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Episode #6: The Power of Honesty

In this episode we cover: + Being Honest with others and ourselves + Being able to say what we really feel say to ourselves and to ourselves and to others Many times we don't even allow ourselves to think, "What do I really want?" We think it's not possible and we can't have what we really want so we won't let ourselves go there. + The importance of taking time out for ourselves + How unworthiness interferes with our dreams Affirmation to release false beliefs: + I'm...


Episode #4 - How To Change Your Money Story

In this episode we cover: The things we tell ourselves about money and the things we believe things about money and releasing false beliefs around money. Often these things come through our family: + You have to work hard for money + Money doesn't come easily + We can't be spiritual and have money + That we can't earn money for our gifts Affirmations to help release this money story: + I have all the support I need without having to ask + I'm worthy of support +...


Episode #1 How To Be Courageous

In this episode we discuss and clear: + The generational patterns and baggage that we inherit from our families + How we think and how we see things and how that affects our bodies + By charging for your services you actually help others heal + Having strong boundaries while being reasonable and considerate + Following inspiration vs our voice in our heads + Speaking up and saying what we really want to say + When you're actually doing what you love it feels good and it feels right +...


Episode #3 - Why We Fear To Be Healed

In this episode we discuss and clear: + Why our pain tells us and signals something important + How our meridians relate to physical pain in our body + Our emotions and their connection to our physical pain + Letting the universe support you + What your grid is + How the grid and chakras work together + What your aura is + Listening to your gifts and letting them lead you + Being open to new experiences and people + Allowing yourself to learn easily + Feelings and how they lead...


Episode #2 - How To Go For Your Dreams with Tanya Ormsby

In this episode we clear: + Our aura and unhealthy connections + Learning to say no and knowing when and where to draw the line + Doing things in the right way and the right time for you + How we're often running on adrenaline and we don't let ourselves to stop, rest and digest. (This can lead us to being cold and tired all the time) + Why it's important to clear bad memories or a bad experience that prevents us from going and doing it again. + Being grateful for your gifts + Shifting...