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Gleaned from over 40 years of ministry, these "Reflections" are my attempt to combat the growing indifference to Scripture in churches, and to help Christians "be ready with an answer".

Gleaned from over 40 years of ministry, these "Reflections" are my attempt to combat the growing indifference to Scripture in churches, and to help Christians "be ready with an answer".


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Gleaned from over 40 years of ministry, these "Reflections" are my attempt to combat the growing indifference to Scripture in churches, and to help Christians "be ready with an answer".






The Glorious Horror part 1

Oh, how I miss by brother Russ Clarke! He would delete all the snorts, grunts, verbal pauses, and personal references. Oh, well. This is a "signature message" of mine, and has been given almost everywhere I've ministered. I looked for a more recent version, but this is the one I found. I hope it's a blessing.


Doctrine of Christ part 8

Conclusion of the message!

Doctrine of Christ part 3

hope it's making sense!

Doctrine of Christ part 2

still experimenting...

Stand Alone: Doctrine of Christ

An experiment. Part 1 of 8; preached in a local church Hope it's a blessing!

Reflection 96

In Reflection 96, we return to the Gospel of Matthew. We pick it up in chapter 3, covering the first two verses. We consider Baptism, preaching, repentance, the "kingdom of heaven", John's prophetic place, and the cyclic nature of Scriptural prophecies. It's free, and found at, along with all the others. This may be the last one published for a while, since we're preparing to put it back on radio. If you'd like it broadcast in your area, please let us know. As...


Reflection 95

The newest Reflection, number 95, is now available. It's with all the others, at Remember, there's no cost & no obligation. We continue with Psalm 10, considering what Scripture means when it says God "sees". How relevant are His promises to "the fatherless" today? Then we turn to the topic of Triumph and God's Kingship. We outline God's perception of the three different kinds of people on earth, and consider who the "humble" are. Finally, we look at "the man of...


Reflection 94

Please visit to hear Reflection 94 (and all the others)! It's less than 15 minutes long, and continues considering Psalm 10. We only get as far as verses 12 & 13, But that includes requests for God to "arise", God's "hands" and what the impressively long word "anthropomorphisms" means. I explain why I DON'T pray for God to "make me humble", and consider occasions where someone "speaks in his/her heart", and we conclude with a word about...well, I'll leave that one...


R 93

I've just published Reflection 93 at! We begin Reflecting on Psalm 10, which is reminiscent of Job's complaints. We connect this to the Book of Esther, where Haman gets his in the end. I share my definition of the ACLU, and consider where our own culture is heading. Then we see the 3-fold description of "the wicked", and remember that God will have the ultimate victory! I share this with the hope that it'll be a source of comfort and blessing!


Reflection 92

Reflection 92 is available at! Job continues, determined to speak out. We learn how God understands extreme emotions, though they should be temporary. We note the reference to the "Watcher", and end with God's forgiveness. As always, I hope it's a blessing!


Reflection 91

Reflection 91 is available at! We start Job chapter 7, where he continues responding to Eliphaz. Several inspired insights; particularly about the brevity of life.I know it will bless, because it's God's Word (and NOT because it's my voice! LOL)


Reflection 90

The 90th Reflection is now available at (along with the other 89, of course)! Job continues responding to Eliphaz. The places named were real, and give credence to the Book's historicity. I refer to an uncomfortable personal memory regarding Job's words. He rebukes his accuser, and rejects the accusations. This is something we should re-learn today. Here's one quote from the Reflections" "Things universally despised are universally practiced." I hope this is an...


Reflection 89

In Reflection 89, now available at, Job responds to Eliphaz's first challenge. He admits his words in chapter 3 were rash...and they were, but I still think they were understandable. We briefly consider "terrors" the way Job referred to them, and commend him for never considering suicide. I especially like this words "I have not concealed the words of the Holy One". We define "repentance", and mention how much of the Bible is necessary. Hoping it's a blessing...but...


Reflection 88

In Reflection 88, located at, we have Eliphaz finishing his first speech. There are more examples (and there's more coming!) of the damage when right words come from a wrong heart, or when general truth is misapplied to a specific situation. Imagine promising "long life" to someone who's already said he wishes he'd never been born! But I've heard Christians do that to each other AND to seekers! I make a quick reference to "pulpit pugilists", who I hope never to...


Reflection 87

Tomorrow I'll be doing domestic chores: mowing (hopefully for the last time this year), raking, etc. So I'm publishing Reflection 87, at a day early. We continue in Job 5, as Eliphaz continues exhorting Job. He continues to be a great example of what NOT to do. While he says things no believer would disagree with, it contains self-praise disguised as reverence. He's an example of those who listen to themselves rather than considering others, AND those who must...


Reflection 86

Reflection 86 is now published at Eliphaz continues his "comfort" for Job. Why is the Book of Job in the Bible? Who are the "holy ones" Eliphaz refers to? Are his tactics practiced today? What's the full meaning of the Hebrew word for "trouble" in verses 6 & 7? The danger of applying general truths to specific trials. I love the "apologetics" ministry (overcoming objections to Biblical faith), but this attitude is a danger when confronting belligerent and arrogant...