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Minisode: How to Quickly Read Any Tarot Card Intuitively Without Memorising All 78 Cards

Can’t memorise the Tarot cards no matter what you try? Can’t kick the habit of looking up ‘what a card means’ in your Tarot book? Wish that you could just see and KNOW what a card means – INSTANTLY? Yes? Then you're invited to my free LIVE workshop. Register here - It’s called How to Quickly Read Any Tarot Card Intuitively Without Memorising All 78 Cards. Here's what you'll learn at this 60-minute training: If you want to...


Minisode: Tarot Card Keywords – The Easiest Way to Learn Tarot

Want the EASY way to learn & read Tarot cards accurately and intuitively? In this minisode, I talk about how to use Tarot Card Keywords for your Tarot readings. Plus you're invited to download my free Tarot card keywords printable. Learn to read the Tarot cards easily and effortlessly. Click here to download the Printable PDF:


Minisode: 2019 Biddy Tarot PLanner

The 2019 Biddy Tarot Planner is just around the corner! Listen as Brigit walks us through all the exciting new features of the Planner.


BTP146: What's Next For the Biddy Tarot Podcast?

In this episode of the Biddy Tarot Podcast, I open up about my creative process and journey with the podcast so far. You'll get real insight into why it's time for a pivot, and hear my thoughts and plans for the Biddy Tarot Podcast.


BTP145: Tarot Today with Juju owner Leslie McAllister

Hear all about Leslie’s path to opening her successful and much-loved metaphysical store Juju. Leslie also treats us to her fascinating beginnings with Tarot, which she was first exposed to by her great-grandmother. You’ll hear how she uses Tarot professionally and in her everyday life. Best of all, Leslie shares some awesome advice for people who are just starting out, and who are also going into more of a professional tarot reading career. Additional Materials


BTP144: Behind the Scenes of the Everyday Tarot Book

Today is the day! My book “Everyday Tarot” is officially out and I couldn’t be more excited. In this episode of the Biddy Tarot Podcast, I’m going to tell you my story of creating the book from start to finish. You’ll also hear about the process of writing the book and where my inspiration came from. Plus, how writing “Everyday Tarot” allowed me to tap into my intuition more than ever before. I hope after hearing this episode, you’ll understand my elation. Additional...


BTP143: The Making of the Everyday Tarot Deck with Illustrator Eleanor Grosch

Today on the Biddy Tarot Podcast, I’m talking to the very talented illustrator Eleanor Grosch. The ‘Everyday Tarot’ deck is a modern take on the Rider-Waite deck. It’s been designed with the intention of making it approachable, accessible, easy to look at, but at the same time, allows the reader to connect to the ancient wisdom of the Tarot. In this episode, you’ll not only learn all about our experience creating the deck together, but also learn about Eleanor’s inspiration and...


BTP142: How to Set Intuitively Inspired Goals with Tarot

So many people believe that Tarot tells the future, but many of you know that I feel very differently. I believe that Tarot helps you create your future by supercharging your vision of what is possible. The cards allow you to align your goals with your purpose, bring your dreams into reality. Powerful stuff, right? When you map out goals and connect them to your intuition, that’s when you take your manifestation abilities to superstar levels. Today, I’m going to tell you how to set...


BTP141: Witch Baby Soap with Founder and CEO Chelsea Selby

In this episode of the Biddy Tarot Podcast, I’m talking to Chelsea Selby, the founder and CEO of the wildly popular beauty brand Witch Baby Soap. Find out how Chelsea started her witchy line of skin care, bod care, and bath bombs in her kitchen. Best of all, Chelsea tells us how she uses Tarot and vision boards to strategize for her business and to stay true to who she is. Additional Materials


BTP140: Discover Your Soul Purpose with Tarot

In this episode of the Biddy Tarot Podcast, I’m tackling a big and beautiful topic: how to discover your soul’s purpose using your Tarot cards. Spoiler: by the end of the episode, you’re probably not going to have a clear idea of precisely what your soul purpose is. This is an independent journey that involves you working closely with your highest self to discover what your soul purpose is and let it unfold in a beautiful and sometimes unexpected way. But, I’m going to give you some ways...


BTP139: How to Weave Crystals into Your Daily Routine with Hibiscus Moon

I have so many crystals around my house, but in truth, I know very little about them. In this episode of the Biddy Tarot Podcast, I’m talking with Hibiscus Moon, creator of the Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy and author of "Crystal Grids: How and Why They Work." She’s going to talk about why crystals do what they do and what makes them so special. Hibiscus Moon will also tell us how you can integrate crystals into your everyday routine. Additional Materials Hibiscus Moon...


BTP138: From the Archive: 7 Ways Tarot Can Help You Create Harmonious Relationships

There are other times when your relationships become troubled, challenged, stale, or even bitter and resentful. It’s never fun. But you can clear that negative energy in your relationships, to make way for more harmonious and free flowing relationships instead, with a little help from our friends, of course, the Tarot cards. By asking the Tarot cards how you can really spot blockages and increase flow in your relationships, you can create those beautiful loving relationships that bring...


BTP137: The Tarot Food Plan with Kim Arnold

We all know that a tarot is an amazing tool which can help us navigate our lives and achieve our fullest potential, whether it's professionally, romantic, or spirituality. But have you ever considered that it can be used to help you unpack emotional issues around eating and healthy body image? For episode 137, my guest is Kim Arnold, organizer for the UK Tarot Conference and the mastermind behind the Psychic Café Network. But today, we’re talking about Kim’s Tarot Food Plan and how she...


BTP136: Can Intuition Alone Make You a Great Tarot Reader?

There’s a point of view that if you’re intuitive, you’ll get exactly what you need from the Tarot cards. Another opinion is that you need to have all of the card meanings memorize, the history of Tarot, and so on to be a good Tarot reader. Today, I’m talking about my ideas on the topic: can intuition alone make you a great Tarot reader? I also provide you with some questions you can ask yourself to establish your own opinion on the subject. Additional Materials: Transcript


BTP135: 22 Acts of Magic with Nancy Antenucci

Today, I’m very happy to have the amazing Nancy Antenucci as a guest on the Biddy Tarot Podcast. Nancy is a professional tarot reader, spiritual mentor, and author of the book “Psychic Tarot: Using Your Natural Psychic Abilities to Read the Cards”. She recently led a workshop called “22 Acts of Magic” where participants explore the Major Arcana through music, art, visualization, and reflection. Learn more about this remarkable experience in episode 135. In this episode, you’ll...


BTP134: Eight Ways to Clear and Cleanse Your Tarot Cards

Have you ever found yourself falling out of love with your favourite Tarot deck and not really known why? Or maybe, you picked up your Tarot deck and suddenly felt grossed out by the cards. Perhaps you touched your deck and felt empty, a complete absence of energy. These aren’t great feelings, but there are ways to fix them. In episode 134 of the Biddy Tarot Podcast, I’m talking all about cleansing your Tarot deck. I’ll share my top 8 ways to give your cards a beautiful clean energy, so...


BTP133: Core Desired Goals with Katie Tassone

In this episode of the Biddy Tarot Podcast, I talk to my very own Marketing Manager Katie Tassone. She tells us how to connect with our Core Desired Feelings to create the future that we really want. In addition to getting the word out about Biddy Tarot, Katie is also a Desire Map Facilitator. This is an incredibly juicy topic and we’re going to give you actionable steps you can take to identify your core desired feelings. You’ll also learn how you can supplement the process with...


BTP132: 3 Ways to Connect with Your Ideal Tarot Reading Client

As Tarot readers, we can’t reach everyone. And more importantly, do you really want to read Tarot for everyone? I didn't think so. That's why knowing your ideal Tarot client is so important. It saves you time, money, and energy. And it ensures that you're working with the right client and not just anyone - doing your absolute best work within your zone of genius. In this episode of the Biddy Tarot Podcast, I’ll give you my top three tips for finding your ideal tarot client. ADDITIONAL...


BTP131: Stepping into Your Power as a Tarot Reader with Liz Worth

I’m happy to welcome back Liz Worth to the Biddy Tarot Podcast. Liz is an accomplished Tarot reader and teacher, who’s published books like “Beyond the Little White Book”. In this episode, she talks about how you can step into your power as a Tarot reader. If you ever feel like you might be a bit of a ‘fake’, Liz and I will tell you how you can fully understand your value and true potential. All of my past and current students know that this is something about which I’m very...


BTP130: Exploring the 4 Tarot Aces

I believe that the four Tarot Aces contain some of the most exciting energy in the deck. To me, they each represent a seed of possibilities. Whether it’s wands, swords, cups, or rods the Aces have a whole journey within them. In this episode, I discuss what these important cards mean both individually and collectively. I’ll also go through some exercises on how you can use the Aces to manifest your true potential. ADDITIONAL RESOURCES Master the Tarot Card Meanings Biddy Tarot...