’t have to.


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Welcome to Oh No, Ross and Carrie, the show where we don’t just report on fringe science, spirituality, and claims of the paranormal, but take part ourselves. Follow us as we join religions, undergo alternative treatments, seek out the paranormal, and always find the humor in life's biggest mysteries. We show up - so you don’t have to.




Ross and Carrie and The Great Disappearance: Harpazo Edition

Are you ready for the Harpazo? That’s what all the cool kids are calling the Rapture these days. Ross and Carrie share takeaways from Dr. David Jeremiah’s chart-topping new book The Great Disappearance, including 31 ways to be Rapture-ready, even though that’s really just the number of chapters. Is Jesus finally returning for the faithful? What’s been keeping him so long? These questions are deftly avoided in this new volume. Plus, a look at Jeremiah’s connection to other failed predictions, and The Invasion of Other Gods! We have social media: Twitter! Facebook!


Carrie Runs out of Panic Juice: Snake Phobia Edition

Carrie tells Ross about her journey to overcome a snake phobia, on her own, through the psychological principle of exposure. They discuss the nature of “specific phobia”, and the different ways one can manage or overcome fears. Follow along as Carrie works her way from Rikki-Tikki-Tavi to the LA Zoo, to holding a boa constrictor. Plus, did you ever think about how stressful a waiver is? Apparently Carrie has. We have social media: Twitter! Facebook!


Ross and Carrie Learn from Travis McHenry (Part 2): Paranormal Adventurer Edition

Ross and Carrie explore more from the wonderfully enterprising Travis McHenry. A tarot card designer, Bigfoot hunter, demon summoner, angel contactee, priest, historian, actor, screenwriter, song composer, director, veteran, and micronationalist. Ross reads his adventures in paranormal investigation, while Carrie explores his work in print and on screen. We have social media: Twitter! Facebook!


Ross and Carrie Learn from Travis McHenry (Part 1): Demon Summoning Edition

Ross and Carrie attend a talk by Travis McHenry, a self-described atheist, ritual magician, tarot card creator, and Priest of Anubis. He tells the entire history of the occult, then teaches the attendees to contact angels (or demons, if preferred). Plus lessons on astrology, sigils, and the most popular occult book in the world. (Place your bets now.) We have social media: Twitter! Facebook!


Ross and Carrie Unbox: Holy Spirit Board Edition

Ross and Carrie learn the mysterious ways of the Holy Spirit Board, a tongue-in-cheek method to contact Jesus Christ in the same manner as an Ouija board. Then, they make Golly (a cat) wear a tinfoil hat of unknown origin. Will Golly stop liking boxes? Is there a heaven? Where is Jimmy Hoffa buried? Find out this and more. And long live Ella Poppy. We have social media: Twitter! Facebook!


Ross and Carrie Are Attacked by Aliens: Linda Moulton Howe Edition

Ross and Carrie attend yet another strange presentation by investigative journalist Linda Moulton Howe. Howe announces some of her most astonishing and explosive research to date, including new government whistleblowers, an updated map of alien civilizations and human origins, insectoid aliens poised for attack, and the world-changing events we can expect in… April 2023? We have social media: Twitter! Facebook!


Ross and Carrie Investigate Nessie: Loch Ness Monster Edition

Ross and Carrie share tales of the legendary lake monster, examining sightings from 565 A.D. to present. In the process, they check in with the Loch Ness webcam, the History Channel, Ted Danson, and Scottish tour guides - including a live boat tour of the loch. Does Ross discover an ancient plesiosaur trapped in the highlands? Or maybe just a giant eel? Or does he completely fail to see the Loch Ness Monster? Plus, Carrie needs to get over that submarine incident. We have social media: Twitter! Facebook!


Ross and Carrie Revisit Orion: Deborah King Edition

Carrie tells Ross about Deborah King's presentation "Embrace Your Cosmic Origin." After an Akashic Record visit or three, they learn more about Deborah’s training, legal history, cancer diagnosis, and history as a member of an alien civilization. Plus, a possible explanation for the sounds and sensations Deborah experiences. With updates on Sound of Freedom, Drew’s kidney stone, and the rock Ella Poppy (a dog) swallowed. We have social media: Twitter! Facebook!


Ross and Carrie Make the Sound of Freedom: Film Review Edition

Do you hear that? No, it’s not a bald eagle (you don’t want to hear that); it’s the Sound of Freedom. Ross and Carrie watch this controversial biopic, which claims to represent the true story of Tim Ballard and his paramilitary, anti-sex-trafficking charity, Operation Underground Railroad. Critics say the film is QAnon propaganda; fans say it’s the most important film of our time. Ross and Carrie discuss this not-available-on-streaming, deeply average movie. We have social media: Twitter! Facebook!


Ross and Dan Phelps and the Genesis of The Ark Encounter

Let’s head back to The Ark Encounter! Ross talks with Dan Phelps, president of the Kentucky Paleontological Society and persistent thorn in the side of creationist Ken Ham. Learn why Answers in Genesis didn’t get its desired location for the Creation Museum, why they only paid $1 for 98 acres of land, how their parking lot pays for the corporate jet, and why their online responses are so Ham-fisted. We have social media: Twitter! Facebook!


Ross and Brian Dunning and the UFO Movie THEY Don’t Want You to See

Ross talks with Brian Dunning of Skeptoid about his new film The UFO Movie THEY Don’t Want You To See. What are the chances of intelligent alien life existing elsewhere in the universe, and what is the likelihood of us striking up a conversation? How do you assemble a dream team to investigate UFO claims? Does Jimmy Carter still believe he saw a UFO, or has the FO been I? Plus, Brian shares some of his own sightings and their fascinating solutions. We have social media: Twitter! Facebook!


Gail Thackray Heals Carrie’s Past (Part 2): Regression Edition

Healer Gail Thackray demonstrates her incredible reincarnation-monitoring abilities on a fawning crowd. Then she leads Carrie and the others in a memory regression session to explore the past-life origins of their body memories. Finally, Gail “attunes” Carrie’s “psychic opening,” thus preparing Carrie to give past life healings to scads of friends and listeners. Listen in awe as a blind woman is not healed, a lot of people learn they were once Native American, and a lady with no brother is told she kinda has a brother when you think about it. We have social media: Twitter! Facebook!


Ross and Carrie Identify Anomalous Phenomena: Congressional UFO Hearing Edition

Ross and Carrie analyze the recent Congressional hearing in which self-identified government whistleblowers declare that the U.S. has long conspired to cover up ongoing contact (and conflict) with extraterrestrials. Does the government have flying saucer fragments in their possession? Have they experimented on alien bodies? How many whistleblowers exactly do these three guys represent? We’d tell you, but it would have to be in private.


Gail Thackray Heals Carrie’s Past: Trauma Faith Healing Edition

Carrie receives a group healing session from Gail Thackray, a spiritual healer, medium, and Reiki master who instantly treats “body trauma,” the alleged corporeal residue of negative personal experiences. Listener, do you have lower back pain? News flash: you’ve got daddy issues. And Gail can heal them in seconds. Plus, Ross discovers an internal inconsistency between the typical reincarnation myth and its tellers. We have social media: Twitter! X? Facebook!


Ross and Carrie Break Drew’s Kidney Stone: Roller Coaster Edition

When Carrie’s husband Drew is diagnosed with a large kidney stone, he and Carrie go to the local rickety roller coaster in the name of citizen science. Then they tell Ross all about their scientific findings. Will Drew’s kidney stone break into tiny pieces, thanks to Santa Monica’s 30-year-old West Coaster? Or is a “large” kidney stone TOO large for even a chartreuse caboose to shake it loose? We have social media: Twitter! Facebook!


Ross and Carrie Transmit Bashar (Part 2): Follow Your Excitement Edition

Ross and Carrie witness Bashar, a purported extraterrestrial entity, inhabiting a 71-year-old escape room operator. They marvel as he dispels wisdom to a room of fans eager to be roasted by their favorite alien. Topics include parenting advice, interstellar contact, theories of comedy, and a BIG announcement for what might happen in the future! Plus, Ross and Carrie talk about Darryl Anka’s low budget films and inexplicable use of poor Irish accents. We have social media: Twitter! Facebook!


Ross and Carrie Transmit Bashar (Part 1): Very Telling Edition

Ross and Carrie return to see Bashar, an alien channeled by a 71-year-old former visual effects artist. To a live, nearly sold-out crowd, Darryl Anka demonstrates his ability to connect with this multidimensional being and share wisdom from the future. Bashar takes questions from an eager crowd, and teaches about UFOs, open contact, and his special formula for purpose and lasting happiness. We have social media: Twitter! Facebook!


Ross Reviews Lori Spagna: Micro Machines Man Edition

Ross tells Carrie about attending ONRAC veteran Lori Spagna’s standing-room-only talk at Conscious Life Expo 2023 on calling down divine guidance to up-level your vibration, navigating the Multi~Dimensional Reality, “activating” your DNA, connecting with starseed ancestors and peers, and (you know it, ladies) finding your purpose. Ross analyzes Lori’s unconventional views on biology, physics, and astronomy, and then asks her if she has any friends. We have social media: Twitter! Facebook!


Ross and Carrie Talk to Cats: Ascension Guides Edition

Carrie tells Ross about attending a maximum-capacity talk by Sylvie Sterling, a “a cat whisperer, author, intuitive healer, spiritual teacher, and ascension guide” who serves as “a bridge between cats and [their] people.” After assuring her audience that she doesn’t use any science to make her determinations, she helps the group psychically evaluate the unique role that each person’s cat plays in the universe. Will Carrie’s cat Golly be a lover, supporter, joybringer, protector, soul mate, mirror, muse, teacher, healer, or energy worker? And why is Evening Blocher so testy? We have social media: Twitter! Facebook!


Carrie Meets Swaha Ron: Immortality Edition

Carrie goes to a basement meeting for folks who want to learn about immortality from a licensed therapist. Swaha Ron Holman, the creator of Anu Alchemy Ormus (a purportedly magical elixir) delivers secret knowledge about the “immortal siddhas that come and go with a physical body, materializing and de-materializing their physical form.” Ya really had to be there. We have social media: Twitter! Facebook!