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Be inspired to step into the difference you are here to make in the world and collaborate on the making of The Difference Film and together with us open humanity's heart.

Be inspired to step into the difference you are here to make in the world and collaborate on the making of The Difference Film and together with us open humanity's heart.
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Be inspired to step into the difference you are here to make in the world and collaborate on the making of The Difference Film and together with us open humanity's heart.




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Dr Rosina interviews Dr Robyn Mills: As the Radio passes half a million listens

The Difference Radio began on the 11.4.2011, within 3.5 years it has reached over 515,000 listens. We are so proud of this achievement, not only has the growth of the numbers been amazing, but the growth of hosts and the producers has also been phenomenal. Dr Robyn Mills has been the Executive Producer of the radio for the past almost 4 years, starting the radio show after being inspired by Anayah Holily from Angel Heart Radio, who took Robyn under her wing and taught her how to be a radio...


An exploration into Reflexology with Darryl Kasch and Dr Robyn Mills

Reflexology is an ancient art that dates back as for centuries. Darryl Kasch has had over 20 years experience as a reflexologist and he shares his stories of restoring equilibruim to the body.


Authentic You Web TV: A new platform for you: Diane Wilkins &a Dr Robyn Mills

Dr Robyn Mills introduces Diane Wilkins who is creating a new and exciting platform that will inspire you to be the best version of yourself you can be. In response to a rapidly changing world, she is launching an internet TV platform ‘Authentic You TV. It is directly aimed at those who are ready to take steps to create change in their lives, but are perhaps feeling somewhat overwhelmed by the uncertainty that change inevitably brings about. Mentors, Visionaries and Practitioners will...


Dr Robyn Mills & Julian Noel from Shine: Energise the shiney that is within you

Dr Robyn Mills presents Julian Noel from Shine. Julian has experienced over 39 years of self-enquiry and spiritual practice, he has come too the realisation that everybody was born to Shine, and bring the best within themselves to life. There are 4 underpinning traits that all Shiney people share. When we know and act in accord with these 4 traits our life has a deeper purpose and meaning, and the capacity for effortless flow with life occurs. Join us and spend some time re-energising that...


Parenting Quick fix: short term gain for long term pain: Dr Rosina & Dr Robyn

In this busy busy world where there are many distractions to our parenting, such as mobile phones, television, conversations, exercising, work, housework, beauty treatments and lets not forget our friends, it is quicker and sometimes less demanding to take the easier choice in regard to our children. This may mean giving in when a child nags for something or simply not being present to their needs and putting on the television as a baby sitter. These things may bring instant peace and...


The myth of the spoiled child: Dr Rosina interviews Mr Alfie Kohn

There are many claims today in the press that today's kids are spoiled, self centred, selfish and even narcissistic. Dr Rosina McAlpine interviews Mr Alfie Kohn on his recent book The myth of the spoiled child. Mr. Alfie Kohn writes and speaks widely on human behavior, education, and parenting. He is the author of thirteen books and numerous articles, and lectures at education conferences and universities as well as to parent groups and corporations. For more information see...


Your Child's Brain Development: Dr Rosina interviews Dawson Church PhD

Have you ever wondered how your child's brain works? How you might be able to support your child's brain development to empower them to be the best they can be in life? Then please join me as I interview Dawson Church PhD. He has a wealth of knowledge across the areas of health, psychology, and spirituality. His principal work is his best-selling book The Genie in Your Genes, which reviews the research linking consciousness, emotion, and gene expression. He has such a long list of...


Your Vision for Parenthood & Dreams for Your Children: Dr Robyn & Dr Rosina

What is your vision for your family? Is it to have work-life balance and to raise happy, healthy, well-balanced and capable children? If so how are you going to achieve this? Anyone who has achieved something great in life started with an inspiring vision. Ghandi had a vision of peace, Martin Luther King Jn's powerful speach began with "I have a dream". Oprah Winfry, said "As a young child, I had a vision, not of what I wanted to accomplish, but I knew that my current circumstances would...


Living your best life: Dr Joe Dispenza's Making Your Mind Matter workshops

Are you living the life you've dreamed of, or do you feel stuck, unhappy or unmotivated? If your life is less than ideal and you're unhappy with the way things look and feel - what can you do about it? There is a way to create and live your best life - you just need to know how! Join Dr Rosina McAlpine and Robyn Mills as they share their experiences of attending Dr Joe Dispenza's Making Your Mind Matter workshops in Sydney and Melbourne. Topics include: How negative thoughts, limiting...


A Look Within: Autism Breakthrough

For this show, Toni Ashton a Sydney based therapist and collegue and I speak with Australian based scientist and nutritional medicine expert Maria Arnold who shares her research on using manuka honey with people who have autism. Manuka honey improves health and behaviour, and brings releif to everyone involved as the ripple effect brings peace all around. You can look at Maria's website for details of the study and her findings, find out where to purchase manuka honey or contact Maria....


How Children Learn & Thrive: Swapping discipline with empathy & education Part 2

Nobody likes disciplining and punishing their children... it doesn't feel good to yell, put them in time out or smack them. They are our precious babes ... but at the same time we can't have them running wild right? What is there was a different way to help our kids learn the right thing to do? What if we could raise kids without hitting, yelling or sending them away? Parenting is about nurturing and educating our children to become the best they can be for themselves, in their families...


Heart to Heart with Dr Robyn Mills and Dr Rosina McAlpine

Presenters: Inspirational speaker Dr Robyn Mills Dr Rosina McAlpine parenting expert: life skills for kids in 15 minutes at a time Heart to Heart Radio™with Dr. Love – Loving conversations, singing, mantras, poetry and interviews. Have your heart touched and your soul uplifted by open sharing of life journeys, inner wisdom and spiritual awakenings. Everyone loves a heart to heart. Come and join us. This week I talk with Dr Rosina McAlpine from...


How Children Learn and Thrive: Swapping discipline with empathy and education

The online example used to give it the word 'discipline' context is: "a lack of proper parental and school discipline" and the synonyms include: control, regulation, direction, order, authority, rule, strictness, a firm hand Hmmm? Is this what parenting is about? Control, Authority, and Strictness? Or is parenting about nurturing and educating our children to become the best they can be for themselves, their families and their communities? In this interview Inspirational speaker Dr Robyn...


Work-Life Balance: crafting a life you love. Doing it for yourself & your family

Most parents today say they don’t have work-life balance. In this interview inspirational speaker Dr Robyn Mills ( and parenting expert Dr Rosina McAlpine ( discuss 5 steps to crafting and living a life you love and offer positive parenting advice. Key 1: Take time to re-evaluate your life Key 2: Have a clear vision for yourself and your family Key 3: Make your changes small, incremental and systematic Key 4: Be OK with mistakes, setbacks and become...


Staying grounded and in your own power amidst a highly expectant world

In this world that is ever changing it is important to truly honour yourself and stay grounded and heart centered. Dr Robyn Mills and Nikki Cook will explore ways to stay centered amidst the deluge of life in this modern area. Walk your own path with ease and grace.


Teach your kids to be proactive & problem solve so they're safe and happy

Parents love their children and so when they see their kids struggle it's natural to want to jump in and help. BUT, this is not always helpful as it teaches them to rely on others to "save them". Of course if your child is in physical danger - you move them out of the road first and then have the conversation - but this same rule doesn't always apply in other situations. Helping our kids work through problems, rather than solving them for our kids means they are learning how to navigate life...


Parents who take care of themselves, live their dreams: great role models 4 kids

Its not uncommon to hear parents, particularly mothers, say "I put my children first and my needs last". BUT, is good parenting really about being selfless? In this show you'll learn about the many benefits to you, your family and your children of being "self full" rather than "self less" 1. A happy mother and father is the foundation for a happy family 2. Being a good role model for your children by living your life to the fullest 3. Making a positive difference in the world by sharing your...


Parenting gems to fill your kit and caboodle with Dr Rosina and Dr Robyn

Presenters: Inspirational speaker Dr Robyn Mills Dr Rosina McAlpine parenting expert: life skills for kids in 15 minutes at a time Associate Professor Rosina McAlpine brings her unique pearls of wisdom to the table yet again, giving parents and grandparents gems to find solutions to problems and simplify parenting to help prevent problems occuring. She has an innate sense of parenting that is so refreshing and that makes so much sense. Dr. Robyn Mills,...


Braco in Australia: Transform with the gaze of pure unconditional love & peace

Braco is an international phenomenon that defies a simple explanation for his remarkable ability to transmit a force, energy or gift of some kind by silently gazing at groups of people live in person or through the internet. He has been described as a healer, a mystic, a catalyst, a transformer, and other positive labels by the 200,000 people or more that visit him each year around the world to receive some benefit through his gazing. “He adopts none of these descriptive labels and goes by...


Old head on new shoulders: parenting to give kids the wisdom of experience

Presenters: Inspirational speaker Dr Robyn Mills Dr Rosina McAlpine parenting expert: life skills for kids in 15 minutes at a time How many times have we wished we could put an old head on new shoulders? I know my life would have been different if I only knew back then what I know now. Of course our children need to live and learn thorugh their own experiences and we don't want to stifle their new ideas and ways of being. However, there is room for...