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Episode #31 - Joy In The Journey

In this episode we cover: - Making time for things that are joyful and fun - Allowing yourself be joyful - Scheduling self care - How 1st chakra imbalances can cause eating disorders or maintaining a healthy weight - Releasing the feeling of insatiable yearning - The emotions that weaken the 3rd chakra - Affirmations for this episode: - I allow myself to have joy - I'm worthy of having joy - Others are ok if I have joy - I'm in harmony with the...


Episode #30: Advancing Fearlessly

In this episode we cover: - Birthing our businesses or goals - What makes us fear and holds us back? - How to enjoy advancing and succeeding - Changing your mind and outlook - Our working relationships with money, heart and mind, our body, our future, our past - Releasing generational debris - Why we sometimes feel lost when our 6th chakra is affected - Speaking truthfully from our heart without analyzing - Why we going to sleep or staying asleep is difficult...


Episode #29: Driving Out Power Leakages

In this episode we cover: - The things that can cause energy leakages - Having interference on our purpose - What is important for you? - Being connected to our angels - The pineal gland and how it effects our sleep - Releasing go of false beliefs - Letting go of negative comments that were said to us in the past Affirmations for this episode: - I know my purpose - My purpose is worthwhile - I help myself regardless of my circumstances - I use my power...


Episode #28: Leading Your Tribe

In this episode we cover: - Finding your tribe - Speaking to your tribe in their language - Our self esteem and self worth - Allowing others to help us and love us - Knowing when to let go - Being open to divine assistance - How our body tells we might be going in the wrong direction Affirmations for this episode: - I'm worthy of divine love - I am divinely guided and protected - I accept help - I allow prosperity in my life - I allow my family to love...


Episode #27: Sharing The Load

In this episode we cover: - Feeling worthy of help - Releasing generational patterns that don't serve us - Having work that brings us joy - Why fungal infections are opportunistic - Knowing when to give and knowing when to receive Affirmations for this episode: - I am worthy of help - I accept my worthiness - I relinquish my martyr role in life - I no longer have the need to be a martyr - I'm in harmony with the universe - My work in life brings me...


Episode #26: Continuing In The Light

In this episode we discuss - The importance of being in the light - Taking time to be still and to meditate - How to protect yourself from viruses, parasites, bacteria and fungal infections - Why strong boundaries protect us from parasitic people and parasitic friends and parasitic energies and entities - Using essential oils to lift your vibration - Plugging in your own protection and light and how to do it Affirmations for this episode: - I maintain healthy strong...


Episode #25 - Drawing Strength From The Light

In this episode we cover: - Learning from situations while having fun along the way - How to raise our vibration - The power of prayer and meditation - How to use your meridian systems to strength ourselves - Using essential oils to clear negativity - Being able to receive (not just always give) Affirmations for this episode: - I love who I am and who I am becoming - I remain balanced - I trust my intuition - I allow prosperity in my life - I attract the...


Episode #24 - Being Decisive

In this episode we cover: - The power of making a decision - Being fearless when we moving - Knowing when to bend and be flexible - When to relinquish control - How our aura can become thin and damaged by physical, spiritual or emotional attack Affirmations for this episode: - I'm true to my heart - I follow my heart - My head supports my heart - I am decisive - Others are ok when I'm decisive - I'm ok when I'm decisive - I know when to bend and when...


Episode #23 - Seeing Past Our Current Situation

In this episode we cover: - Seeing past our present reality - Accepting ourselves even with our flaws - How helping more people creates more wealth - Asking for the right price for our work - Having an equal exchange of energy for our gifts and talents - How to stop identifying ourselves with our problem - Getting unstuck Affirmations for this episode: - I allow my body to rest adequately - I have the power to choose my reaction to any situation - I allow others respect and...


Episode #22 - Overcoming Toxic Feelings

In this episode we over: - How are feelings are there to guide us - Why sometimes our triggers are hereditary - Not falling into our trap of being triggered - The power of listening - How our aura sustains damage and can have tears and leaks Affirmations for this episode: - We allow all family members to learn from their mistakes - It's safe to communicate openly within our family - We feel the support of past generations and allow their love to fill our home -...


Episode #21 - Moving Past Hurt

In this episode we cover: - How to move forward after painful experiences - The power of forgiveness - Finding the balance between giving and taking good care of ourselves - Knowing when to say no Plus so much more. Affirmations for this episode: - I clearly see my own divine nature - My legs are strong and carry wherever I go - My elbows have strength but are still flexible - I'm able to see both sides of an argument - I no longer compare myself to...


Episode #20 - Blockages vs Freedom

In this episode we cover: - How to get from blockage to freedom - Creating your perfect day - How gratitude helps moves things forward - Why accepting where we are actually frees us Affirmations for this episode: - I'm ok with freedom - I'm safe with freedom - I accept my freedom - I'm ok with my blockages - I no longer have disgust for myself, my problems, my work or my gifts - I'm ready to move forward - I allow myself to be led by God - I believe in...


Episode #19 - Faith During Change

In this episode we cover: - Faith vs fear - Being connected to the light - What to do when you get stuck - Being open to inspiration - Taking time out for ourselves - Calling in higher help - How not to go into panic mode Affirmations for this episode - I'm a creative and sensual being - I'm able to enjoy all emotions and give them room for expression - My mind allows clarity at all times - It's safe for me to see the truth no matter what it is - As I...


Episode #18: Decluterring

In this episode we cover: - How the things we have occupy mental bandwidth - Letting go of the things are no longer necessary - How when you're space is cluttered you're mind is cluttered - Releasing thoughts that are not supportive to our journey - Creating an inner circle that will support us on our journey - Knowing what you're limits are, what you can share and give without causing yourself or family a problem Affirmations for this episode: - I make great...


Episode #17 - Moving Past Our Fear

In this episode we cover: - The pros and cons of fear - Vanishing twins syndrome - The disease to please - Why we sometimes live in flight or fight - Calming down the flight or fight response - How lies weaken our 5th chakra - How sometimes our gifts are buried - Affirmations for this episode: - I no longer fear rejection when I speak honestly - I willingly replace smoking, alcohol abuse, overeating and unhealthy dieting with my powerful creativity - I'm...


Episode #16 - Saying No

In this episode we discuss and release: + Why saying no is so difficult + When is it ok to yes + Sticking to what we feel is the right thing + Learning to let go and to trust + Listening to our body what it's trying to tell us + Why doing everything ourselves is not always the best Affirmations for this episode: + I allow myself to be led by God + I hear with ease and understand completely + I love who I am + I accept others as they are + I love unconditionally + I love...


Episode #15 - Overcoming Procrastination

In this episode we discuss and release: + The other side of procrastination and how it helps us identifying what it is important to us personally + Why we sometimes use avoidance tactics when we're not on purpose + It's ok to adjust or fine tune our purpose + Why we sometimes procrastinate because of perfectionist in us + Productivity and the connection to our second chakra + How birthing something into existence can feel scary (and why we sometimes sabotage...


Episode #14 - Anxiety vs Trust

In this episode we discuss and release: + How to stop controlling and start allowing + Listening to our inner compass + The false belief that being stressed shows how important we are + Letting our feelings guide us but not take over + Using essential oils to help you and ground you (particularly Melissa and Lavender oil) + Releasing the pain from past trauma or abuse How anger weakens our 3rd chakra + Trusting our gut and intuition + Using essential oils to help...


Episode #13 - The Road To Success

In this episode we discuss and release: + What is success? + Creating your bucket list + Allowing ourselves to be happy + Enjoying the journey + Loving ourselves even when things don't work out + Being in like minded communities and having support + Taking baby steps along the way + Why affirmations alone don't always work and what to do + How clearing energy and muscle testing work + Making sure our energy is clear to move forward with the things that we are...


Episode #12 - Coping with Style

In this episode we discuss and release: + How to deal with overwhelm + Receiving help from above + Creating a balance between helping ourselves and helping our families + Not feeling selfish when we put ourselves first + Making Room for the inspiration to come + Knowing our limits and not pushing past them + Taking time out to rest and recharge + Not needing to be a fixer Affirmations for this episode: + I am inspired + My heart and mind are aligned + I am safe, my...