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Toxic Masculinity With Michael Wilson

In the episode, I am joined by the Artist, Life Coach and Photographer Michael Wilson and we talk about the Toxic Masculinity in the world today! We also delve into our Spiritual Practices and tons of other interesting bits! It was my pleasure to share the mic with this talent. Hopefully, we can get him back sooner than later!!!


004: 12 Years A Slave

One of the harder episodes to record. I take a look at my 12 year tenure with the company I am currently leaving and the bittersweetness that I am experiencing. I examine how I push and pull and challenge myself to TRUST my inner source and leap. In a play on words, I liken my experience to that of the characters in the film. Now looking back, I could've gone further. This episode is a reflection during a period where a lot of heavy energy was coming up for me-disclaimer.


003: Your Life Is A Reflection Of What You Value

This episode, I talk about being stopped in my tracks while listening to Oprah Winfrey. In an interview, she stated that she came to believe that one's life is a reflection of the things one values. This statement landed so beautifully in my spirit and had me to a hard look at my life and lifestyle inside and out. Clarity arose about some things that I needed to clean up and Gratitude also arose over the beauty that I have in my life.


002: #Even Me Lord

Today, I share a personal prayer of mine--even me lord! This prayer sums up, my gratitude for God's mercy and my plea for it at the same time. It's taken from an vintage performance of the late Whitney Houston and Mary J.Blige--I was moved by the apparent cry out for God's grace and the phrase never left me. Years later, I reframed it and it's a personal prayer that brings me joy and peace.


001: What Is Sedrick Is Your Friend.!?

I talk about the importance of this platform in my life as a seeker and spirit being. I share my intention: that someone who is also on a spiritual journey will find comfort, solace and likeness to others who are seekers--we are all one seeking love. I share my desire to connect with many people and show that living life on this earth has its ups and downs, but they are here to bring joy and healing.